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I think the polite term is 'escort'-Kayls!


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Kyrie tried to keep as close to Elia as possible. It wasn’t that she didn’t like poor people, it was that she didn’t want them touching her. Not because they were dirty or anything, but rather because they tended to touch her in inappropriate places. Twice she had been groped already, and it was only noon. Something about this part of town apparently lent itself to making her bum a prime target for attention. It didn’t help that she was wearing fairly snug breeches, a habit she had picked up out of necessity for training. Loose material could easily snag or get caught. Not so for tighter clothing. The trade off was that it tended to draw the eye. Not that Kyrie could blame them. She had admired her own backside in the mirror enough times to know it was quite lovely, but that couldn’t be helped. A longer coat probably would have taken care of the issue, but it was fairly warm. So in the end, she had no choice but to walk around trying to guard her fabulous backside without looking like she was.


A grumble in her belly took Kyrie’s attentions from her guard duty. She had risen with the sun to go for her usual run before she had to meet Elia. As usual she was sluggish getting out of bed and consequently had to sacrifice breakfast in favor of a shower lest she smell like a lathered horse. Of course given her current predicament, perhaps a stench wafting from her would have been a welcome safety mechanism. But Kyrie had lacked foresight and opted to smell like vanilla and cinnamon as opposed to sweat and was now paying double for it. An even louder grumble issued from her middle and Kyrie frowned.


"I don’t suppose lunch is on the agenda for the day, is it?" she asked, hoping Elia was as hungry as she was.

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There was always something going on in Tar Valon, and while Elia would normally leave city business to the City Guard, this was Tower Guard business. Or one Tower Guard's business, at any rate. She'd heard reports that a serving girl had gone and gotten herself pregnant and now her father was threatening to make heads roll unless someone married his daughter. And apparently it had been one of her Guards who had been having a tumble with the girl, so she needed to go and sort things out.


"I don't suppose lunch is on the agenda for the day, is it?" Kyrie's rumbling stomach had been getting louder, and Elia raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Well, it wasn't in the plan, but I suppose we can stop for a moment. Hopefully she'll be working and we can talk to her quietly instead of having to go and find her father." That was a prospect that she didn't particularly like thinking on.


"Excuse me, can we get a pitcher of water and... what's cooking today?" Elia sat and called out to the nearest serving girl, who ran through the kitchen's options for the day. Selecting one of the lighter options, Elia looked to Kyrie, waiting to hear what she'd order.



Tower Guard lady

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Kyrie vacillated between ordering what Elia was having and something heavier. As much as she liked her mentor and felt that it was mutual, she still hadn’t gotten over trying desperately hard to please the other woman. She didn’t really have to and yet she couldn’t stop. She just really wanted to make a good impression. Kyrie had gotten the reputation of being a bit unfocused and not exactly cool under pressure after her run-in with Aran. She still didn’t know if Elia knew and she didn’t want to ask, opting instead to demonstrate her new-found clear mind and calm demeanor.


There was probably some sort of etiquette in a situation like this, but Kyrie had no idea what it was. Besides, she was probably making too big a deal out of it. It was only a meal after all, and it was not like Elia hadn’t seen her eat stew with her hands before. She was usually well mannered, but when she was really hungry, all decorum had a tendency to go out the window until her stomach was quieted with a bit of food.


Beginning to get embarrassed, Kyrie finally just decided to say the first thing that came to mind, hoping her subconscious would know what to do. "Pie! Uh, I mean, meat pie, please. Extra gravy. And if you’ve got roasted potatoes, some of those as well. Also with gravy. Aaaaaaaaand..." in her hesitation she looked up at Elia and caught a bit of an amused grin. "And that is all, thank you," she finished, leaving out the bread and cheese. And olives.


While she waited for her food, Kyrie surveyed the room looking for the girl in question. She found no suitable candidates save one enormous woman though judging by the rate at which the woman was producing sweets from her apron pocket and tossing them into her mouth, being with child wasn’t the reason for the uncomfortable looking lump around her midsection. Discouraged in her search, she leaned in towards Elia and lowered her voice to a whisper.


"So, can I ask? Who was the Tower Guard?" With a furtive look around the room she went on. "It was Aran wasn’t it? I bet the time that man spends in his own britches is surprisingly small compared to the time he spends in other peoples’. I mean, my poor mother..." Kyrie trailed off realizing that perhaps recounting the story was unwise, especially if Elia hadn’t heard about the ‘beating’ her mentee had dished out. It wasn’t that she really disliked Aran, but despite his explanation, she still didn’t like the relationship he had with her mother, if it could be called that. She’d seen him caressing the thigh of some other Tower Guard very recently while calling out something about the woman’s own mother. After that, Kyrie was so disgusted she had just quit listening and went on about her business. Bloody man. Probably was him.

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It was hard to keep a straight face sometimes around her mentee, and Elia knew that she hadn't managed when Kyrie looked at her and stopped ordering food. Hopefully it'd be enough to keep her full until they got back to the Barracks - Elia didn't have enough coin on her to be paying for the whole kitchens. She smiled at the thought.


"So, can I ask? Who was the Tower Guard?" With a furtive look around the room Kyrie went on. "It was Aran wasn’t it? I bet the time that man spends in his own britches is surprisingly small compared to the time he spends in other peoples’. I mean, my poor mother..." It was impossible to keep a straight face at that, and Elia just managed to keep her laugh to a quiet chuckle rather than an uncontrollable guffaw. As it was, her ribs were starting to hurt from holding back, and she knew her shoulders were shaking in amusement at the words.


"Actually, and yes, I am surprised, it isn't Aran. For all we know, though, it may not even be one of our men - from what I've heard..." She trailed off with the gossip as another of the serving girls arrived with some of their food, and Elia spoke to her before the girl went back to the kitchens for a second load.


"Is Emmilie working at the moment, by any chance?" The girl just shook her head and went back for more, arriving with the rest of the order before telling them, "No, ma'am, she doesn't start until nightfall. Gets mighty sick in the mornings, was putting the patrons off their drinks with the sound of her retching so early on. Thought we had a bad batch, some did." Elia nodded, trying to appear sage-like rather than amused at the thought.


"If she does come in before then, could you send her my way? I need to speak to her urgently." The girl agreed and went back to the tables, and Elia and Kyrie turned to their meals.


The Tower Guard was finished soon enough, and in an effort to resist picking from her mentee's plate, she stood.

"I'll go and ask where she lives, see if I can track her down and at least ask her when would be a good time for us to discuss the matter. You stay here, and try not to eat the plates by accident." Elia smiled broadly to mark the jest. That was what happened to a growing young trainee who skipped breakfast, they ended up ravenously hungry by the time they could stop to eat.


"I'll see you back here."



OOC: Figured if I left it'd make it... easier for you to get yourself into trouble ;) Enjoy!

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