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A Place Of My Own {Attn: Dazar & Toram}


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Tai looked around the clearing in the snow and sunlight. It was beautiful. The small pond was mostly frozen except where the spring bubbled up and flowed through it. He had asked his two mentee's here as both needed some training. Toram should be raised to dedicated soon, and Dazar was still up in the Air. Tai had asked Arath about it but the man had not had the time to go over it. Toram had worn his sword for nearly a week now, everywhere he went and was getting better with it. Tai had worked really hard with the Power to make Dazar's, he was his brother after all. A light dusting of snow fell and slid across the bubble of Air he had woven around himself. That weave he could afford to tie off. The weave of Fire he had under his feet, kept the ground clear of snow. He held that one so as not to let it get out of control.


Sighing to himself he waited in the early morning sunlight. He had started with a plan to make a one room shelter for times like this but figured expanding slightly couldn't hurt anything. Room for a few beds and maybe two fireplaces and a loft might be nice. Tai continued to gaze into the cold clear sky. A hawk winged by and he smiled. Today was going to be a good day.

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  Toram tried to hurry from his class of Basic Saidin Weaving, so that he wouldn't be late to help Tai with this little project of his. Once he entered the forest he wove a air dome around him to protect him from the branches and things of the forest. It wouldn't do to show up to his mentor looking like he had gotten into a fight with a cat. Since Tai had given him the sword (the Sword of Roses Toram called it in his mind), Toram had practiced with it every day and cared for it every night. Jogging through the snow and trees Toram soon reached the clearing where Tai was waiting for him and Dazar. Dazar was the man who he has seen practicing that one day with Tai when Toram had gotten the sword. And he hadn't seen much of him since then.


Walking into the clearing Toram went over by Tai and studied his teacher for a moment before saying, "I guess that we are still waiting for Dazar?" Well he should be here soon enough. Thinking back to that day Toram was wondering if he really had seen some look of aggresion on Dazar's face or it was just his imagination. He hoped it was the second one. Toram didn't want to have problems with anyone here.

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Dazar was studying himself in the mirror when he noticed he was going to be late. He had meant to even show up early, until he discovered that he had been raised to Dedicated. Since than he had been staring at the sword pin on his collar. He understood that he had been working really hard but it still came sooner than he had expected.


Quickly running outside, Dazar headed for the clearing. Tai hadn't been to forthcoming on what they were going to do today, but he didn't want to make Tai mad at him. It seemed to Dazar, that every time that Tai got mad, he did his best to degrade him. Stumbling into the clearing Dazar quickly saluted.


"Sorry I'm late, I got kind of distracted."


Hoping that the apology would be enough Dazar looked around the clearing. Noticing Toram for the first time Dazar gave him a sly grin.


-That's it, make him think you trust him, then he will never expect an attack from you!


The smile left Dazar's mouth. He had heard that voice before but he had just blown it off. Now that he had heard it a second time he knew there was no way they could be his own thoughts.


-How can I be going mad so soon?


Dazar looked at Tai and Toram both, but neither of them had seemed to notice. With a struggle Dazar put the smile back on his face. Assuming the void Dazar seized Saidin and channeled fire to warm himself up. That had been the best thing about being raised, he didn't have to ask to channel anymore.


-Now they won't be able to get you unprepared!


The voice almost made him loose the void, but he pushed it to the back of his head.


"I'm ready to start whenever you guys are."



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"I guess that we are still waiting for Dazar?" Toram's voice broke the silence. Tai dropped his gaze from the sky and nodded at his mentee. Dazar was late. It was a minor irritation and Tai decided to let it go. Returning his gaze to the sky, the two men waited in silence. After a few minutes Tai heard someone crashing through the trees and turned to face his pupil. He quickly saluted. Tai had tried to convince the man that was not necessary but he had grown up in the borderlands. That and Tai was not going to try too hard to dissuade the man.


"Sorry I'm late, I got kind of distracted." Tai glanced at the Sword pin on the man's collar. He was mildly shocked. He and Arath had discussed Dazar's raising, but Tai had not known it had happened already. He nodded to himself, Hopefully he would match the Dragon pin on Tai's collar just as quickly. Tai turned to the northeastern edge of the clearing and envisioned the shelter. How should they start? Thoughtfully he tapped his finger against his chin.


