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Approved BT Civvie Bio for Olivia Tamedo - Wee Free CC'd

Arath Faringal

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Character Name: Olivia Tamedo

DM Handle: Lavinya

Email address: lavinyasedai@gmail.com

Age: 24

Gender: female

Place of Birth/Raising: She do be from Illian, Illian

Physical Description: (One paragraph; height, weight, eyes, hair, other outstanding features)

Olivia is passing pretty; she will never be called a great beauty, but she looks well enough for most indiscriminate tastes. She is of average height, with shoulder length, dark brown hair which falls in large waves. Her eyes are a bright blue, framed with dark lashes. Not particularly thin, she is what she would describe as pleasantly rounded in all the right places, especially that place. (Buxom tavern wench, anyone?) She is relatively strong and has a very thick accent, and a ready smile.


Character History:

Life for Olivia was simple. She had inherited an inn; well won in a drunken game of dice, if you want to split hairs, and had spent her days since running it. Happily. Her family was not one of consequence, and she had made her way by working hard since she was old enough to wipe tables. Good, honest work. Well mostly honest. A few cuddles and stolen kisses barely counted as dishonest, really. Life was swell. Olivia worked hard for her pay, serving and cleaning and smiling for the sailors, and spent the rest of her evenings playing just as hard to spend that hard earned coin. Her work had paid for her lodging with several other girls, off the kitchens, and food was easily grabbed on the run between ferrying drinks.


Her big turn of luck came with the dice game that would offer her a lifetime of riches on a platter. She was almost as well into her cups as her opponent when he bet with his inn, but enough almost sober witnesses had stood account that the bet held, and Olivia found herself the new mistress of an extremely run down dump. Nothing that some hard work couldn't fix of course. Slowly she repaired the inn enough to gain some custom, and she was content. She had all the wine she could possibly drink, an endless supply of entertainment in her common room, and even several workers who obeyed her. Life was sweet.


Was. Until the debtors started to demand she settled her overdue accounts. Having gambled and drunk away almost all she had earned, Olivia had no way to cover her debts. Not that she didn't try with a few suggestive smiles and a flash of bosom, but ultimately  she could not pay. Furious with anyone but herself for her stupidity, Olivia saw she had no other option than to flee, particularly after the last attempt to torch her inn. Bundling up all her worldly possessions and all the drink she could make fit, she stowed them in the rickety old wagon out back, and hitched them to the old nag that should have long ago been put to pasture, and made her escape in the quiet of the night, out of Illian, to wherever the road would take her. Or failing that, to the first safe place where she could dice and dance in peace.

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err, it's not that she's choosing to settle at the tower...she's going to be picked up rolling drunk, wandering too close to the farm, and of course once someone comes too close they're too risky to set loose again ;)

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