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Silliness and Light (Open RP)


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Mariasha sang to herself as she wandered down the streets of Tar Valon.  The town was its normal hubbub of noise and activity, for which she was grateful.  She didn’t consider herself that great a singer, but being in such a fine mood, she couldn’t help herself.  It was a gorgeous day, and she was very pleased to be free of duties.  It hadn’t taken her that long to figure out what she wanted to do with such a lovely day, and that was to spend it outdoors.


But before she could implement her devious and glorious plan, she had several stops in mind, which was why she found herself singing her fool head off and wandering around town. <i>”First things first,”</i> she thought to herself, <i>”I’m going to need a basket.”</i>  This proved to be no problem, as she was aware of a basket-weaver who sold her goods in the open market east of the Tower.  <i>”I can probably get everything I need for this little trip at the open market,” </i> she thought cheerfully as she approached her destination.


Nodding to herself, she stopped before entering the row of stalls.  Musing aloud, she began listing what she needed, “A basket, a bit of linen, some things to eat…”


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Llewelyn decided he would spend the rest of his day by wandering into town, getting to know the great city of Tar Valon. Also, after the long journey from Saldaea, given he would be fed by the White Tower (at least, the stern looking Dragar Baras had said so), Llewelyn still needed to replenish some of his stocks.


He quickly found some stores, but the prices seemed exceedingly high to his peasant senses of trade. Still, he was of dire need for some of these materials : oil for his lamp, thread for his needle, new soles for his holey shoes... He clumsily tried to bargain for reducing the prices, but soon got told off by the merchant he was dealing with.


"You thief ! Don't try to steal my goods right under my nose ! I tell you the prices, either you pay or you leave !" He shouted, making a scene and drawing a lot of passerbies' attention. Llewelyn was blushing furiously, he didn't expect his poor try at bargaining would lead to such a scandal. As Llewelyn, confused, didn't move an inch, the merchant went on calling him names.


"I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't meant to..." was all the boy could say in his defense before the merchant interrupted him to keep on yelling about the young'uns these days that had no manners. Llewelyn didn't want to leave under the curses of the man, it would seem like he ran away, yet he didn't know what could be done to stop the savage flow of disparagement.


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Satisfied with her list, Mariasha entered the market proper.  Her first task, she had decided, was to find a suitable basket.  Strolling up the aisle, she noted other stalls to hit up on her way back down.  But even if she didn’t need to do any shopping, she couldn’t help but love this sort of thing.  There was a certain… energy, a certain showmanship to these bazaars, and she loved hearing people call out their wares in over-the-top creative ways. 


Perking up, she spotted a woman selling baskets.  After some haggling, Mari was striding away to hit up a cloth stand she had seen on passing, only to be distracted by a bit of discordant yelling coming from a nearby stall, “You thief!  Don't try to steal my goods right under my nose!  I tell you the prices, either you pay or you leave!"


Mariasha blinked in surprise, pushed her basket up her arm, and strode forward to the source of the shouting.  "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't meant to..."  the boy said while the shopkeep carried on.  “Excuse me, sir,” Mariasha interjected, hooking a thumb at the boy, “Was he actually stealing anything?”  Casually resting her free hand on the hilt of a dagger, she raised her eyebrows questioningly.  “N-n-noo, ma’am,” the shopkeep stuttered out, “H-h-he was just trying to make me sell him things for prices that I’d not even sell things to my aged grandmother for, I promise!”  Snorting derisively, she leaned across the stall counter and got right into the shopkeep’s face, “If that is going to be your attitude, I will inform my friends amongst the Warders, Tower Guards, and Aes Sedai that you have a lack of compassion for those that are in worst straights than yourself, and to not give you their custom.  Good day, sir.”  Ignoring his spluttering, she grabbed the newcomer’s arm, “Come on, kid.”


Pulling him a few stalls down, she looked down very slightly into his pale green eyes, “Are you okay, kid?  You’re not actually trying to steal anything, I hope?”  She smiled warmly; no reason to scare the kid… unless he actually <i>was</i> stealing something.


