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i just had a thought, when the pattern spins out the next dragon, as it will eventually do, will that dragon end up hearing rands voice in their head?

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Is there a dragon every age? There is no evidence that LTT had voices in his head. I think he would understand what Rand is going through if there was. I think that only in this age is the previous dragon inhabiting the currents head. I am curious to know if there is a dragon for each age, and who/what the dragon from our current age is/was like.


But you know, we could totally find out that it is all the madness and not really LTT. I dont believe that because there is too much evidence that LTT is real and occupying Rands brain. I was totally thinking that maybe Rands head makes it all up and he really loses control of Saidin in KoD to the insane part of his brain.


Doesnt the Raymond Feist stories with Pugs friend have a past character inhabiting the mind of Tomas (or whatever his name is) also have the current character sharing the mind with the previous incarnate of himself abd vice versa? I read something like this somewhere and it was really interesting and thought provoking. It might have been a Melanie Rawn novel.

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