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Covai Seriba

Approaching the Boss (Part One - The Illianer)

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Fixing the dragon and sword pins to his collar, Covai glanced himself over in the mirror. Truth be told he was more comfortable in his usual tunic and leggings, but there wasn't much in the way of comfort to be had this day. He probably was already mad, going to ask a figure from legends for permission to unite with people who had hunted them down for thousands of years. Running his fingers through his hair, the Storm Leader let out a sigh. The wheel had already started to turn. The best he could to was run at it head on to bump it in the right direction.


Grabbing his sword from against the chair where he had left it, Covai fastened it to his waist as he left the room. Pausing for a moment for place a ward around the doorway, he wondered just how long it would be until he was back. Truth be told, he wasn't even sure where to look for the Dragon. The best he knew was that the Asha'man in Tear might know something about his where abouts. It was their main recruiting point, and it was also home to the Cache of Angrael and Ter'angrael, including the Sa'angrael Callandor. Still, there was something to be done before he even left.




Even before the M'hael's quarters came into sight, Covai could already feel the change in the atmosphere. Word had spread between the Storm and Attack Leaders about what had happened at Sheinar. Some had been called back for today for this meeting, but not all could be spared from their usual duties. Covai's eyes scanned the crowd for Arath as he made is way towards Brent' quarters, the crowd parting before him. Covai knew he has a reputation for unusual for a Storm Leader for his laid back attitude, and most seemed to realise if he was dressed formal it was safer to just stay away. Even so, he still couldn't spot his Andoran ally. Perhaps the man was already inside. This damn Illianer was bad enough to deal with at the best of times. What Covai had planned would hardly make it any easier. Going one on one with the M'hael wasn't something he was looking forward this morning.


Raising his arm in time to stop the door slamming him in the face as it opened, Covai felt the impact as the Asha'man running out bounced backwards off the door. Without saying anything, Covai simply opened the door and stood in the doorway looking at the man. "You should watch where you're going." Covai reprimanded the man. "But besides that, whatever you're doing can wait for a moment. Take me to Brent and let him know Storm Leader Covai Seriba is here to speak with him"


OOC: First one in gets the spot.







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Geirrin's talent for shielding intrigued the M'hael which meant everyday he was summoned to the M'hael's quarters for private lessons.  The Illianer hated Geirrin for the simple fact that he was a Tairen.  Then he hated him a little more since he was unable to learn the weave that Geirrin tried to teach him.  It was a talent after all though the M'hael thought that he should be able to learn it.  He blamed his failure on Geirrin and beat him daily for it.


Geirrin hurried from the room eager to get away from the M'hael.  The sooner the better, he could not be gone fast enough.  The door moved outward then stopped as if it hit a wall.  Geirrin, with all the grace of a lummox bounced off the door and fell to the floor sitting on his backside.  What under the light!  Geirrin bit back a pungent oath as he looked up to see Storm Leader Covai staring down at him.  He always enjoyed the Storm Leader as an instructor though now he looked like he was about to do murder. 


Geirrin stood quickly and tried to offer an apology though the Storm Leader's voice cut him off.  "You should watch where you're going." Storm Leader Covai reprimanded him. "But besides that, whatever you're doing can wait for a moment. Take me to Brent and let him know Storm Leader Covai Seriba is here to speak with him"


The tone of the Storm Leader's voice made him forget that he was trying to get away from the M'hael.  "As you command Storm Leader."  He said followed by a salute.  Turning on his heels he hurried back the other way mindful that the Storm Leader was following.  He passed through the inner door to inform the M'hael who upbraided Geirrin for interrupting him.  Hurriedly he returned to inform the Storm Leader that the M'hael would see him now then look for a direction to escape.  Suddenly Geirrin felt as if he were caught in a vise, no he was caught in a net with two lionfish.  he desperately wanted to be anywhere else but where he was.  Perhaps he could slip away without notice...


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Arath worked his way through the crowds as he hurried toward Brent Enios' quarters.  Quarters was hardly the word for it anymore; the place was nearly a bloody palace.  The largest structure at the Farm now, easily.  Holding off his sneer of contempt, he pushed his way forward, searching for Covai.


He had slept little the night before.  After finishing his conversations with the Storm Leader, Arath had made a few other visits, gathering support for the idea.  Not that Covai needed the support really.  Arath thought that his friend would go through with this even if the M'Hael, the Amyrlin, and the Dark One himself stood in his way.  And he'd probably win anyway.