"First thing's first." He said after sighing. "Toram, Dazar, step in close to me." Tai motioned for the men to approach and when they did he seized Saidin. Weaving flows of Air and Fire he melted the snow beneath their feet. Weaving again he created a wall of Fire and Air, pushing it outward he cleared the snow from the rest of the clearing. No use having a cluttered, mucky workspace.


Tai knew his mentee's weaknesses. Toram was weakest in Air, Dazar in Water. Not that Water would be used much here, but he was next weakest in Earth and that would suffice. He was a firm believer that if you practiced with your weakest element, it would have that much less of a chance to be your death when the time came. Turning to Toram and Dazar he explained.


"Today you will be training with Saidin, we are going to create a shelter here for times like this when we are training." Looking at Toram he gestured for him to follow. Bringing him over to the right of the pond he marked out with stone pillars the area he wanted. "I want you to use flows of Air to strip the trees of branches, fell them,  and stack them over there." Tai pointed on the other side of the pond, now mostly frozen over.


"Dazar?" He said motioning for the man to come over. With Toram already weaving his flows, Tai pitched his voice for Dazar to hear. "Congratulations on the rank." Smiling warmly and clapping him on the shoulder he straightened. "Now, I need you to start pulling up blocks of stone about this size." he briefly showed the man what size for what pieces and set him to his work. Watching his mentees set to work he smiled. Yes, today was going to be a good day.

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When Dazar came crashing into the clearing Toram noticed right away that the man had a silver sword pin on his collar. Congratulations would have to wait until later when they were done. Noticing the smile that the man gave him Toram smiled back in a friendly way.


Going over to Tai as he had told them to, Toram watched what he did and memorized the weaves. So that's how you melt the snow under your feet, Toram mused. He had seen the results of other people using it but hadn't seen the weave begin for himself. As Tai pushed a wall of fire accross the clearing to rid it of the snow, Toram glanced at Dazar, "Congratulations on the pin."


"Today you will be training with Saidin, we are going to create a shelter here for times like this when we are training." Following Tai Toram was already assuming the void but waited for the moment before he took hold of the One Power. "I want you to use flows of Air to strip the trees of branches, fell them,  and stack them over there." Great. Air, my weakest element. Thinking quickly Toram thought of just what flows to use for the cutting of the trees and then lifting them over to the other side of the pond. Grabbing ahold of Saidin Toram started in on his job. Using air weaves that were folded and compressed he sliced the branches off of the tree then cut the tree itself near the bottom of the tree trunk to get as much usable wood as possible, he then caught and guided the tree to the ground away from the other two with more flows of air until it was settled down over where Tai had indicated.


Working with his weakest element on the scale that he was, he got tired out pretty fast. But in the void it was another man's weariness and fatigue. Toram could feel te sweat on his face but it didn't matter, all that mattered was doing the job at hand. Concentrating as hard as he could he could almost see the weaves in place before he started to use them. Before he even looked at the tree he was going to cut. Thinking this just some side effect of being tired he neglected to mention it to his teacher.


Once Toram had cleared a roughly 25 by 10 foot area he rested for a bit breaking the ice on the surface of the pond with Air and using Water to bring up a little fountain for him to drink from. Once the water coursed down his throat he let go of the void and Saidin catching his breath and looking at how far along the others were coming.

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Doing as he was told Dazar quickly stepped up next to Tai and Toram. Watching intently, Dazar was confident he had memorized the weaves that Tai used.


"Congratulations on the pin." Toram said to Dazar.


"Uh Thanks, it was hard work but it still came quicker than I expected. You can't be much further behind."


The man wasn't as high of a rank, so he should have been more formal, but Dazar decided not to make a big deal out of it. They were both Tai's students anyway, plus he kind of liked the man.


Dazar stopped waiting for the voice, but nothing came.


-Maybe I'm not going crazy yet after all.


"Today you will be training with Saidin, we are going to create a shelter here for times like this when we are training."


Dazar watched while Tai explained to Toram what he wanted done. Watching their encounter let him know that Tai could be nice when he wanted to. Dazar still couldn't understand why Tai had gotten so angry when asked if he was upholding their father's honor. Dazar would have been happy to know that some one cared that much. He had come all the way from the borderlands, leaving behind all of his land after all.


Noticing that Tai was calling to him, Dazar pulled himself out of his thoughts.


"Congratulations on the rank."


Dazar was blown away. In one day he had seen Tai be nice twice, and one of the times was even to him!


"Now, I need you to start pulling up blocks of stone about this size.


