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Nothing else matters (Noy)

Guest Faile1987

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Guest Faile1987

Sun had already crept over the horizon, casting a semi-dark light across the grounds of the Black Tower. Somewhere between first light and the darkness of the night, the farmhouse stood shrouded in a cloak of near blackness, the dark concealing most of the damage that had been done to the building and its surroundings the night before. A night not anyone who inhabited the building that was called the Black Tower would forget again easily. A night when the dead had seemed to start walking, objects flying around like having come to life by the One Power itself only with no one to weave the necessary patterns in sight.


The previous one had been a night of madness, of unexplicable things happening, things that not even the most skilled male channellers couldn´t master, things that had very nearly caused destruction to the entire Black Tower, if they hadn´t reacted as fast as they did. Everything had gone so fast, nobody would have expected something like that to happen. It had just washed over the Black Tower in a rush, a torrent that had very nearly swallowed it completely.


The sun was slowly rising and displaying more and more of the damage that had been caused to the group of buildings that was the Black Tower, displaying nearly falledn down roofs, toppled walls, cracks in walls, holes in the burned groud. The farmhouse itself was barely untouched though, only a part of the roof had come down and shattered bricks were lying on the ground. Still there was a lot to be done, now that at least the wounded and dead had been cared for, unfortunately there had been quite a number of the latter ones, on who even the most skillful Healing had been of no use.


Yet what had happened couldn´t be undone, they just had to make the best out of it. And that meant a lot of work for now and as the sun rose higher in the sky, you could recognize the Tower grounds buzzing with activity. Men surrounded by the glow of Saidin did their best to mend the damage to restore the Farm to its former self. However not everyting could be done by the One Power, the permanent use of it tiring the men out even more than some physical work could have done after that previous night when everyone had worked himself very close to the point of falling over from exhaustion, the point were none of them had the strength to go on.


And still, all of them had their duties, tasks being assigned and in the process of being accomplished, no matter what. The Soldiers and Dedicated of the Black Tower were taught to always push themselves to their limits from the first day of their training, so they got used to the demands and hardships the world held in store for a male channeller. They would face whatever came to them with more or less complaints, but still they would obey, no matter what. Discipline was one of the highest premisses of the Farm and everyone complied and obeyed to it.


Ged had had to learn that if he had thought the work he had had to do on the farm of his parents had been hard, he was terribly mistaken in his attitude. When he had entered the Black Tower, had let the M´Hael sign his name into the Book, he would never have expected what he had to face in the coming weeks and months. The training he and his fellow Soldiers were put under made a week out on the fields seems like the most pleasant holiday ever. He knew he had never worked that hard before and that after having to attend training every single day, everytime leaving him ready to fall over, had changed much about him, his endurance and strength to go on.

He had never been the strongest or most skillful, but in the Black Tower he had to adjust himself to the expectations put on him. Either comply or be punished, that was the easy rule they were made to live by and no one even raised the faintest objections to it, everyone being aware of the Farm and the teaching they received her being their last chance as the disobedient and rebels soon were rooted out and treated like it befit them if they weren´t cast out again right from the start.


Ged didn´t know why those thoughts just shot through his mind right now when he was working in the armory, the same armory that had practically fallen on him the night before and the impact would have killed him, very nearly so in fact, if he hadn´t been Healed by the M´Hael, Dalinar so fast. Still Ged was surprised how well he had felt afterwards. Somehow it had been different from the times he had been Healed before. He dimly remembered having felt the icy cold rushing through him and the sensation of the weave applied on him, but somehow the general hunger and weakness that used to come afterwards had been much less than before.


Musing about that, Ged continued his work though, side by side with Noy who had volunteered to help him to fix the roof, working with wood and nails, but weaves of Air as well to hold everything in place. Slowly he felt exhausting and tiredness take the best of him again, though as his weaving went slower as his moves got delayed as well as he began to feel rather dizzy and his vision became slurred. Sighing, Ged became aware that he should at least have tried to sleep a few hours the previous night, but somehow he had been kept awake, by the events of that night of madness and by the things he dreaded to see if he closed his eyes and surrendered to the realms of sleep. Yes, Ged was afraid to fall asleep more often than not, knowing perfectly well what awaited him if he closed his eyes. The images of his mother and father, the dead accusing eyes of the men he had killed, their voices rising in a mournful plead, pleading him to undo things that were irrepairable, were more than Ged could bear, so he had spent the last night first helping to clean up the worst mess after the battle and tend the wounded, but later he had just laid his tired body on his bed, staring at the ceiling open-eyed and insomnious once again.


Even now, when he was longing for sleep unlike for anything else, every muscle in his body aching, his limbs being lame and heavy, every movement pulsating a dull ache through his body, Ged didn´t know if sleep was really what he wanted now. Sleep brought the dreams and the dreams made him jerk awake panting and sweating, losing every bit of rest that he might have gained by falling asleep.


