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December's Greenie of the Month! *cheers*

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Yep, it's that time again ;) We have a new Greenie of the Month for December, a girl who has been a strong, steady Greenie presence ever since she joined. She may be absent occasionally but she always comes back, like a boomerang - and the Green Ajah is extremely fortunate for that!


Adanza al'Verin is a gutsy, intelligent, beautiful (inside and out!), loyal and super passionate Greenie who I am very proud to call Ajah Sister!


Please enjoy the following interview with Adanza :)


1. Is your ACTUAL favorite color really green?

Of course :D  Any shade will do, but at the moment I really like lime and hunter green.


2. How did you find Dragonmount?

I think I was looking for info about when the next book came out.  I had never been part of an online community so I lurked around for a few months until I felt comfortable.


3. How long ago were you a novice at DM? Do you have a 'best' memory about your novicehood? Or a few? Or was it a hellish time you'd rather forget?

I was a novice back in 2005.  My time as a novice and accepted were both pretty short and they have sort of blurred together in my memory.  For some reason I remember having a spork ‘war’ with another aspie (possibly a brown?) on the red boards.  Tess gave me a spork that came to be known as ‘Merry Spork’ and every time I poked someone with it she went into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.  I can’t remember why the ‘war’ started or who won :P   


4. Who was your mentor, and who have been your mentees?

Eladari was my mentor.  She’s not around so much anymore, but she was a great mentor way back when!  Most of my mentees either never showed up or left within a month.  However, Amavia, Calypsa, and Naeann stuck around.  Naeann was officially my mentee but I was MIA for most of her novicehood so she was really mentored by others.


5. What do you think makes a good Greenie?

Passion!  I love how passionate we all are about so many different things!  We put our hearts into everything we do and I have great respect for that…I don’t think there’s such a thing as a half-assed Greenie! 


6. What is your favorite thing about the Green Ajah today, and what would you change about it if anything?

My favorite thing about the Greens is…the Greens :)  I love reading the Joy and Rant threads and gaining new insight into each Greenie.  I don’t know what I’d change…maybe the Sitter terms back to 3 months?  I don’t think at this point in my life I can commit six months to Sittership but I would like to serve in the Hall again at some point. 


7. What is your stance on bonding? Are you bonded to anyone, and if so who?

I think bonding should be reserved for two people who have developed a real life connection.  No one but the two involved can say if that’s happened or at what point in their relationship it may happen, but I would submit that bonding someone you met last week may not be responsible or respectful of what a bond truly means. 

I am bonded to one person, Tigara Sedai of the Yellow Ajah.    He promised to give me coffee so I couldn’t refuse!!  :P  We've been bonded for over a year and a half.


8. What do you value most in a friend?

Loyalty, empathy, and humor


9. What are you most scared of (if anything)?

I have a terrible fear of rejection.  It has left me crippled in more than one social encounter.


10. What's your favorite beverage and favorite food?

Beverage: probably green tea

Food: Prime rib (medium rare), garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus


11. Finally, what do you think of being the Greenie of the Month?

I think it’s an honor!  And a little weird :P  I was thinking just a few weeks ago that we needed to revive this tradition and what do you know, here we are!




Look out for an announcement in coming times about a new Green Ajah page - where Adanza's interview will be displayed.

Previous GotM (Illiara Sedai)

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Awe, thanks you guys!  *hugs everyone* You are all so sweet!  I love being a Greenie - I can't imagine being anything else!  :-*

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*just got the memo*


Danzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! *tacklehugglesnugglewubbletickles*


Congrats darling! You soo deserve it, Miss Boomerang! ;D

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LOL dang it I swear I posted on this but only in the green board. *hugs* Congrats sweetie, well deserved and loved the interview!

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