-Well at least it isn't water.


Assuming the void, Dazar seized Saidin. He had finally gotten to the point where he could seize Saidin every time he tried. Focusing a trickle of the power Dazar started trying to make the blocks. He quickly realized that with his ability with earth he would need more than a trickle. Now Tai hadn't said how many were going to be needed so he just kept making one right after the other. Quickly Dazar noticed he was getting tired, but he also noticed he it took a lot longer than when he first came here.


"Ok Dazar that is enough."


Exhausted, Dazar followed Toram's example and went over to the pond. To stubborn to lower his head to the water, Dazar tried channeling flows of water to create a fountain. Dazar was so surprised, when the water reached him, that he almost lost the void. Quickly taking a drink of water Dazar let go of Saidin. It had certainly drained him but he had been able to do it. Standing up with a grin on his face he looked at Tai.


"So what is next?"

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Tai smiled as he watched the men work. The two had come far, and he beamed proudly as he watched them weave. They had both come a long way indeed. Tai had been discussing Toram being raised to Dedicated. He had grown strong enough in the power now, based on the things he could do with Saidin.


He had started work on making a sword for Dazar. This was a big deal as although the man was his brother, the two had never really been on good terms. Not that Tai hated the man, or even wanted nothing to do with him. It was more a matter of being thrown together in such an intimate position so abruptly. Bringing up painful memories long buried. Relationships aside, Tai had been learning from Arath how to craft weapons. He was more of a jewelry smith himself, but Arath had shown him that there really were not that many differences. The blade was coming along well. He hoped that it would be an offering of peace between them. Coming out of his reverie, Tai noticed that Dazar had produced enough rough materials as far as stone was concerned.


"Ok Dazar, that is enough."


"So what is next?" Dazar asked. Tai had noticed the look of shock on the man's face when he was able to channel a fountain of water and almost smiled. When he saw the grin of pride on the man's face, he did smile. He should be proud. He had worked hard and earned the pin at his throat. Turning to answer the question to the both of them he grinned.


"Now we set to work boring holes for the footings and such, this is where it gets fun." His grin widened as the two groaned almost at the same time. He wove Water, and then Earth, showing Dazar what he wanted done. Having the man pull all the moisture out of the Earth with Water truly was not necessary, but it would give the man a good exercise in discipline and help him to hammer out his weakness in Water. The weaves for Earth were to clear out a small, hidden space below the shelter to be accessed only by gateway. Showing him how to create the space and reinforce it with stone he left the man to it. The stone blocks would have to wait. Turning to Toram he showed him how he wanted the trees cut to make wall and roof supports. Then showed him how to make the slats for the roof.


Weaving Air, Fire, and Spirit Tai wove a throne of the Power. He had been working on this for a while and was fairly proud of the impressive weave. The throne appeared to be made of solid flames, flowing and dancing in a constant motion. It was contained with Air and Spirit so that it could be sat on of course, but overall the effect was stunning. Smiling to himself he sat and watched the men's backs as they worked. Neither had seen him weave it, it would be fun to watch their reactions. Resting his hands on the ends of the seat's arms he leaned back into his construction, the top of it reaching above his head by a few hands. The weave needed to be held because it contained Fire, and Tai thinned the Air just slightly so that the seat created a slight warmth. The heat soaked pleasantly into him. The shelter was coming along nicely. After all of their hard work, the men would be free to use the upper level as they pleased. They had earned that right.

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As Tai showed Toram how to cut the trees and how to form the planks, Toram assumed the void and grabbed ahold of the One Power. Taking just a moment to study the feeling of holding Saidin, Toram thought back to when he first grabbed hold of it and sicked up all over his boots. Now he was able to suppress the feeling of the Taint to where he could use the Source without getting sick, although thinking about it too long would likely make him want to sick up. Actually feeling the raging heat and the freezing cold, Toram was glad he had the void as a buffer to help him in the battle to control Saidin.


Cutting the trees into neat columns for the walls and beams for the roofing, Toram lost himself in the monotony of his task. That wasn't to say he wasn't paying attention. One wrong move with the One Power could destroy not just him but it could level this entire clearing. Maybe much further than that. Making sure he was careful he let himself be absorbed into his work. Working with Saidin was exhilirating, but tiring also. So he wasn't too surprised when he had to wipe sweat from his eyes to be able to see what he was weaving.


