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The Green Ajah Sibling of the Month for January 2009. WooooOoOt!

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Well, well, well, it's been a while (ok, only a month) since we announced our last Greenie of the Month. So naturally it's that time again! This time we have a GOTM with a difference, though - this gal is one of the GA's longest standing staff members! She has born the title of Sitter before, but has long since given up that position in favour of another very special one - Heart of the Green Ajah. Cleo is a super Greenie whose impact on the Ajah has been immeasurable.


Please enjoy the following interview with the outrageous ("Truly outrageous, woah oh oh Cleeeeo - the music's contagious") Cleo:


1. Is your ACTUAL favourite colour really green?

Some shades of green have always been in my favorites. But my ultimate fave color is pale yellow. 


2. How did you find Dragonmount?

My husband was here first. I just finished maybe book 3 by the time I came here. I have been at DM and lurked around a bit and read the discussion boards. But once I was really into the books I took a leap and looked into the other boards *lol* Before I ever joined the WT, I was a green and nothing would have prevented me from being one. ;)


3. How long ago were you a novice at DM? Do you have a 'best' memory about your novicehood? Or a few? Or was it a hellish time you'd rather forget?

Wow... uhm... between 4 months to 8. *lol* I didn't post a lot at the beginning. *blushy* I don't recall being a hellion. But.. I wanted too. *lol*


My favorite part of Novicehood was taking classes. Weird I know. Meeting new people like Ell, Jade and Taya.


4. Who was your mentor, and who have been your mentees?

I never had a mentor. My mentees have been:

Lady Mo - Sedai

Illiara - Sedai

Jaye - Accepted

Phoebe - Novice

KaraJ - Sedai

Katen - Novice


5. What do you think makes a good Greenie?

They have to have a sense of justice and integrity. Feel that its their devine right to set things right and fight for the underdog. To also have a open mind, sense of humor and feel a sexiness about themselves that has to do with whats on the inside. And to be as willing to see it in others and to be openly kind to all others. And somewhat of a busy body and delight in throwing parties and entertaining.


6. What is your favorite thing about the Green Ajah today, and what would you change about it if anything?

Favorite: All the things above *LOL* I think we've achieved our sense of self! That we are accepting of people and have a genuine group of women and men.

What I would change: Oh maybe be more social outside our Ajah.


7. What is your stance on bonding? Are you bonded to anyone, and if so who?

I have been an advocate of choosing carefully on bonding. I think most of us who are mature, feel that way too. We need to take bonding a step further on a community board because we aren't "pretending". We are sealing friendships.

I am bonded to: Esteban, Val, Lightstorm (warders) Sisters: Taya, Jade, Kelly. Mother bonded to Rasheta and Near Sister bonded to Tessandra (a quite lovely, Red)


8. What do you value most in a friend?

Honesty and not being afraid to get yelled at by my friends if I am a bad girl *lol* Forgiveness, sharing and a smashing good time, when we're together. Not letting miles separate us, it the utmost because we make friends from all over the world at DM.


9. What are you most scared of (if anything)?

Being out ot touch with my friend and family. I am not afraid of things, I am afraid of instances. Like losing someone...


10. What's your favourite beverage and favourite food?

Martini's (hands down!!) and seafood Lobster and crab at the top of the list. Oh and I totally dig rare steak.


11. Finally, what do you think of being the Greenie of the Month?

Completely honored!! I've been a Greenie for a long time. I knew that it was important to serve others before serving myself too soe we would always see to someone else, being GoTM before ourselves. *nod*




Look out for an announcement in coming times about a new Green Ajah page - where Adanza's interview will be displayed.

Previous GotM (Adanza Sedai)


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