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Sup all you peoples!

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Okay, so I gave up on getting my other account activated and started another one. I kept emailing help@dragonmount, but nothing ever happened. So I am no longer Razzmatazz here, but Razzles! (pronounced Razz-zuhls)


So, what's been up?

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LOL...yeah, Jur was telling me about that...said there was a bit of "mistaken identity" going on...poor fella, I'm sure he has suffered enough. With all the pranks I pulled under that handle, I'm sure he has received punishment enough. Heh. :twisted:

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Welcome to DM at last Razz!!!!! I know the admins have been fairly busy lately over a certain topic, so that is probably why they didn't get back to you.


Anyway, you are here now, and that is the main thing! And have a welcoming M-G Brew!


*slides a M-G Brew Razz's way*


Yes, we do have another Razzmatazz, and he is a Raw Recruit, but hasn't shown up for his tasks yet.


And Razz, still interested in my offer??

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*swigs her M-G brew*


Ah! Now that is refreshing! I'll let Razzmatazz keep the handle if he wants...I will enjoy watching him get pranks pulled on him because peeps still think it's me. :)


Corki - I might would have to say you might want to reconsider the offer...been slammed at work lately and don't know the ins and outs of online time these days. :(

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