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The woman who had taken him away from the merchant was a bliss from the Light. Llewelyn couldn't help but let out a loud sigh of relief when they stopped. It seemed to him he hadn't been breathing any air in during the whole incident, and was still amazed to discover that he hadn't succumbed to apnea, before he could notice that she was actually asking something to him.


"St... Stealing !? he spluttered, never under the Light, Ma'am ! I was only trying to bargain... a little." Maybe the price he had asked for was indeed much too low... He made a mental note to learn more about the trading prices in Tar Valon in the near future.


Then, the actual content of what she had told the merchant dawned on him. She had said she was acquainted with Warders, Tower Guards and Aes Sedai all in one sentence. Her warm smile encouraged him to be a little bold.

"Are you from the White Tower, Ma'am ?"  As she nodded, Llewelyn wondered how graded you needed to be to actually get to know a lot of Aes Sedai.

"I.. am too, he said hesitantly, I enrolled today as a Trainee, my name is Llewelyn Naese. It is a pleasure to meet you, Ma'am." And as the words flowed down from his lips, he immediately wished he could take them back. He was pretty sure that being the cause of such a scandal on his first day wouldn't be too good on his Trainee's record. Llewlyn became as white as a sheet, and he began chewing on his lower lip.


"I'm sorry I caused you such troubles." He said apologetically and he slightly bowed. "If I can repay you in any way..."

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Chuckling softly, Mariasha dipped her head in greeting, “Hello Llewelyn, I’m Mariasha, Mariasha Valnar.  My Aes Sedai is Taeadra of the White Ajah, but past that, I don’t know that many Aes Sedai.”  She grinned merrily, and nodded to her basket, “Myself, I was planning to have a little picnic.  I’m just here picking up… well, everything for it, really.  I was heading to that fabric stand over there,” she gestured off to her right, “to pick up some linen next before deciding what foodstuffs to get.”


Raising an eyebrow, she gestured to Llewelyn to follow her, “As for trouble… well, I take it you’re not used to city traders yet, then?  Even here in Tar Valon, they’ll try to gut you for every penny they can.  You’ll get used to it in time; he probably just sensed that you’ve not had much experience with his sort.  And,” she laughed again, shifting the basket to the other arm, “I’ve probably scared the poor bloke enough that he’ll be very generous to his customers for the rest of the day.”


Stopping at the stand she’d eyeballed earlier, she handed Llewelyn the basket, “You’re welcome to join me for my picnic, if you wish.  I’m sure that you probably have it in your head to explore the town, but that can come a bit later.  You’re going to have a lot of acclimatizing to do, after all, so better to play it safe until Thera has you all sorted out, I would say.”  She winked, and started eying the linen samples on the table.


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Visar ran with loose strides, trying to remember the directions that Thera had given him.  He only knew a few landmarks in Tar Valon, and feared he was already getting lost.


It was a slight left on the street with the bank at the corner, hard right the street over from the Tarner palace, and...


Visar stopped at a fork in the bustling streets, dodging the occasional rabid horse-drawn coach that bowled by mercilessly.


Was it left or right?  Visar wondered.  He knew he was already in the  outskirts of the Eastern market, but wasn't sure where the armory stalls were that sold the throwing knives Thera wanted him to get.  It was a specific kind too, the shopkeeper's name was Luht.  Or was it Lute?  Visar did not know how it was spelled, only how it sounded.


Visar ended up choosing left, and picked up the pace, darting his way through the crowds.


He went past a stall with fine-looking oil lamps on display.  There was a huge crowd around it; apparently the shopkeeper was selling some real bargains, or so Visar heard from someone heading that way.


Visar kept going, darting past a woman carrying a basket, talking to a young man.  He went past several stalls that sold cloth, before his eyes settled upon an amazing sight.


A bakery was selling fresh bread, and the stall was so piled with wonderful food.  It seemed to Visar that the clouds had parted and the sun shined in only that one place.


His stomach rumbled, reminding him that he had not broken his fast that morning, much less eaten lunch.  He fumbled in the purse which Thera had given him.  Surely there was enough to buy himself something to eat...


