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Approved WT bio for Lani - FL CC'd CoLd Of WaN!!


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Username: Lani Cordragoran

Handle at DM/WT: Lanette (DM)

Email: timanahaf@yahoo.com

Physical Description: Lani Cordragoran stands 5\'9\" on stockinged feet and weighs 106 pounds. She\'s Blue eyed, with straight, shoulder length dark hair.

Place of birth: Born in Kandor, Raised in Saldaea

Age: 18

Character History: Lani Cordragoran was born in a small town in Kandor in a tavern. Her Malkeiri father, Rurik killed himself after finding himself able to Channel while Lani was still in her mother’s womb. Her Domani mother Misirah bought the tavern when Rurik’s soldier’s pay was no longer available after his death. As the years passed Misirah became more and more enslaved to the ale that she herself sold. The tavern’s reputation decreased as well when she started selling more than drinks in the rooms upstairs. The first time Lani realized what was going on was at the age of 14 when her mother tried to sell her to an old man to sate his lust. Lani hit the man in the groin with a brass candlestick and escaped the locked room through the window. She hid until nightfall, sneaked in to collect her meager possessions and savings and left town headed for Saldaea, in search of the only relative she ever knew, and the only person she felt that she could trust – her uncle Ruairidh.




Tall for her age, with an already blossomed figure and obviously alone, she got into trouble at the very first inn that she got a room for the night, when two drunken men tried to corner her in a deserted hallway. However she was saved by the arrival of a Domani merchant and her guards. Learning that she was part Domani, and taking pity on the spirited yet vulnerable girl, the merchant, who was on her way to Arad Doman via Maradon, offered her passage in her wagons. Once in the Saldaean capital, following the merchant’s advise on which inns she should stay in on the way, Lani finally made her way to Kayacum.




She was accepted into Ruairidh’s family with a warmth that surpassed her expectations. For four years Lani lived with them as one of their own children, learning languages and arts with her cousins. Safe in their love, she slowly, tentatively began to trust people again – though the wound deep in her heart caused by her own mother’s treachery still remained. Her womanly figure drew many a male eye, though she was still too wary of men. Finally however, when she was 18, a young man managed to get past her defenses and capture her young heart.




During this time an Aes Sedai stayed briefly ay an inn close by on her way to Maradon. Fascinated with the Aes Sedai’s ageless face, her regal bearing and the concept of Channeling One Power, Lani took every opportunity to watch her, not realizing that she had noticed her lurking, until the Aes Sedai spoke to her. In the privacy of her room, the Aes Sedai tested Lani and claimed that she could eventually learn to Channel. Thrilled by the news, yet reluctant to leave her sweetheart, Lani went in search of him to tell the news – only to come across the second great betrayal in her life when she found him in his father’s stable with another girl in his arms.




Shaken to the core, her new found trust crushed yet again, Lani ran home vowing never to let another person close enough to hurt her again. She told the family about her decision to go to the White Tower and left with the Aes Sedai the next day. After a long journey they arrived at Tar Valon and at the tower she was handed over to the Mistress of Novices and enrolled as a Novice.

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Hi Lanette! I'm your new mentor and I'm writing you a private message even as we speak. :) I've just got one query about your bio. The character is 5'9, but if my calculations are correct, she's just over 7 stone in weight. In perspective, I'm 5'8 and at a healthy weight of 11 stone - this character is nearly 40% lighter than I am. Is that a misprint? That's not very healthy. :? Cheers!

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