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The Watchers (Open to anyone in Tar Valon)

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Murders have run rampant through Tar Valon and more specifically the White Tower's Training Grounds.  Tower Guards and Trainees have been downed by the foul hand of one woman.  One woman dared tread on the toes of the elite and now pays the price for such fidelity.


Rumors run the course of the city of what this person looks like to what her motives were. It's time now for the trial to begin.  The yards have all but ceased their training as the trial begins.  It seems as though the whole world is set out in the yards where the trial is to be held.  We sit and watch, listen and pray to the Creator that this woman is convicted!


OOC:  This is for IC watchers and silent debates, please no OOC debating here, a thread will be opened for that.


The Trial can be seen here:  *insert link*



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As eager to leave the Tower as she was, even Kabria was pulled by the start of the trial. Donning her newly earned shawl with its long Green fringe she smiled at Perivar and began to lead the way to the yards. The whole Tower had come to a screeching halt that day, everyone from maids up to Sisters and Sitters who never took concern with other people lives were turning out to watch Cari’s conviction.


The murders that had assaulted the yards would be the talk of the Tower for centuries. Death’s in Tar Valon were never taken lightly, least of all when they were at the Heart of Aes Sedai power. The inhabitants of Tar Valon had always seen the Tower and Aes Sedai as all powerful; they looked to them for protection and even guidance, but for a short time the image had been shattered. Kabria had worried that there would be a panic, but as with all things this too passed. The murdered had been caught and faith restored, the only thing left was the trial. “The Light send the girl is convicted quick.” Kabria whispered, obviously not as quietly as she’d thought because Perivar’s arm went around her. It was a shock for him to show such public affection, but then he could feel her worry and would want to comfort for any way he could.


Entering out into the bright sunny day Kabria could help but notice what a contrast it was to the dark deeds that had been done. “Ironic that something so distasteful should happen on such a beautiful day.” Perivar gave her a squeeze and kept them moving. There was a crowd already starting to form, but trainee’s and Tower Guards moved aside for an Aes Sedai; giving Kabria and her Warder a ring side seat for what was to come.


Kabria Delondre

Hopes the child is convicted quickly


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Perivar had no interest in the trial, well that was not the whole truth.  His Aes Sedai had an interest in it which meant so did he.  The murders had been gruesome and unsettling to say the least.  As strong as Kabria was she would be better off with him by her side so that was where he would be.  Well it was his duty after all, plus he enjoyed being with her. 


Some in Tar Valon had relaxed after the suspected murderer was caught but Perivar along with the other warders and tower guards remained ever vigilant.  The fact that a darkfriend, the murderer must be a darkfriend he thought, that anyone could enter Tar Valon and the Tower grounds and kill with such ease was beyond comprehension.  It could not have been one person acting alone he thought, coudl it?  After all, other arrests had been made until this most recent one leading to the trial that was to take place today.  There was at least one other arrest that he had heard about, another woman.  Well some said a woman would kill you faster than a man and for far less.


Perivar could feel Kabria's unease through the bond though on the exterior she was the model of Aes Sedai serenity.  Many both in and out of the Tower were shocked, some shocked right down to their core that such crimes could be committed here.  “The Light send the girl is convicted quick.”  She was right, the quicker the better in his book.  People needed closure, that and the sooner this whole affair could be put to rest the sooner that others could be about their business.  He had no urge to stay in Tar Valon a moment longer than he had to.  Affectionately he placed his arm around Kabria to comfort her.  When the trial was over he would perform the execution if it would get them away quicker.  That and he detested Darkfriends, it would be satisfying to kill one.  He had killed Shadowspawn but never a Darkfriend.


The glare from the sun made him squint as they passed through the doors from the Tower which led into the Tower grounds.  “Ironic that something so distasteful should happen on such a beautiful day.”  Perivar had not truly noticed the weather until her comment.  Perivar gave her a reassuring squeeze though his thoughts were lost on the day when he found the murdered Tower Guard in the closet.  He had never spoken of that day to Kabria.  How could he tell her and to what purpose?  Not to mention that he did not even like thinking on it.


Perivar let his arm fall away as they made their way through the crowd, well in truth the crowd parted for them.  Kabria glided majestically towards the front.  She looked like a queen, her dress not showing a hint of wear and not a hair was out of place.  Her green fringed shawl completed her attire adding to the effect.  The combination told everyone what she was so the crowd quickly parted for her in a flurry of bows and curtsies.  If that didn't scream what she was then him trailing her scowling at everyone looking like a wolf with a sore tooth who was ready to lunge at anyone who got too near surely screamed what they were.  As always Perivar wore his dull blackened armor over his green arming coat and breeches with his sword strapped to his back and his singuata hanging from his belt.  His boots were barely polished, just enough to protect the leather.