"Make Way!" someone shouted, and Visar realized almost too late that a cart was coming mercilessly down the lane right to where he was standing.


Without time to yell out a proper curse, Visar dropped the purse and dove clumsily to the side.  But he was still off on his landing, and he scraped his knees and wrists badly.


"By the flaming Stone!" he cursed loudly at the passing cart, for all to hear.  He got back on his feet unsteadily, and assessed the damage.  Blood trickled down his legs from the knees, and his left hand wouldn't move right; it was too stiff.


His errand completely forgotten, Visar wondered what he would do next.  He had been taught that he needed to wash and wrap any wounds he received as soon as he could.  Maybe they sold cheap strips of linen where he had seen them last.  As he doubled back to where he had run from, he realized something was missing.


Oh no!  The money!

Visar frantically scanned the street, but he didn't see the purse anywhere.  Maybe someone had picked it up?

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Llewelyn couldn't refuse Mariasha's offer for picnic. It was such a fair day after all, and it gave him an opportunity to get to know a Warder. He glanced at the woman slowly walking by his side, checking the stalls with a glimmer in her eyes. Light ! He could hardly picture her fiercely holding a sword and stricking blows after blows to hordes of Trollocs.


Her light mood finally rubbed on him and he let his worries aside, occupying his mind with the picnic preparations instead.


He was enjoying the walk when he witnessed a cart hurtling along the road, heading toward a helpless soul who had just enough time to hurl himself poorly out of the way. Llewelyn had noticed the lad had dropped a pouch and made haste to retrieve it, with a "I'll let you take care of him..." adressed to Mariasha in a breath.


He managed to get to the pouch prior to some ill-intentioned onlooker and grabbed hold of it. When he straightened up, the lad was already on his feet again, but he didn't seem to be in such a great shape. Llewelyn handled him the pouch.

"Here, don't drop it again, you might really lose it to some thief next time."


He spotted Mariasha by the young man's side. Llewelyn blushed again. In the spur of the action, he had given a Warder an order... Blood and bloody ashes ! He was adding mistakes to his record one after another... He whispered an apology to Mariasha Gaidin.



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((OOC - Sorry on the minor delay, dears!  I had my radio show last night + grocery shopping, so didn't get around to writing))



Raising an eyebrow, Mari walked over to the fallen guy and offered her arm, “Here there, let’s get you up.  Ever think about watching where you’re going?”  He eyes twinkled merrily to match the smile playing across her lips before she turned her attention to her new little friend, who was just scampering back, "Here, don't drop it again, you might really lose it to some thief next time."


“I take it by your blush, Llewelyn, that you feel you might have done something wrong.  Well…”  she laughed in earnest then, “Considering that this isn’t a training or a battle situation, I guess I’m going to have to let you live.”  She winked turning her attention to the guy she had helped up, “You look familiar… do I know you from around the Yards?  Either way, it seems you’re as in good a place as any to get patched up, at least once we decide what linen suits our various purposes best.”  She eyed his wounds in bemusement, wondering if she should continue to offer her arm, or if that might offend the poor injured fellow.


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“Here there, let’s get you up.  Ever think about watching where you’re going?”


A woman, looking strangely familiar, offered Visar her arm.  Confused, he took it briefly to steady himself, then shrugged the arm off, signaling that he could stand alright.


"I w-was in a h-hurr..." Visar began, before a young man came up and offered the purse.  Visar forgot what he was about to say, and blinked out of disbelief.  Someone had actually picked up the purse and given it back to him!  It wasn't even his money!

"Here, don't drop it again, you might really lose it to some thief next time."


"T-Thank you." Visar stammered awkwardly, as the woman who had helped him laughed and talked to the young man, whose name was apparently Llewelyn.


“You look familiar…" she said to him.  "Do I know you from around the Yards?  Either way, it seems you’re as in good a place as any to get patched up, at least once we decide what linen suits our various purposes best.”


"I am a t-trainee in the Yards." Visar admitted.  "My name is Visar" he added, remembering something of the manners he was only recently taught.