After a good while of cutting wood Toram was finally finished. This time instead of using the Power to get a drink Toram just kneeled down and used his hands to lift water to his mouth. He didn't know if he could channel enough to fill a cup right now. Looking around at Dazar to see how he was doing Toram seen that he was progressing really well. Then his head jerked back to where Tai was sitting. On a throne of fire! How is he doing that without burning his backside to a crisp? Then he looked closer and seen the Air and Spirit within the Fire weave. That was very clever. Studying it closely Toram thought maybe he could do it if he could have seen the beggining of the weave. Not realizing it while looking at Tai and his new chair, Toram's mouth hung open in amazement. Then he shut it with a loud clack.

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"Now we set to work boring holes for the footings and such, this is where it gets fun."


Of course the man had to make him use water. Right away Dazar knew that sucking the moisture out was not necessary, but it would give him a chance to see what he could really do. Seizing Saidin once again, Dazar started working the flows of water. Right away he knew just using water wasn't going to work, he got a few puddles on the ground but nothing spectacular. Realizing that not only was the water in the ground but it was frozen to, Dazar decided to try a new tactic. He had to admit he cheated a little by using a combination of earth, fire, and air to help squeeze the water out. With all the moisture out of the earth he began clearing out the little room. When he finally decided that the size was right he focused fire, air, and earth to create solid walls. He hoped that Tai wouldn't get mad that he didn't use just earth, but he figured that the Black Tower normally rewarded ingenuity. With his task completed Dazar turned around, and completely lost the Void, as well as Saidin.


-That throne is amazing!


Seeing Tai on a throne of flames was something else. The flames even seemed to caress him without leaving a mark. Looking Closer Dazar could see why it wasn't burning, but it was still a very clever weave. Grudgingly Dazar realized that he had developed respect for Tai. While the two of them were very different, what they had in common was the things most important to Dazar. Swallowing his pride, which he seemed to do a lot lately, Dazar decided he would ask.


"Uh...Do you think you can teach me to do that?"

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Tai was straining. Holding a weave of Fire, one of this magnitude anyway, even if he tied off the others was incredibly difficult. The weave really had no practical use and was really only for show. He had been able to hold the thing for about 7 minutes before completely exhausting himself. Today he had held it for only three.


"Uh...Do you think you can teach me to do that?"


Tai rose to his feet and let the weave go. "I could teach you. Unfortunately it is not a weave well suited for more than foolish pride." He grimaced to show that was meant for himself. "The weave is ridiculously difficult to maintain for any amount of time. Maybe some day I will." He glanced at Toram who looked on the edge of speaking. "You too Toram." He chuckled to himself. The man was as eager as Tai had ever been.


Walking over to survey the men's work he nodded and grinned. "You men have done well, the last part will be erecting the place. Toram I want you to put up stone walls here, here and here. The final one I want you to leave a space for a door right about here." He walked around the site showing the man where the walls were to sit, how to sink them into the ground for stability, and where the door and windows would be. He then showed Dazar his plans for the roof and asked him to help Toram with the walls as well. Working together could be good for the two of them.


"We are almost done my friends." With that he looked at Dazar pointedly "Finish up and we will have a nice hot meal at the Inn."

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OOC: Sorry it took me so long guys but ny internet got shut off the Monday before Christmas. And I just moved back to Flint. Only took 11 hours from Lake City Tennessee.


Toram did as instructed, lifting stone walls into place. Still exhausted from his earlier work, he strained a bit with the walls. Wiping the sweat from his eyes, he strained a little to form the proper weaves. The hardest part of it all was leaving an empty space for the windows and such. Working with Dazar was making it a little easier after a while. Having to use most of his available strength to push up the walls. His coat was soaked in sweat in no time at all. Taking a moment to set the coat down by his feet he rolled up his shirtsleeves. Getting back to work he wiped the sweat from his eyes and continued.


OOC: Sorry for the short post I'm at a friends house on his comp and I have to go.

EDIT: I added a bit to it.

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It was a little weird working with another person. Dazar kept trying to fill in the gaps before he realized that the other man had it. Using air helped take the strain away, all the earth flows had really exhausted Dazar. Grabbing the slates with air Dazar carefully put them in place.


Exhausted Dazar looked at the place they had built. It still needed a few cosmetic touches like windows, but over all it was complete. Dazar couldn't help but smile as he realized that this was the first house he had ever built. 


"Well, should  we check it out?"

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