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Where are you from?

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Guest Karana Majin

I've been reading this thread but I don't think I ever replied. I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Which is sort of in the South with all that implies, but it is also a fairly large city, so it tends to be more liberal and open than most other parts of the southern US.


Originally from Cleveland, Ohio.



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Northamptonshire, England. Home of the shoe industry, lots of rain and some fields.


Ik spreek kaan Nederlands … aber ich spreche ein bißchen Deutsch et un petit peu français. :D

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I from them there hills of eastern Cantukie!!!


Yeak ok its Eastern kentucky and no my wife isnt really my sister or any other "kin folk". I dont own any huntin dogs, unless a boxer is a old form of hunting dog.


But I do have guns, guns and horses!

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Ah good ole Tazzie...



No contrary to popular belief, we arent actually part of Tasmania.. :x



Funnily enough,mainland australians hold N.Z in higher regard than Tazzie..

So im told. :D



But at that end of the day,N.Zers dont really care what our neighbours think

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P



The anzac spirit is alive and well in N.Z

even after the under arm bowl

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I'm a Cali Girl ^^ and.. <.<; I'm a writer! And.. I'm dedicating my first book to Robert Jordan, and my mom, ofcourse.. hehe.

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Hey every one from everywhere!


I have not read every page of this topic,

so I'm not sure but I think I'm the only

asian DMer as far as I know...


I'm from Singapore.....

about the same temperature here troughout the year

rain or shine...

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Southern California. The high desert to be specific. I could never figure out though why everyone thinks of South Carolina when I say SoCal. And there is a huge difference between southern and northern California!

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I am from the nation of Texas....wait it isn't a nation? Funny, everyone there says it is. But yes Texas and the best part of it, Austin.

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