"My legs are alright, it's my left hand..." Visar winced as he applied pressure, trying to force his wrist to loosen up.  "It won't move around quite right."


Visar frowned, trying to ignore the pain from his hand and his scrapes.  He hoped he hadn't broken anything.



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Llewelyn considered Visar with his tilted green eyes. So, he was a trainee just like himself, Llewelyn would probably meet him in training or in the barracks numerous times afterwards.


He thought it would be wise to introduce himself and his companion : "My name is Llewelyn, I'm also a trainee at the Yards, and here is Mariasha Gaidin."


Eyeing the seemingly painful wrist of Visar, Llewelyn tried to look for some material on the stands around that could somehow make a splint. He applied the splint made from bits and pieces on Visar's arm.

"Here, this'll do until you get to the infirmary of the yards, where some Aes Sedai will get you patched up."

Noticing their stares on him, he said defensively : "You get to know how to patch an injury up when you're out on the field. You see, if ever the worst case scenario happens, and you're too far from any houses, at least you know how to not die of blood loss. I remember when Master Alen had that..." He noticed he had let his speech drift off. He fidgetted before saying :  "Er... Never mind that."


Turning to Mariasha Gaidin, he designed the splint and said : "This'll hold a while, he might as well be another guest for your picnic. That way, we'll be sure to drop him by the infirmary when we get back to the Tower. What would you say ?"

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Chuckling to herself as Llewelyn doctored over Visar, Mariasha thought, "This kid is going to make something of himself.  That is, if he doesn't step on all his teachers' toes with his enthusiasm.  After all, have to be a good follower to be a good leader..."


She was drawn out of her reverie when Llewelyn addressed her yet again, "This'll hold a while, he might as well be another guest for your picnic. That way, we'll be sure to drop him by the infirmary when we get back to the Tower. What would you say?"


Nodding, she smoothed the just-purchased linen down into the basket before handing it back to the Saldaean boy, "Food is generally a good thing to have after an injury.  Plus, if you decide to have a relapse, grass, mud, and rivers tend to be a tad more forgiving than pavement."  She winked, and waving her hand, led her party onward.


With two males in tow, the basket was quickly overladen with meat and mead.  All sorts of excellent nibbles had made their way in, and Mari was most definitely looking even more forward to this little outing.  She hadn't expected to pick up company, not really, but on such a nice a day is this, might as well share the good times!


It was only a short walk to the river on this side of town, and in no time, they were being let out onto the bank from a small pedestrian gate.  "Thanks Tad, don't work too hard!" she laughed, striding through with her companions in tow.


The grass was dry beneath a clear sky, as the Warder had hoped it would be, <i>"Good thing too - didn't get enough cloth to sit on or anything as extravagant as that!"</i>  Still, she spread out a portion of linen and began to unload some of the goodies onto it.  "I don't know about you two, but I'm hungry."  She smiled, and gestured towards the food, "Shall we dig in?  I mean, after all, there is quite a bit here, and it shouldn't go to waste."


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Visar felt in a daze, his mind wandering aimlessly as Llewelyn made a splint.  When he was done, Visar didn't know what to say.  There were no words that could express his appreciation properly.


"This'll hold a while, he might as well be another guest for your picnic. That way, we'll be sure to drop him by the infirmary when we get back to the Tower. What would you say ?"


"I...Thank you." Visar managed. It didn't feel enough to say thanks, but it was all he could think of to say. His stomach growled at the mention of a picnic.  "Yes.  I'll come along." he said with a smile.  Mariasha Gaidin led them to the place.


"Food is generally a good thing to have after an injury.  Plus, if you decide to have a relapse, grass, mud, and rivers tend to be a tad more forgiving than pavement."


Visar smirked, and almost laughed out loud.  His "rescuers" certainly had a sense of humor in addition to their kindness.  Time seemed to drift by in no time as they reached the river bank.


"Shall we dig in?  I mean, after all, there is quite a bit here, and it shouldn't go to waste."