As he got closer to the massive building the M'Hael called his home, it became much easier to track down Covai.  He simply had to follow the whispers.  "-looked ready to do murder." "-wouldn't want to be the one he's looking for."  Sure signs that an unhappy Storm Leader had been through.  Soon enough Arath had located him, just outside of Brent's door.  "You weren't planning on starting without me were you?" he asked with a grin.  "I can't wait to see him squirm when he hears all of what we have to say." 


He paused as Geirrin came rushing back out of the office and quickly informed Covai that the M'Hael would see him.  As Covai strode in without a word, Arath leaned close to the Tairen Asha'man and said, "Thank you Geirrin.  Now go take cover somewhere before this storm breaks."  As the other man ran off, Arath followed Covai inside.  This was going to be interesting.


Arath Faringal




Brent Enios sat at his desk, disgusted after yet another session with Asha'man Geirrin.  It was bad enough that the other man was able to hold a shield on him with a fraction of his strength.  The fact that he, the M'Hael, and perhaps the strongest channeler at the Farm, was unable to duplicate it was worse.  But that a filthy Tairen was the one with that ability ... it was infuriating.  Still, the man was a tool for him to use.  Exercising his authority over the Tairen pig was a slight balm to soothe his frustration.


The man had scarecly been gone for a minute before he came blundering back into Brent's office.  "Fortune prick me," he bellowed, face turning red, "I do recall saying that you were dismissed.  I do no want to see your bloody face until tomorrow!"


He hadn't thought that his mood could worsen at all until the Tairen informed him that Storm Leader Covai was outside and wished to speak with him.  Now he was positively livid.  He briefly considered telling Covai to wait, but decided against it.  The thrice damned Andoran would barge in anyway, and it would make himself look weak.  A captain had to be strong, and he the strongest captain of all.  Wrapping himself in the comfort of the void, he nodded consent, sending the Asha'man stumbling from the room again.


He had not managed to regain much of his composure when Covai walked in, Arath following close behind.  Another unpleasant surprise.  "Well, the heroes of Shienar do grace me with their presence," he said with a snarl.  "Tell me, what can the M'Hael do for you then?"

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"You can stop hanging around your chamber all day and start doing something around the Black Tower, that would be a start." Covai responded. "I'm in no mood to banter around today, and judging from your attitude neither are you. Shall we just get this over with so we can both get back to what we were doing?" The sarcasm was clear in Covai's voice. The damn Illianer's attitude never sat well with Covai, and he knew trying to pretended otherwise. The man was an idiot, but no fool. False pleasentries would just be wasted this day.


Leaning back against the doorframe, Covai crossed his arms and waited for a response. After apparently biting back some rather colorful words, the Illianer leaned back in his chair. "Very well then. Lets hear what you do be wanting to say."


Covai nodded. "You've heard about what happened at Shiener an..." "Fortune prick me I did!" Brent interuppted, slamming his fist down on the table in rage. "I did send you with a whole.." "SHUT UP!" Covai barked back. "Your ignorance pushes even my tolerance to the limit in the best of occasions. Don't think for even a moment that I'm prepared to listen to you act superior in this occasion when you never even got your arse out of that damn chair of yours!"


Taking a slow deep breath to calm him self as he stared back at the self proclaimed leader of the Black Tower, Covai could just feel the words flowing out of him. "Light burn you and your damn pride Enios. I came to tell you I'm on my way to speak with Jarron." Covai made a point of using the Dragon Reborn's name in a familiar fashion. Truth told, he had only met the man twice before, only one of which they had even talked. Still, it was more than most in the tower, and it was an edge he was relying on at the moment.


Leaving the rest of his message unsaid, Covai pushed off the wall and turned to leave the room. It didn't even take one step before the M'hael spoke. "Seriba...just what in the light do you planing?" Covai was glad his back kept the grin on his face hidden from the Illianer. The threat in Brent's voice was almost palatable. Arath was just out of the corner of his eyesight, but he was sure the man knew as well as he did smiling at Brent now would likely psuh things too far, and result in an open, probably violent confrontation.


Looking back over his shoulder so only his eyes could be seen, Covai spoke as if he was repeating how the sky was blue to a child for the hundredth time. "As I said, I'm going to speak with Jarron, the Leader of the Black Tower." The message was clear his voice as to where his loyalties lay. "And I'm going to speak to him about joining forces with the Aes Sedai."


Without waiting for a response, Covai set off down the corridor. Grabbing a Dedicated by the should as he passed, Covai pushed him into the center of the corridor. He wasn't looking back to see if Brent was trying to follow, but he wasn't in the mood to continue the conversation. Especially if it just involved trying to rationalise his reasons to the fool. The poor dedicated would back a noble sacrifice to help Brent up for a few moments.


Grabbing the two nearest Asha'man as he left the buidling by the back of the collar, Covai pushed them towards the Travelling grounds. "You two with me. We're going to Tear."