They sat near the front though he would have preferred to stand near the back where he could watch everyone.  He wanted to stand and take a position behind Kabria though he would have blocked the view of those who sat behind them.  Let it be quick he thought to himself repeating what Kabria had said earlier.     

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Sandre and many of the trainees were gathered in a designated area in formation. They had had an inspection that morning so each trainee looked his absolute best. Sandre knew the inspection on the day of the trial was not a coincidence. They had also been told to stay out of trouble today or they would be begging to be caned. Though each trainee had his or her own preference in weapons and armor they still looked disciplined and while waiting for the trial to begin were drilled. It was to restore the people of Tar Valon's faith back in the tower.


The armor Sandre himself wore was plate and chain and was polished to a bright shine. It was masterwork as was the bastard sword on his back. He had brought the gold to afford both and they had taken the entirety of his time on the yards to make. Even the padding underneath was a special weave of silk that an arrow could not pierce yet the arrow might still pierce the body. Staring straight ahead he had thought of the trial like a battle itself. A battle that was mental and relied completely on the commanders as though the armies were equal in every way. Only the evidence which would be like terrain would offer a difference.


He shook his head. Even someones life had become a battle in his mind. He hoped the result of this trial was good. As angry as he was about losing fellow students taking the woman's life would not bring them back. The crowd seemed tense and despite that they were all packed together kept their distance from anyone with a weapon or shawl.


"Light help us all." he said.


A few trainees nodded.


So many deserved to die and yet there were dead who should live. He had worked it all out in his own mind. If she was insane she could be healed. If they offered it to men who could channel who slew thousands why not one female who slew a few? If it was battle lust that could be tamed and as Sandre found out personally that could consume you and force you to take foolish risks. If she was an unwilling slave to the shadow did the taint of the shadow not also lay in gentled men? She could conquer it and be brought back to the light. If she was a willing servant well... nothing short of death would do. All these were ideas until the truth was revealed to all though. He had many more going in his head. He had been trying to work out how she got passed the guards. He had experimented with it a little. This woman had to have had extensive training to this purpose... it would be interesting.

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~Byron Assroth~


The streets of Tar Valon had been near deserted, no more than a hand full of people roaming the streets.  Most were in a rush of some kind heading towards the great White Tower.  Byron had spotted the tower leagues away always under the impression he was nearly there, never in his mind or his stories from his parents had he imagined it to be so bog.  The architecture as well was just over whelming, never before had Byron seen a town or city built to look beautiful.  Most the Towns, villages and cities in Saldaea were built to defend, not as much as a pretty piece of architecture anywhere.

  He headed towards the great white tower his gelding, Dara, making the journey a lot quicker.  He began to notice that the crowds were getting bigger and more people were rushing towards the tower.

What is the commotion here is it always like this?

The crowds parted as Dara made her way through the crowds, some people grumbling complaints under there breath then going all the quieter as the saw the saber and composite bow sticking out of his quiver.  Spotting a stable just inside the tower arch Byron guided Dara in the direction, the young boy who approached to take Dara’s bridle cowered back as Dara tried to nip his fingers. A reassuring pat on the neck told her it was safe.

‘Do not worry my friend I will stable her she is not used to these sorts of enviroments.’  The boy looked disappointed as Byron dismounted and stabled his gelding.  He had got fed up of other stable boys complaining about bights and trodden toes.  He could be quite pernickety about the care of his horse; he removed the well worn, but well kept saddle and bridle and gave Dara a good rub down.  The gelding nibbled at his ear as he finished the rub down.

  ‘No my dear you just wait here I will be back soon.’  Looking at the stable boy he added. ‘And don’t be too mean to the boys.’  Rubbing here nose he gave the stable boy to only feed and water him, he gave the by a few coins and relized as the boys eyes lighted up that he had over tipped.

  Slinging his quiver over his shoulder he moved into the crowd, many people stared at him as he tried to politely as possible to move further into the Tower grounds. 

  It seemed like everyone was here, and what looked like a women in shackles on a platform.  He wondered what was going on, politely making his way to the front people began to make way when the saw the saber and bow. 

  It was then that he saw the Aes Seai and Warder’s, Byron felt a sense of awe as he watched them from where he was standing.  Shaking himself from his dream he looked around for any sort of official.  Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a Tower Guard all dressed up to the nines.

He should surely be able to tell me where I need to go…….

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Jesse gave a sigh of releif when Cari got the death sentence.  There was much more at stack than just her life.  It was poor revenge for the loss of his friend.  Jesse got up with her and took her back to the cell.  He was to feed her and to tend her until her final days.  It was his duty and his last rite for his friend.



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