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Kids These Days... (ATTN: Owial)

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Mehrin's morning exercises were an hour behind him, and the two boys were still asleep.


Patience was never his strongest point.


There was no fresh water nearby, so Mehrin couldn't simply douse Rovan with a water skin and start the day.  Instead, he pushed the sole of his boot against the boy and gave him a shove.  "Wake up.  We have a long way to go today."  Out of the corner of his eye, Mehrin saw the other boy stir and rolled his eyes.  If he woke up and chose to follow, Mehrin wouldn't stop him.  There were enough dead fools in the forests without him making it easier to add to the number.  However, he was not concerned with the boy as much as he was with this... this foundling.


He waited for the boy to eat the meager meal that he had provided- it was more than he had eaten, but the supplies were beginning to run low- then dropped his pack at the boy's feet.  Between clothes, the remaining food and water, and the small fortune in coin that he carried in the sack, it weighed nearly forty pounds.  "You'll be carrying this today.  As you saw yesterday, I don't take the easy road.  You will be miserable by lunch.  Enjoy."


Mehrin spared a look at the other boy.  "I won't say to not follow us.  I will say that you might regret it if you choose to follow.  Your choice."  He waited until the boy had lifted the pack.  "As for us," he finished as he nodded towards the path forward, "we're going that way.  Try to keep up."

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Rovan looked at the bag, not what he wanted to do but overall not the worst, his da had believed honest work and working your way was the right thing. He was just so tired, he wished he was back home and could let someone deal with the darkfriends not having to look over his shoulder. Though she had taken him straigth out from under them, but neither he nor they knew of the danger, this time he would be prepared.


He took a step aside as he hefted the back to find his balance, this would be dreadfull, he was descided to try and have a good day even if tired, and the work and treck would help rebuild muscles for future training. If only he could know if these were trusted friends of the ligth, so many even if professing to follow it did not. The world was corrupt. 


He started silently following up the treck wondering if their companion from last night would follow.

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