Visar grinned, feeling as if he could single-handedly consume the entire basket in one sitting, even though he knew that was not technically possible.


He said, "If there's anything left over by the time we're through with it, we don't deserve to be called Warders or Warder trainees! Let's eat I'm starving!"


Visar grabbed a turkey leg and began the lengthy, messy devouring process with gusto.

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When Sandre finally arrived in the neighborhood where the wayward trainee was probably going around lost he began to establish an order for search with the other trainees.


"Stay in twos and watch each others backs. You two take this coin and head to the markets and get what the trainee was supposed to. I will get my coin back when we find him assuming that he hasnt taken the coin and run away from the yards."


The trainees nodded and started off at a run.


"You two go left and you two go right. I will take the river. Be back at the yards in an hour."


He only brought experienced trainees with him whom he knew knew their way around the city. He had checked the chore roster this morning and found, unsurprisingly, that they had sent a trainee who had not made a supply run before into a town he didnt know. Ever since Dragar had taken over even punishments were.... well it was no time to complain.


Scanning the river bank he found the trainee... having a picnic.... of all things. For a moment he was pure fury though he fought himself to be calm again. He wasnt late yet. The walk over became a debate in his mind as to tell him how many trainees were losing their free time looking for him. Looking closer he saw two trainees... one was Elyan's room mate he knew but the one he didnt know must have been the one.


Looking down at the trainee who had caught sight of him as he approached he saw a hunted look in his eyes. The trainee looked Tairen though he could not say for sure. The look could have been from the sight of a fully armed and armored man approaching.


"Visar? People are looking for you friend. I saw that they sent you here to gather supplies alone and while that can be a mix up in the paper work I am not sure why they sent someone who has never been to this part of the city. Sounds like someone has it out for you."


He looked closer at the Visar. He knew how to carry himself it seemed. Perhaps he would invite him for a spar later.


"I sent another trainee to gather the items... however next time you will be the one hunting wayward trainees in the city." he said with a grin. He knelt down, though that was difficult in the full plate and chain he wore to get used to the feel of armor. He extended his hand. He hoped the trainee would not be upset. He also did not want to take too long. Edana would be looking for him by now.


"Im Sandre, nice to meet you. Try not to be late coming back or I promise the Tower Guards are much better hunters than your used to" He wondered if that would trigger anything.

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Elyan had a break from his evening practice sessions and there was some tension with the new trainees that he would rather not have to deal with for the moment. He had decided to go down to the river and repeat the workout he had done with Sandre for the fourth time this week.


He had pushed himself hard, when he finally finished the exercises and drifted out into the water for the finishing endurance swim. He had improved much since learning his first strokes. It was almost a lazy tempo that took him out into the river, sliding through the water with surprising grace. He lost himself in the repetitive stroking, ignoring the burn in his muscles and listening to the rushing water as he glided through it.


Pulling himself back to his body, Elyan did not know how long he had been swimming, but his muscles ached and the sun had made notable progression from it’s zenith. He slacked his pace, moving towards the shallows he stayed under the water until almost beaching himself on the shore. Standing and walking into the grass, he shook the water from his hair and wiped the wetness from his eyes.


It was then that he noticed he was not where he started. Standing soaking wet, bare-chested, and wearing nothing except his under shorts looking up and down river to figure out which way he had come from, was when he realized that he had almost standing in the middle of some poor folks picnic. Half shocked and half in panic, he stood staring with a look of terror overcoming his features.


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Visar had finished his first portion and was chowing down on a second helping when he heard a rhythmic, metallic sound.  He turned in his seating posture, and realized there was an armored man marching straight for them!  He glanced back at Mariasha.  Were picnics not supposed to be conducted by this stretch of the river? He wondered.


The armored man continued his menacing approach, and Visar jerked, feeling that the man was after him for some reason.  Did they find out about what I did in Tear? He wondered, terrified.  Visar resisted the strong urge to get to his feet and run, and remained sitting.  Don't panic yet!  he told himself furiously, trying to keep his nervousness under wraps with what training he had had so far.  Sure enough, this man spoke directly to him, though not for the reason that Visar had feared.


