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Adorably geeky things we did as kids

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I'm sure that many people here, like me, are proud to be geeks. :D I was thinking about some of the geeky things I do now and some of the geeky things I did when I was little, and I thought it would be fun to see what kinds of geeky things other people did as kids--hence, this thread. What kinds of geeky activities did you participate in?


When I was little, my brother and I sometimes tired of action figures and wanted to play with "real people." We had our mom make us Batman and Batgirl costumes, complete with capes, and we would run around the house acting out Batman stories. We faithfully watched reruns of the Batman TV series from around the 1960's (the one with Adam West) and made a list of every villain (even the minor ones from only one episode), making sure to include them all in our "episodes". We came up with our own elaborate plotlines and even had costume changes (my brother also had a Robin outfit and I had a Catwoman outfit). My mom always said we were so "cute" doing that, lol!


Okay, it's your turn! :)

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I used to play "Narnia" with my brother and my sisters. I'd be Susan (because according to my middle sister, I hate fun), Kurt would be Peter and Ally, the youngest would be Lucy. Kim didn't really want to be Edmund ("I'm not going to be the fatty that betrays everyone for candy!") so she insisted on being a beaver instead.


The game didn't really work that well. Ally was just a toddler and she tended to just get bored and wander off. Kim eventually decided she'd rather be a talking fruit bat so that she could hang upside from the couch and watch TV. (She's never really liked fantasy or sci fi.)It sort of fell apart after that, so we started playing "Gas Station Hold Up" again. That game rocked.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

My Younger Brother and Sister and I started a 'radio' TV show. If anyone remember the old cartoon "Snookums and Meat" (i know i got the spelling wrong). We would hit the record on my sisers new tape deck/cd player and talk out various episodes. My brother was Meat the dog, My sister was shnookums the Cat, and we introduced "Nickie the Kitten" which was me..



Sadely.. this was when i was in GR 7, and we accidently used a tape that i had for a school project.. 5 years later, when my prother had to do a similar project, we got the tape back WITH the show on it.. Light was it ever embaressing to know that it's been circling around my school for light knows how long, but hehe.. what a wlak down memory lane..

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Back when Star Wars Episode I was being planned (but years before it came out) my brother and I were planning on writing to George Lucas to let him know that we were "willing" to be in the movies, and to let him know our qualifications.


I'm really, really glad we never did it. -_-


We also played Little House on the Prairie a lot, because I was obsessed with those books. :P

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I was REALLY pathetic. I used to have this whole imaginary family going, set in victorian times about this girl called Charlotte who had 10000000000 brothers and sisters. I was of course, Charlotte and spent the majority of my time imagining what clothes she'd be wearing.


I wrote this whole book about a mermaid too and as I illustrated it *looks shifty* I thought I'd offer art lessons to all the kids in my road... *cough* Funnily enough, no one took me up on that!! *lol*


I also used to give all my cuddly toys classes. I was a proper teacher. I took the register and everything :p (The only problem was that they couldn't write so I did all the work for them ;)) And I used to give my Beanie Babies birthday parties with biscuits and juice... which I would eat!! *lol*


Oh and when I first read Harry Potter I was 10, so I was the age to go to Hogwarts. I spent until 31st July that year waiting for my owl to arrive *lol*


The sad life of me *grins*

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Because I was the tow-headed kid, I always got to be Luke Skywalker when we would play "Star Wars".


And, yep, I'm talking the original trilogy - I was in kindergarden when Empire was in theaters. I'm so old...


Other than the make-believe stuff, we did a lot of the silly things that boys do. We would wander around in the local creeks pretending we were explorers or something.


Today, we'd be arrested for trespassing or locked up by our parents. Thankfully, PlayStation didn't exist, toys were made of metal, and we didn't need helmets to ride our bikes to the local pool.


See, that explains it - too many bumps on the head as a kid... ;)

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my sisters and our neighbor would pretend that he (our neighbor) was Sherlock, i was Watson, my oldest sister was some gymnast who was popular back then, and my other sister was Nancy drew...we usually just sat in the tree house doing nothing, but we called each other by our play names...don't know what that was about!


hey, does anyone remember the cartoon 'Captain Planet'? he was AWESOME!! we would also pretend to be the kids from that show...i was always the funny foreign kid with the monkey...*nods* he was cool!!

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my grandmother's house was the Arctic (or maybe Antarctica) and only one room was safe and warm, but we would go on “rescue missions†to find snow monster babies, which we would take back to the cooler in our safe room (of course snow babies melt!) take them back so they wouldn’t grow up to be evil snow monsters. We of course couldn’t have survived amid the snow, ice and adult monsters without our trustworthy dog, Bartholomew (my youngest cousin, the only boy in the group)


Wow that took longer to explain than I thought

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hehe, I was a sucker for captain planet, scooby doo (saw every episode O_O ), Thunder cats and Swat Cats, and my favorite bookw s Where the Red Fern Grows and I cried every time I read it!


But when I was little I had a little dog called Bambsy that my dad had when he ws my age that he gave to me. I'd play with it for hours and talk with it and even take him to school when I could! I also was in love iwth the movie Balto so I pretended he was a wolfie at times *ggls*


there were dog tracks around the school, but I thought they looked a bit bigger and wider than normal dog tracks and I was obsessed with the idea of wolves being aorund our playground. I'd always get in trouble trying to look aorund in the woods to see if I could see them. I swore I saw a house in the woods and I'd often thought I heard howls formt here, but I'm not sure if it ws just my imagination taking into effect or if I was just plum crazy in elementary rofl


I'd also play House with the kids at school and often play at home with my lil borther as well. sometimes we even played the part of pets. I'd almost always be a wolfie ( :roll: big surprise there, huh? I was and still am obsessed with wolves) and casey would be a cat or a dog. we'd swap places and sometimes I'd be the owner or casey would. once I even bit him b/c he was getting on my nerves LOL!! :lol:

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