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Approved FL bio for Stanislas Liander - CC'd by Warders

Quisalas Selene

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Note of importance: The word "bitch" is ONLY meant in the sense of female dog; Taraboners seem to like flinging around with "sow" when they curse, so I figure it's not too off if they should use a rather rude term for female dogs as well, no?


Handle: DhaiMon

Email: fohs@gmx.de

Name: Stanislas Liander

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Nationality: Tarabon


Physical Appearance: At five feet, Stanislas is unusually small compared to his ancestry. Practicing various arms and riding, apart from receiving lessons in history and courtesy has earned him a strong enough build. With it, he looks more like a leery, bright-brown eyed strongarm, though. The only things that proclaim his noble birth are his well-kept dark hair and neatly trimmed mustache as well as his personal sigil that he likes to display on his cloak, in the form of a brooch or his belt buckle: A red cat.


History: Stanislas was born as the first son to Lord Azan, the head of house Liander, born out by the Lord Azan's late wife. "Minor House Liander", to be more exact. The golden days had long since passed for this rather old line, so far that in fact other lines had emerged under that name, not even aware the minor house existed.


House Liander's only true influence remained in its' manor's own walls and the council of Alanay, a place that barely deserved to be called a town, somewhere in the northeastern parts of Tarabon. The council did not fully acknowledge Lord Azan into the council anymore, even, since his mind had seemed to develop to the worse.


Despite all this, Lord Azan brought up his two sons, Stanislas and Endric, with ambitious expectations in mind- the more realistic of which included to bind other Houses to Liander by means of marriage. With age and the death of his wife, it seemed as though Azan started to lose his wits and track of events. Stanislas's brother Endric developed a very pious lifestyle, praying to the Light that sanity might be restored to his father. Stanislas didn't do any such thing. If he prayed, then he prayed for the old fool to finally pass leadership to him. He tried as much as he could to stay away from his father's manor, trying to get his hands on some "peasant wenches" and to do something "worth his while" in general. In the end, after Stanislas's 21st nameday had come and gone by, Azan sent Stanislas away, off to Cairhien, to "bind powerful, foreign support to the House". A direct order, brooking no argument. It was rare, that... Ever since his mother had died, his Lord Father seemed to be utterly broken, a broken man.


But he never let on as to that. So did Stanis. Although he did not care to count anymore how often he dreamed of the still, pale, peaceful face his Lady Mother had when she was embedded into the earth so that she might be "seed to the Tree".


So Stanislas went, taking the footmen sworn to him according to familial custom with him. Much later, he arrived at the Cairhienin estate- only to be told a message that the Cairhienin house had received weeks before his arrival by pigeon: His father had cast him out of the House, stripped him of his title as heir to him and denied that he was his son. A blow, that. A hard one.


Instead of taking the Cairhienin noble's kind offer to join his armsmen- a sly bitch, his father was -he immediately ordered his footmen to turn around and head back straight home, to Alanay. The men had sworn oaths that even held when their liege was an outcast, held as long as their liege demanded their service. Stanislas didn't intend to release them just yet. He still had chances. However slim.

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