"Visar? People are looking for you friend. I saw that they sent you here to gather supplies alone and while that can be a mix up in the paper work I am not sure why they sent someone who has never been to this part of the city. Sounds like someone has it out for you."


They are looking for me so soon?  I must have been gone longer than I thought.


"I'm sorry, sir." he said simply, unsure of this man's exact rank, but knew he was at least Tower Guard.

"Could not find the armory shop, sir, and I had a near miss with a cart in the streets." Visar lifted the sprained wrist for the other man's inspection, nodding thankfully to Mariasha and Llewelyn.


The armored man continued with his explanation.  Someone else had already been sent to buy the throwing knives.  Visar sighed with relief, but doubted that he would hear the end of this quite yet.  The man extended his hand, introducing himself.


"Im Sandre, nice to meet you. Try not to be late coming back or I promise the Tower Guards are much better hunters than your used to."


Visar blinked at the hunting reference, but had no intention of being late.  He already knew that stepping too far out of line was not an option here in Tar Valon, so he simply nodded.


"Visar Falmaien." he said with an already practiced tone, giving his new full name.  He wiped off his greasy hand on his shirt, and shook Sandre's hand firmly.


"I still have the money Mistress Thera gave me." he explained.  "I'll go back with you, if you don't mind."


Visar stood, and belched loudly.

"I think I've eaten enough for now.  Thank you, Mariasha, Llewelyn." he nodded to both of them.  He was just about to leave with Sandre when another man stumbled into the scene, dripping wet from the river.


Visar could not hold back a laugh at the man's shocked face as he stood there, as if he had done something far more wrong than make some of the food wet.  Was this yet another trainee from the Tower?

How many of us are there anyway?

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Edana escaped as fast as she could. She could've been less obvious about it, but... why? She hurried past the Guards at the gate who just smiled and waved. She slipped along the river bank, her feet knowing the way very well after the many trips she'd made here in the last few weeks. She hummed, a smile touching her lips for the first time all week. She and Sandre had a standing date, same time, same day, same place. Now that he was a Tower Guard, this truly was against the rules. She knew there would be penalties if they were caught. She just couldn't NOT make it here, though. She even had her sword hanging on her hip to make it look more official!


She had her grin ready, hearing his voice through the trees. Wait... Who's he talking to? she wondered as she drew up short. Light! A picnic! And he's right in the middle of it... She groaned, wondering how she could possibly intrude without looking like they'd been meeting. Elyan knew, she was sure, but... the others? She heard someone else approach and laughter erupting from a trainee who looked vaguely familiar. She glanced through the bushes and gasped. Elyan was standing, bare-chested and dripping in the middle of the group! Was he trying to get sick in this weather?


Finding her opening, she made her way into the picnic, pausing to put her hands on her hips. "Elyan, you're dripping! Getting sick won't get you out of training, even for a day..." Let them think she'd been hunting her room mate. It was far safer than them figuring out the truth!



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OOC Hes still a trainee! lol. Yikes ok I hope Eqwina doesnt get upset with me for having this set in Sandre's future since everyone seems to think it should be :P



Upon seeing Elyan emerge from the water a few feet away Sandre could only throw his head back and laugh.


"Little too far of a swim Elyan?" The horrified look on his face was priceless.


"Llewelyn will walk you back. No need to rush you have time now since your fellow trainees freed up your schedule for you. Just dont call me sir. I just have a tendency to make sure trainees get the help they need so they arent getting in trouble more than they have to or make sure they help each other in areas where they are weak." He had started scanning while saying all that. It was something that came naturally to him now. Turning back to Visar he contiued. "Such as with your lack of knowledge of the city."


Turning back towards Elyan. "Your a ways from the spot I showed you friend.Be careful of letting too many know you can swim like that now or you will have Gaidin on the water path hunting you out for someone to train with, and you thought working out with me was hazardous to your health... however I think this means you and I must have a race around the island sometime." He grinned.