OOC: 3 spots here guys. Don't worry too much about the ranks, I'll change them later. Arath will also be a chance for the poor sacrifice to come along to tear as well if they want.




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Tai was walking along, his nose buried in a most interesting book that Sereth had loaned him. The air was cold but he hardly noticed, in fact he hardly noticed anything for his attentions on the book. He had not had much of a chance to read at the Tower and this one dealt in Philosophy. He absolutely loved philosophy, although sometimes it was hard to grasp. It was in these circumstances that he felt the collar of his dark coat clasped roughly. The book tumbled to the ground unceremoniously, and he was pushed forward before he could struggle free to pick it up.


Tai had become used to having more free time since being raised Asha'man. He was about to spin around with a few searing words words on his tongue for the man who had treated him so roughly, when his tongue clove to the roof of his mouth.


"You two with me. We're going to Tear." Said Storm Leader Covai Seriba.


Tai blinked and pressed fist to heart in a quick salute. "Yes Storm Leader. Right away."


Glancing back once at the book lying haphazardly on the frozen mud he winced inside. He would have to replace that for Sereth. Striding along next to Storm Leader Seriba he studied him out of the corner of his eye. He was breathing heavily and it was not from walking. He looked ready to chew rocks and was not happy about it. Tai was glad he had not seized Saidin around the man to float the book to him on a flow of Air. No telling what would have happened considering the current situation. Wondering what the day would hold in Tear he sighed softly and focused on reaching the Traveling Grounds without angering the man further.

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Arath had to bite his lip to keep the smile from his face as Covai ripped into the Illianer.  The hidden smile changed into shocked surprise though as Covai swept out of the room, leaving him behind with the M'Hael, who was currently turning an amazing shade of purple.  Brent kept his seat behind his desk for a moment, before leaping to his feet and racing for the door.  He didn't even seem to notice as he knocked Arath into the wall as he past.  "Burn him!" the M'Hael half muttered to himself.  "Burn him to bloody ash I will!"  Arath felt Saidin fill the Illianer, and his eyes bulged.  He really meant to attack Covai?


Siezing Saidin himself, Arath hurried into the hall after Brent.  As he ran to catch up, he heard an indignant squawk as Brent collided with someone and fell to the floor in a tangled heap.  "Be out of me bloody way!  You light blinded fool!"  Seeing the potential for violence, Arath hurriedly stepped forward and picked up the unfortunate man, putting himself between him and the irate M'Hael.


"Enough of this Brent.  Covai is going to Tear, and you're not going to stop him."


"Silence Faringal!  This is MY Tower, and if you be thinking that you can order me around-"


"Me?  No.  I remember my station and would not overstep my bounds."  Arath didn't bother to hide the contempt in his voice for the man who had clearly overstepped his own.  "However, I've already spoken with the Attack Leaders about this.  We support Storm Leader Covai in this.  ALL of us."  He paused for a moment to let that sink into Brent's thick skull.  Dumb as he might be, Brent would think twice before going up against the fifteen Attack Leaders.  They oversaw most of the day to day workings of the farm, and commanded the loyalty of most of the Asha'man.  "Most of the Storm Leaders stand with us as well.  Like it or not, this is going to happen.  It's up to you to be part of the solution, or part of the problem.  Choose well, M'Hael."


Slowly and deliberately, Arath released Saidin and turned away from the trembling Brent.  Siezing hold of the shocked Dedicated's arm, Ararth dragged him along.  "Come on.  We're going to try to catch up with the Storm Leader."  Not that Covai would need the extra support, but Arath thought it best not to leave the only witness to Brent's humiliation alone with him.  After Shienar they couldn't afford to lose another good man.

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Asha'man Sereth Arian had his trademarked grin on his plain features. He had meant to speak with the M'Hael about acquiring permission to take a few dedicated with bright young minds along with himself to his family home, and the library that his Teacher had assembled there. He had even actually taken the time to write the speech he would give in a formal, yet sub servant voice, speaking of how a few more educated weapons might be better for the tower and its leadership. After all, in the three times that Sereth had met the man, arrogance was one of the few words that seemed to stick in the young philosopher's mind.


Of course, he had seen Tai'Dashan in the area, his nose in a book that had been loaned from the meager collection of books he had managed to acquire since arriving here at the tower. That one would be good for Tai, and Sereth was practically brimming with excitement about having someone to discuss it with. It revolved around some pretty radical concepts, as well as new ways to approach thought itself. All in all, it was would be interesting to hear the man's thoughts.