Even talking seemed too much of an effort for now and thus Ged just worked silently next to Noy, both of them needing no words to understand each other. Somehow that was a funny thing, Ged mused idly, in a brief times they had become as close as best friends could be, both knowing the secrets the other was keeping sealed and hidden from anybody else. Both had entrusted each other with more of themselves than anyone else in the Black Tower and beyond would ever know. Somehow-


Suddenly Ged´s line of thought was interrupted as he was hit by something hard, making his stumble backwards and nearly fall down the wooden platform he and Noy had been working on. Dimly he realized that his head was aching and a trickle of warmth was running down the back of his skull, matting his long blonde hair. Something in the back of his mind told him that a wooden board of the room had come lose and lashed against him as his weave of Air had dissipated, but somehow that wasn´t what was on his mind now.


What filled his awareness all of a sudden was what he was lying on. Neither his workn nor the pain in the back of his head concerned him now, in fact he didn´t even realize it was there as his attention was focused on something else, suddenly bringing him wide awake again despite everything.


All of his awareness was suddenly drawn by the dark eyes he was looking into, eyes that watched him with surprise and wonder about what had just happened. Noy´s face was just one or two inches underneath his. Somehow Ged must have stumbled over him as he was hit and brought them both to the ground, ending right on top of his best friend, the man he knew unlike anyone else in the Black Tower. Still, Ged sudenly asked himself if he really knew Noy as well as he thought. He sometimes seemed to know exactly what was on his mind, true, but what he was feeling now was just different. Ged was suddenly aware of Noy´s body under his, himself lying on top on him, pressed against the Amadician´s in a fashion that should have made him blush and jerk away. In fact part of Ged wanted to do just that, push himself up from the ground and Noy he was pinning to the wooden boards underneath them. But something else crept into Ged, an emotion he had never felt before, not to that extend at least. It nearly scared him to death what he was suddenly feeling as he felt the pressure of his own body on Noy´s, as he could hear the other man´s breathing and make out his heartbeat against his, all in a split second, a second without thinkng, just filled with sudden awareness. That second, something happened inside Ged and he wasn´t able to grasp what it was, what seemed to make him act as he did, as though someone had tied invisible puppet´s strings to him. Ged couldn´t think of anything, but what he did in that second. The second he lowered his face to Noy´s and silently kissed him, nearly holding him in a loving embrace.

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ooc: your post made me laugh so hard...


IC: Noy smiled as he worked beside his only friend in the entire Black Tower, Ged. His eyes were half closed, and the sweat ran down his entire body. Noy swore internally once more at the people who made up the dress code. Light! Why did they have to wear black, and not some other, less hot, color? Still, Noy was glad that his friend had survived the previous night. The armory it’s self was evidence of the damage and how close Ged had come to a premature death. Noy just thanked the Creator that the M’Hael could Heal so well, and Ged was fine. Noy felt sweat drenching his coat and removed it, exposing his bare chest. He noticed with pleasure that he had grown much stronger since coming to the Black Tower. The exhausting workouts were worth something after all.


Out of the corner of his eye, Noy saw that Ged was mirroring his actions and removing his own Coat, showing that he himself had grown to be quite muscular. Noy observed that he was not the only one suffering from the heat, Ged had sweat running down his exposed body and making his blond hair plaster to his head and his body shimmering. Noy smiled as he worked on, understanding his one friend perfectly, and noticed his exhaustion with a frown.


Noy observed Ged’s weaves. For Noy, working with Air was a pleasure, but Air was one of Ged’s weakest elements. Noy frowned as Ged’s sweating increased, drenching him and making his pants sag. Noy himself was tired, but if this continued, he would have to take charge and relieve his exhausted friend. Noy continued working, but kept an eye on Ged, noticing how his body grew slicker and he was more and more exhausted. Ged probably did not get any sleep the previous night. Noy stood and put his hand on Ged’s shoulder, his sweat running onto Ged. Just at the moment that he was going to relieve Ged, his weave dissipated and caused the platform to fall.


Noy groaned and realized that Ged’s sweaty body was pinning his own to the ground, feeling slippery against his own. Noy’s eyes widened as he realized that he could feel every part of Ged on top of him, and Ged sweating on him. A part of Noy liked the feeling, and the other part of him was telling him to get Ged off of him. Noy felt the slippery muscles of Ged un-tense and saw as his face lowered to his own. Noy closed his eyes in pleasure and felt his arms slip around Ged’s sweaty body, as if he was outside his body. Noy kissed Ged in pleasure and felt himself relax under him.