What a mess this had turned out to be. He meant to just spend a day with Edana and it turned into a meeting. Elyan had taken over keeping the trainees out of trouble and making sure they had tutors for whatever skill they needed extra work with but there was always the one who slipped through the cracks while you were busy.



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Llewelyn had been comfortably seated in the grass with Mariasha Gaidin and Visar, eating some venison, when everything happened in a rush : Sandre suddenly reached them and started reproaching Visar about some task he had to do, Edana appeared out of nowhere as Elyan was coming dripping wet out of the river...


What in the Light had happened here ?


And before he could try to figure it out past his bewilderement, he was sent by Sandre to accompany Elyan back to the Yards. The mention of his name gave him a jolt. He stood up and glanced at Mariasha Gaidin. "It seems I must leave you to make sure those two get to the Yards, Mariasha Gaidin. I thank you for this feast, may our path cross again."


Llewelyn then turned toward Elyan, scooping the river behind the fellow as he spoke. "Why in Light are you in such a state ? Here of all places..." He pointed at Edana and grinned "But she's right, you know ? Better get a change of clothes quick before you catch a cold..."

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"Llewelyn will walk you back. No need to rush you have time now since your fellow trainees freed up your schedule for you. Just don't call me sir. I just have a tendency to make sure trainees get the help they need so they aren't getting in trouble more than they have to or make sure they help each other in areas where they are weak."


So this man was not a Tower Guard, but a trainee like him?  Visar wondered why he had been so easily confused; perhaps because this man carried himself with a confidence that he had never had, and Visar had only looked naturally to him for some sort of leadership.


"Such as with your lack of knowledge of the city."


Visar gritted his teeth at that unnecessary comment, suddenly angry at Sandre, but also at himself.  How was he supposed to know every single little street in the market, or remember how to navigate the maze of alleyways in the city? 


"I won't get lost again, I promise." he said, defiance in his eyes as he spoke to Sandre.


He vowed to study the maps of the city so that he would not get lost in the future.  If he learned the streets of Tar Valon half as well as he had known Tear's then something like this would not happen again.


Yet Visar became distracted from these thoughts as the conversation turned towards the newcomers:  Andorans from their appearance and voices, he thought, though he was only beginning to learn about the mannerisms of the other nationalities.


At the suggestion of a change of clothes, Visar spoke up.

"Maybe we should all go back to the Tower then?  Llewelyn, right?" he double checked.  "What were your names again?" he asked Elyan and Edana.

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Eying the sun, Mari sprawled out on her stomach and watched the byplay between the trainees.  It had been some years since she had been amongst their number, and it was amusing to watch their byplay.  Had she herself been that nervous about getting into trouble when she was amongst their number?  It was hard for her to remember; the passing of years had colored everything rosy.


So it didn't come to much surprise that the children were quickly reminded of a need to return back to the Yards.  Granted, the boy who had jumped into the river, Elyan, was probably freezing by now... tapping her lip, she shook out the linen they had used as a groundsheet and stood, "Here... Elyan, was it?  You might want something a little drier than your own skin."  She winked, and stood up with the proffered 'garment'.


"As for the rest of you... I'm sad to hear you're going already.  Myself, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day... maybe I'll drill a bit, or maybe I'll go fishing.  I've not decided yet; all I know is that it's a lovely day, and I'm determined to spend as much of it outside."

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Noticing he was only partially clothed in front of several people didn't particularly bother him after he got over the shock of not being alone. Though he did move his left arm in front of his stomach slightly to cover the long white scar that broke the otherwise tanned skin.


Elyan was startled when Edana burst out of some underbrush saying something about him getting sick.


He gave her a confused look, she had said she was going in to town for some reason. Turning back towards the group and spotting Sandre it hit him, that's why she had left the grounds, he thought looking back at her. Elyan had suspected as much, and even now had only suspicions, but this all but confirmed his thoughts. He smiled slightly looking back at Sandre, Edana was a good woman, and Sandre needed someone to keep him from hurting himself too much. They would make quite a pair.