As he was about to open his mouth, of course planning on acquiring his preliminary ideas and reactions, Sereth saw with dismay Tai get grabbed by the front of the coat and dragged, the Andorian soon following suit. A physical pain settled into his chest as he watched what the wheel put his beloved book through; he had searched for three weeks to find even one full copy. Still, the Storm Leader's current mood had to be taken into consideration, and he simply nodded his head, speaking only, "Yes Storm Leader."


Of course his mind buzzed with ten dozen questions, but he had the feeling the answers would reveal themselves soon enough.

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OOC:"Siezing hold of the shocked Dedicated's arm"

Arath...I hope you can forgive me if I assume that he just assumes it's a Soldier on duty in the wrong place. Or that he pays Simmen less than half a mind. :P


IC: It's been only a few days ago since Simmen had received his most important lesson at the Tower so far.

The lesson was not weapon-mastery, that much was clear. For that he could have joined up with the next best merchant guards, mercenary company or army.

He had an ability, a curse, that he bore with him. That was part of him. A weapon deadlier than any hundred swords.


And since that training session a few days ago, he finally could wrestle for control of this weapon.

The day after he was told to imitate certain "weaves", as they were called, of the different elements. Of those that he was more capable of, anyway: That he had better control of Air and Water that most was a fact that was not entirely too common. Personally, he felt that making flames and things such as that felt slightly easier. More tempting.


He was still more used to Water and Air. Air, mainly. He knew what he could do with that. He did not entirely trust himself playing with Fire.

He was to carry a report on supplies to some official or something now. The Asha'man who sent him on his way hadn't been too specific about it, and Simmen didn't bother to ask any questions there. He was a Soldier. He was to follow orders. Not pick them apart for what they might or might not mean. And he was to pass the "M'hael's" quarters, on his way there. Whoever this "M'Hael" was. Didn't seem to bother to show up at the gatherings, anyway. And it was just important so far that Simmen had an idea of where he was to go, anyhow.

"The Game of Houses", some of the higher born fellow blackcoats would talk about. Simmen couldn't help feeling that he was in a similar tangle here. If not worse.

"The Game of Houses" caused wars, feuds, ruled out who was in power or not. Together with the actual power to destroy, here, in this Black Tower...


It was a thought that would have sent Simmen running, once. He could not run anymore, though. He was part of this Black Tower now.


Brooding over this and that, idly brushing his Air-shaved cheeks, he bumped into a man that looked certain death. An Illianer, by the sound of his voice and talk.

An Illianer ready to devour something, something as lowly as a Soldier.


"Be out of me bloody way!  You light blinded fool!"


As quick as that, another Asha'man dived in, shoving Simmen up his feet.

It was Attack Leader Arath. And he looked fit for bloodshed as well.


Simmen didn't really listen to what was going on. Not with his whole attention, anyway.

So. I have bumped into the M'Hael. The Attack Leader and that one both seem to be ready to kill one another. They're men who can channel.

And so am I.


Simmen had the absurd urge to just laugh out loud at all of it. He did not even think of freeing himself of the Attack Leader's grip, who just dragged him along, past a M'Hael who was on the verge of striking out and killing something. Anything.


I'm on the Father's mercy now. I've always been ever since I ran away.

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OOC: All good Simmen. You were just a sacrifice to by me some time to get out of there  ;D I'll go back like i said and edit the ranks to match.


IC: Covai folded his arms as he brooded. He was giving Arath another five minutes tops to meet them at the traveling grounds before he left. Admittedly he had been waiting a entire half a minute already, but hanging around the grounds wasn't exactly at the front of his list of things to do right then. Glaring at Sereth and Tai when they began to speak, Covai was glad they got the hint to be quiet. He needed time to regain himself before he reached Jarron. Light, if only he knew the man was actually in Tear and not off somewhere. They could be waiting days for all he knew....


Or minutes... the thought flickered through Covai's mind as he saw Arath come around the corner with someone in tow. Seizing Saidin through reflex, Covai simply held the source when he saw it wasn't the M'hael following. He had no idea who it was Arath was bringing along, but he trusted the man enough not to ask. Nodding in acknowledgement as his friend arrived, Covai suddenly wanted to kick himself. He had meant to have the Asha'man he grabbed to form the gateway but releasing the source now without using it would show the he had jumped the mark, and everyone one around him would know it.


Violently shoving the throught from his mind, Covai turned around to the empty patch of ground in from of them. Letting out a deep breath he barely realised he had been holding, Covai focused his power into creating a gateway to take them to Tear.


OOC: I'll start part two with us coming through the gateway. Anyone who hasn't had a chance to jump in yet, either post quickly, or join in part two. Just say you were at Tear and happened to be there as we turned up. PM me if you're unsure

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