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Perrin's hawke

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Min's viewings said that "A falcon and a hawk, pershing on your shoulders. Both female, I think". We know that Faile is the falcon, but could queen Tenobia be the hawk? She is unmarried, and she holds the broken crown, that we know Perrin will have.


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What would queen Tenobia have to do with Perrin? lol


(Except for her being the cousin of Faile, of course. She hasn't even met him, though)

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Like another poster told, Berelain is the hawk; because of her being a supposed descendant of Author Hawking.


Tenobia the hawk? that cannot be.  Her sign is not a hawk nor does she look hawk-like.


The only other person besides Berelain that could be the hawk would be an imperial Seanchan since Hawking is supposedly their ancestor also.


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I never even really thought of any house signs or anything just the fact of all the crap between Faile and Berelain concerning Perrin for what?  3/4 of the series? 

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