Deep in thought, he almost missed what Sandre had said to him, and Llewelyn had approached him pointing at Edana. Then one of the other trainees was suggesting something about going back to the tower, which Elyan had no intention of doing at the moment.


A woman he didn't recognize rose from where she had been laying, and walked towards him offering him a piece of linen to dry himself with.


He took the linen with a quiet thanks, swirling it around himself as if it were a white cloak. He turned back towards the woman, "I am not in any particular rush to get back to the training grounds, I think the newer trainees can handle themselves for a couple hours.”


Then turning towards Sandre, “Also, I don’t think I’m nearly as good as yourself, but if you want to race, I’ll relish the opportunity. Just don’t expect me to wager anything on it.” He said smiling.


Turning his grin towards the woman, he said, “I’ve never been fishing, would you be able to teach me how?”


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Edana saw the flash of understanding in Elyan's eyes and had to look away. She muttered curses in her head, not daring to let them pass her lips. When suddenly everyone was talking about going back to the Yards, she balked. Her plans for this afternoon were apparently completely destroyed, but that didn't mean she was heading back to pick up the newest of their recruits.


She eyed the trainee she didn't know, who apparently didn't know her either. She debated throwing another name at him for a full minute while Elyan talked about fishing and racing. She shrugged. "I'm Edana," she answered him. "And I've the afternoon off, so I'm afraid I will be taking advantage of it. This will, of course, require me to stay far away from the Yards and the little added chores that seem to get hammered on when trainees are found being idle." She smiled, shaking her head. "I haven't fished in years."


She grinned at Elyan a moment before elbowing Sandre with a wink. "Do you suppose if we use Elyan for bait, we'll catch bigger fish?"




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Sandre shook his head. "Theres really no need for anyone to go back at the moment. Visar's duties are taken care of. I would be willing to go along but I left my spear at the barracks so I may just watch and enjoy the company." He said with a smile.


There were too many around so he kept his distance from Edana. They wanted to keep it a secret until they were both Tower Guards together.


Sandre eyes drifted to the new woman. She didnt hold herself like the other trainees. She couldnt be a trainee. As nice as she was he had a feeling she could turn deadly when she needed to.


"Perhaps I will retrieve my spear... does anyone else need anything back at the barracks?"

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Visar couldn't shake the feeling that he did not yet fully belong with this group.  He didn't know them well, and he had not been spending much time trying to make comrades here.  Perhaps that was a mistake, he thought.


Edana and Sandre seemed to get along, he thought, but the same could be said of Edana and Elyan.  Nobody seemed to want to go back to the Tower.  Visar agreed with them, but he needed to make sure he was not in trouble for getting lost and having someone else do his job for him.


"I need to head back and double check with Thera that I'm not in trouble." he explained to Sandre and the others.  "My duty might be covered for me, but I could still be held responsible for the delay.  Your spear...that reminds me, I am also way behind on my lance training...Mind if I go back with you, Sandre?"


He turned to the group, who mostly seemed to want to stay and enjoy the day.  "I hope everyone has a good day off.  I'm Visar, by the way.  Edana, and Elyan, yes?  It was good to meet you.  Let me know if you'd like to train some time, I'll be in the yards for the rest of today probably."  he said in the most polite tone he could manage.


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"I need to head back and double check with Thera that I'm not in trouble. My duty might be covered for me, but I could still be held responsible for the delay.  Your spear...that reminds me, I am also way behind on my lance training...Mind if I go back with you, Sandre?"


Sandre shook his head. "I dont mind at all. However you will not be in trouble with Thera as she doesnt know. Or at least I do not believe she does. I believe that Dragar was in the office though." He tried to hide the tone of distaste in his voice. Perhaps he was just used to Thera but he couldnt shake the feeling that Dragar did not care for his duties as much as that flask he kept in his desk that he thinks none of the trainees know about.


"Elyan I will bring you some clothes. Edana try not to fall in the river like the day we met." He said that last with a grin. "And milady.." he said with a bow to the woman whos name he had yet to catch. "It is nice to meet you. I will return shortly."


He nodded over to Visar to come along and the two set off towards the yards.



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