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Approved WT Bio - Estel Liones - Returning Character, CC Not Needed

Quisalas Selene

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Estel bloody Liones

Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah



WS: 1; was trained in the use of the bullwhip over sixty years ago and has since neglected training, somehow the bullwhip got lost years ago.  Due to physical condition, extremely weak and easily susceptible to physical attack.


Physical Description

Age: 113

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 105lbs; completely emaciated due to prolonged bouts of anorexia, in addition to being naturally thin and lack of physical exercise.

Hair: Ash brown, straight and past shoulders; greying at temples.

Eyes: Hazel

Skin Tone: Coppery; ala traditional Domani.

Notable Scars: Very faded 1½” parallel scars on both sides of right forearm from a knife stabbed all the way through the arm; about a dozen fresh burn and laceration scars across the trunk of her body; fresh burn on right palm.

Other: Stretch marks from pregnancy.



:::She was actually quite beautiful as a younger woman, but life has taken its toll on her body.  The One Power’s effect of retarding age places her body in it early thirties, with a few premature greys around her temples, though the Oaths prevent aging from affecting her face but.  Sixty years ago, nudity and close contact would not have fazed her, but bouts of anorexia and a recent first-hand experience with torture have made her incredibly self-conscious about her body; tighter, more revealing dresses in brighter colours have been replaced by strategically draped clothing in black or dark shades.


:::Standing at six foot even, Estel is one of the tallest women in the White Tower and often tries to use her height to tower over others.  However, she will “shrink” before a more dominant personality.  She does not have a, necessarily, weak personality and will bully anyone who will let her; however, she’s become so used to being the “kicked puppy” of older Aes Sedai that she lets herself be run over by them.


:::Her resulting low self-esteem is compounded by extreme bouts of depression (Melancholic Depression) that have affected her life since her mid-twenties and have made her infamous in the Tower.  As a result of the depression, Estel has alienated herself nearly everyone she had ever known—even her family and late Warders.  Her episodes are usually triggered by extreme emotional stress and can last upwards of three months.  Due to the depression, she experiences a loss of appetite, sometimes to the point of anorexia.  In addition, her sleeping patterns become erratic which will often be coupled with serious alcoholism.  She experienced her most severe episode following the failed Watchers mission, during which time she suffered a brief psychotic break.


:::The depression has pushed her contemplate suicide on a number of occasions, including two attempts.  Despite her disorder, the fact that Estel has managed to weather everything she had been through is a testament to her mettle, though this is rarely recognised by anyone and least of all herself.  The multitude of prevalent negative aspects of her personality can make it easy to forget the positive.  While depression and trust issues cause her to push people away, she is very loyal to those she cares for.  Just as her depression consumes her, passion does as well; Estel puts her whole heart into things, never abandoning a cause she believes in. This trait made the Blue Ajah an obvious fit, despite her disinterest in politics.

:::Hand-in-hand with her passionate convictions is her insane stubbornness and violent temper. The latter of which has been nearly legendary since she was a Novice; in part because of the trouble it has gotten her into.  Considering her hell of a life, the temper has only gotten worse with a century’s worth of rage at those to blame for her state.  The combination of constant public humiliation, depression, rage, and alienation has callous her to the problems of others, making empathy nearly impossible.  Her lack of normal social activities has left her self-involved and awkward around others.






870NE - Angelika Guenter is born


885NE - Angelika is betrothed to Gregario Liones; she runs away


886NE - Angelika returns, discovers she is pregnant, claims the baby's father is a male channeller referred to as "Rubin"; she marries Gregario


887NE - Estel Liones is born


901NE - Estel is betrothed to Gregario's cousin


903NE - Angelika send Estel to the Tower to avoid the marriage; Estel becomes a Novice, her mentor is Carise Sedai, a Red




:::During her first few weeks, she instigated a fight with another Novice after a comment about male channellers.  Almost immediately after serving her punishment, Estel threw a fit during a class taught by a Red Sister.  Carise’s involvement with the mediation of her new punishment helped Estel begin to trust the Red—if not any others.


:::Her truant attitude becomes a habit and she begins to idolise the GPCN (Guild for the Prevention of Cruelty to Novices), of which Maegan Ryanne was a member.  The two bond after pranking an elderly Red, this friendship ends when Maegan becomes a Red Sister not long afterwards; Estel resented this for years.


911NE - Estel refuses to enter the Three Arches, goes to Carise for comfort on the eve of her departure; triggers first major episode of depression


912NE - Estel enters the Three Arches and becomes an Accepted




:::Following her raising to Accepted, Estel takes on bigger pranks.  Carise had still not returned to the White Tower, so, Estel was left to fend for herself until Serena Morrigan, a Blue, took her under wing.  Serena helped influence her decision to aspire to the Blue Ajah.




:::Estel convinces a group of Novices to pick herbs (grass) from the Warders Yard.  The Novices get in trouble and the whole group is banned from the Warders Yard and sent to the farm for a year.


