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Approved WT bio for Chebar [Band Stamp]


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Username: Chebar Tielvo

Handle at DM/WT: Tessandra

Email: wrathysedai@hotmail.com


Physical Description: Chebar Tielvo is a slender girl at 5\'6\" and 120 pounds. She has light coppery skin and striking amber eyes in the traditional almond shape. In contrast to her eyes she has a small mouth that is quick to grin and equally quick to frown. Chebar also has chestnut hair that is only slightly past her shoulder which she normally lets hang loose. Additionally she has a horizontal scar across her left forearm near the wrist which she earned in a duel two years ago.


Place of birth: Ebou Dar


Age: 17


Character History: Growing up in the Rahad of Ebou Dar was not an easy life. Chebar came from a poor family, with a mother and father who had more children than they could afford to feed. Her father was an unsuccessful fisherman and her mother had turned their home into the local whorehouse. Chebar’s childhood consisted of playing in the streets with her siblings and often pick pocketing and stealing from local vendors. She was caught filching a withered apple off a stand once and learned a life lesson the hard way. The lesson: become quicker or starve.




Despite all negative influences in her life, Chebar was still a very proud person. Once while in a tavern, a girl with slightly higher social status had made a sardonic comment concerning the condition of Chebar’s clothes. Whirling around, she called the girl out and challenged her to a duel. This was Chebar’s first, but she wouldn’t let the girl know by any signs on her face. The innkeeper asked that they take their quarrel outside and they obliged. Drawing daggers, the two girls circled each other for a while until the other girl went to strike first. Chebar side-stepped it and spun to face the girl. They were back at square one and the other girl was growing impatient with her younger opponent. Make them weary and blinded by frustration, that is the key to winning. Her older brother Maiz had always given her that advice and she kept it in mind now. Keeping her calm, Chebar and the other girl went back and forth with slashes and parries. With no result the older girl was fuming and made a charge for Chebar with blade at stomach level. Chebar side-stepped her once more and then tripped her in her carelessness. Levelling her dagger with the girl’s jugular, Chebar’s victory was declared and she took the loser’s clothes to further the point and shame her more. Thus was Chebar’s first duel at the age of twelve.




Two years later when she reached womanhood, Amar, Chebar’s mother, declared that she was old enough to enter the family business. Amar ran a whorehouse and her daughters were the tools of the trade. Reluctantly, Chebar agreed to her mother’s wishes. What else was she to do? She had no talents besides thievery and in her eyes, being a whore was better than being a beggar. A whore had some pride in her work whereas a beggar only had shame. Chebar had many patrons but she always kept her dagger nearby. Her patrons played by her rules or they would end up in a world of hurt. Despite this, since Chebar was pretty for her social class, she made decent wages. However, occasionally she would steal anyway just for the thrill of it and the keep her senses sharp. But most days when she wasn’t on an assignment she was busy doing housework and watching after her younger brothers and sisters.




After a year of this lifestyle though, she was becoming more and more unsettled. This wasn’t how she wanted to live her life until she was killed in a duel or too old and ugly to work as a whore. She had wanted to live her life in an exciting way, with tons of stories of adventures and traveling. However her mother needed her to keep food on the table so she stayed. Her commitment to her family couldn’t last forever though.




After another year went by, her favorite sibling Maiz was fatally injured in a duel. Chebar was crushed. How could the Creator do this to her? She had dealt with such instances many times before but this she could not handle. Maiz had been there for her since she was born and taught her most of what she knew about the streets and dueling. He was her closest friend and confidante. She was devastated and couldn’t bear to stay home anymore. Everything about Ebou Dar reminded her of Maiz and it was too much on her. She cursed the Creator and forsook the Light. It was time to leave.




For a year she wandered through different countries and made a living in various ways. She had been a barmaid, worked in a clothing shop, sang in taverns, returned to whoring among various other things. She had been in many different relationships but none had been overly fulfilling. However, no matter where she was she never felt quite at home.




While spending a few weeks in Tar Valon, Chebar became extremely ill. Having lived in the city long enough, she knew that she could ask for Aes Sedai Healing and receive it. She was wary from superstitions and rumors though and waited another week. Eventually she felt so ashamed of being afraid of a few witches she went to seek their aid in spite of herself.

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