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Hello Noggy and Roka *Bites Them*


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well.... hmmmmm..... that stinks does she ever come by at all anymore????


Cetana Sedai Yellow Ajah Oc and Dacra who is an a Assassin thats who i am but you probebly dont know

me *l*




darkness is a gift from the fire in my soul

i am neather pure nor dark i am nothing at all

time passes as do the days since i last saw the light radiating through the tree's that used to be my home.....

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Noggy..... Hi *hugs Noggy* So how often Does Nyna come around? Yeah We should have another party like

we did before that was sooooooooooooooooooooo........

Fun. I was shocked at some of the thing people came

up with *lol*


We would really have fun with that just like the

old days....




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