Suddenly, Noy realized where he was, and who he was under, and his eyes snapped open. He seized Saidin and wrapped Ged in thick Arms of Air. Noy thanked the Light for giving him such strength in Air, for none of the other Soldiers could match his strength. “Light! Wha-†Light, he had to get out of here, this was wrong. Noy turned on his heels and ran out of the armory, wanting to get as much distance between himself and Ged. Light, what was going on here?


ooc: LOL after many failed attempts, I finally was able to write this without dying laughing... although it was hard

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Guest Faile1987

Ged didn´t know when he had ever felt like he was right now. Or if he had ever. No, he knew he had never felt a similar exilarating sensation rush through him like it was now as he was kissing Noy. First touching Noy´s lips gently, shyly and deep inside afraid of how he would react, Ged was actually taken by surprise when he felt Noy in fact wrapping his arms around him and holding him close. If Ged had had the breath to, he would have gasped at the feeling of Noy´s lips coming for his eagerly and the touch of the Amadician´s body on his as their sweat seemed to mingle with each other in the same way as their saliva mingled as their tongues touched in a gesture that very much resembled the embrace of two long-lost lovers finally joined after a long separation.


To his own surprise Ged´s exileration even increased as he suddenly was aware of every muscle and drop of sweat on Noy´s body when he was so close to him. Only dimly he registered some rising feeling inside himself, a feeling he experienced for the first time in his life at all, the most pleasant feeling he had ever had, but at the same time the most scary one as well.


He would have never guessed that he was even capable of feeling for someone in that way, much less for a man. Light, he had never even got hold of the possibilty that he could like men more than in a way of friendship. He had actually kissed girlds before, had lain with them before and enjoyed it as far as he could remember. But everything he had felt those times before, times of his old life before the Black Tower somehow paled against what he was experiencing right this very moment when he kissed Noy.


The emotion that filled him up right now was so different from anything else that Ged couldn´t even think straight for a moment. Neither did he want to, to be honest. For now he just relished and indulged in the rush of affection and …love…that came down on him so abruptly. Suddenly Ged seemed to forget about anything. For the first time in what seemed like ages to him, the haunting faces of his dead suddenly left him in something which he really could name peace. Peace with himself and the things surrounding him. Peace for the moment of feeling somehow joined with Noy, felling no fear of being discovered at all, in fact not even sparing a second thought for that. Things had happened much too sudden and fast for thinking at all, the only thing filling Ged´s mind actually was his want to just stay like that and the pleasure he took in feeling Noy that close to him, feeling that connection between them and just feeling right.


The very second this thought, this certainty filled him though, Ged felt Noy pushing him back quite hard as he squirmed under him, struggling to break free and just holding Ged with what seemed like bonds of air to him, but actually he was to dazzled and stunned to realize anything but shock and sudden shame as realization dawned on him.


Light, how could he have been so self-deceptive, so delusional? Had he honestly expected Noy to return his feelings, just like that, just after that outbust of him, leaving even him unaable to think of any reason why he had acted how he just had, only knowing that it had been right. And still was. But the same time Ged could see the horror in Noy´s eyes. Horror and what he believed, what he knew, was disgust, pure loathing for what he had just done, all flashing in Noy´s eyes that split second before the turned around and left very close to running, his tight weaves still wrapped around Ged, somehow painfully reminding him of Noy´s arms that had just been around him only an instant ago.


Light, how could he have been so foolish? How could he have seriously thought, believed, that Noy could possibly feel the same like him? After all he hadn´t even known he felt like that until two minutes ago. But Light, it had been feeling so good, so right, but now he had destroyed everything with one stupid action. Had destroyed the only real deep friendship he had ever had. The thing that had helped him to deal with his new life and the remnants of his old life after all.


Closing his eyes shut tight, Ged somehow hoped he could just forget what had just happened, but somehow that look of Noy, his face and those shocked, incredulous eyes just seemed to be imprinted in his head, looking even more accusing at him as the visions of the people he had killed ever had. But what hurt most about that was the realization that he had to tick another one on his list. Somehow Ged knew that he had killed Noy in another and obviously a lot crueler way than every death caused by the One Power ever could.


He wasn´t really aware of the bonds around him suddenly slipping and leaving him room to move again until they dissipated entirely all of a sudden. The only thing Ged consciously remembered afterward was the deep emptiness that suddenly filled him, feeling hollow and lifeless as he slowly raised his hand into the direction where Noy had gone to as he silently mouthed his name, attempting to go, to run after him. Light, how much he wanted to just make this right again, just be friends again and forget anything that had just happened. Suddenly feeling the urge to just go after Noy and attempt right that filled him and Ged broke off his stupor and ran off after Noy, but he actually didn´t even make it past the door of the armory even.


It might have been the emptiness nagging on him or making his brain feeling muzzy and everything out of focus or just the shock he still felt like being under that somehow dimmed his reaction and ability to move as he intended to, everything suddenl appearing dislocated and wobbly as he just felt his head hitting something hard the same time his knees gave way and he just went to the ground, Through a maze of dizziness and nausea, Ged registered a tickle of blood running down his temple and his head resting on something hard and sharp, but the last thought he actually had before blackness took him was that maybe it´d be better for all of them if he just went like that. “I´m sorry, Noy.â€

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