919NE - Estel is asked to complete the 100 weaves; during her night of reflection she pranks the entire Novice Quarters, who, in retaliation, dye her hair blue; Estel says the Three Oaths and is accepted into the Blue Ajah


920-940NE - Builds her network of Eyes and Ears


941NE - Begins training in the Warders Yard; falls in love with Orion Mantier


942NE - Orion is blinded


943NE - Bonds Matthias Talcontar




:::After receiving rumours of a possible male channeller wandering the Blight north of Malkier, Estel and Matthias leave the Tower in late 944NE.  Estel discovers she’s pregnant but reports of a team of Red Sisters sent to capture the rogue channeller force them to go on.  They finally find the man, but he had already been driven insane by the Taint.  “Capturing” the man themselves, they head in the direction of the Reds.


:::The party of three is ambushed by a Dreadlady in an attempt to recover the male channeller.  During the battle, Matthias and the channeller are killed.  The Red Sisters, led by Maegan and Perine Caral, show up in time to save Estel.  Since neither is able to Heal her, they bring her to Fal Dara where she is Healed.  In a panic, Estel reveals she is pregnant.


:::The night they return to the Tower, for reasons she is still unable to understand, Sirayn Simeone-Damodred goes to her room with the intention of recruiting the Blue into the order of those sworn to her.  Vulnerable, Estel cries on her shoulder and reveals the pregnancy; Sirayn councils her to give birth outside the Tower.  In gratitude for the advice, Estel promises to repay the Green: effectively swearing herself into the Order of the Rose.


::: Orion goes to see Estel, having heard of Matthias’ death.  She reveals the pregnancy and her intention to leave for Bandar Eban.  Orion admits that he still loves her and agrees to accompany her to Arad Doman.


:::Faerthines Talcontar is born in Bandar Eban in late 945NE.  Shortly after his birth, Estel finally Bonds Orion and they spend some time there until Sheena arrives in the city.  Sheena requests Estel’s help in neutralising a Wilder.  After the capture of the Wilder, Estel leaves baby Faerthines with Angelika and returns to the Tower with Sheena and Orion.




:::Her erratic behaviour becomes the subject of rumour around the Tower, even among Novices.  A particularly memorable incident involving caricatures posted around the Blue Ajah Quarters.  Her relationships with mentors Carise and Serena become more strained.


:::Before their reunion, Orion had slept with two other women—one of whom was Lavinya Morganen and, because he had spent a great deal of time training her in the Yards, Estel assumed the other woman was Aramina sur Dulciena; both of whom, along with Serena, happen to also be members of the Order of the Rose.


959NE - Angelika dies and sends Faerthines to the Tower; he joins the Warders Yard but upon meeting his mother she causes a rift between them that is never repaired


963NE - Faerthines leaves the Tower; Estel attempts to commit suicide




:::Her increasingly erratic behaviour becomes a major concern for Sirayn, who orders Serena to “babysit” Estel.  This serves to further drive a wedge between the two Blues, as well as Estel and Sirayn.


:::In a fit of rage, she picks a fight with the blademaster Rosheen tahn Sakr in the Warders Yard.  Bryon Greigor became the second Master at Arms to ban her from the Warders Yard.


998NE - Sirayn sends the Order on a mission to Cairhien, after which, Estel feels more resentful towards the Order and betrays it to Tower Guard Aran; Sirayn discovers this but grants Estel mercy




:::Following the disappearance of Severed Amyrlin Lanfir Leah Marithsen, Sirayn is raised to the Stole.


:::Shortly after, Estel is included in the army sent to liberate Kandor.


:::Upon her safe return, she volunteers to join Watchers mission, sent by the Hall to observe the Black Tower.  Unfortunately, the party is stumbled upon by a patrol of Asha’man.  After heavy casualties on both sides, all surviving Aes Sedai are Bonded by Asha’man.


:::Estel is Bonded by Dedicated Ged Maevere, who begins an incestuous love affair with his sister, Red Sister Faile al’Rahien.  Faile was Bonded by another Dedicated, Linen al’Dracain, who happened to be the mentee of Isha Talcontar.  Driven by his hate of Aes Sedai, Linten tortures Faile.  Furious, Ged forces Estel to stalk Linten but is caught.  Linten tortures her so Ged can feel her pain through the Bond.  Ged is finally driven to the point of murder; he tries to kill Linten but is apprehended by Isha who, in a fit of protective rage, beats Ged and cuts off the hand that was holding the knife used to try and kill Linten.  During this, Linten Severs Ged, snapping his Bond to Estel.


:::Estel regains consciousness long enough to Travel back to Tar Valon; Orion caries her to the Tower infirmary where she is informed that Sirayn went missing days after the Watchers mission departed.  Estel falls into a state of delirium.  She locks herself in the Amyrlin’s office, refusing to come out until she could speak with Sirayn.  Annais Nevell stops her from throwing herself off the Tower, at which point Estel passes on the information about Watchers.


:::Days after Orion dies of a stroke, Estel is summoned to the Amyrlin.  She does not return after a few days and Annais dies before questions can be fielded as to where she has gone.  A month later, she returns with Maegan Ryanne, shocked by news of Annais’ death upon their return to the Tower.

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