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White Tower Wishlist

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We've done this for a couple of years in a row, so this should be familiar to most of you.  Do you have a list of things that you are dying to have for the holidays, but you don't know whom to ask for them?  If you post your list here, you'll never know who might choose to play Santa for you!


If you wish to play, please post a list of up to ten things you want for Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, etc.  You might be surprised by who grants your wishes or by which wishes come true.  Also, be on the lookout for items on other people's wishlists that you could give to them!


Here's my list:


1.)  Letters/cards from my WT friends around the world.

2.)  Christmas junk food (e.g. cookies, candy, etc.).

3.)  Nia and Mia to visit me in California.

4.)  All of you to come to a Dragon*Con in the near future.

5.)  Somebody who likes musicals or operas to take me to a musical or opera.

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I got something off my list last year. :D


1. Postcards!

2. A one way trip to canada? lol

3. Money towards Mike's visit with me:P

4. More books

5. All of you to have a wonderful Christmas.

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1. Superpowers- specifically in the form of: Flying, Healing, Regeneration, Muscle Mimicry, Teleporting, Making things into explosives by touching them, Ice powers.


Any of the above will do^^, though for the sake of society I'd suggest Healing (trust me- I'll find some way to use regeneration and flying offensively)

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Flying can definately be used offensively! ;)


1. Time off from work.

2. The chance to visit some of my friends overseas.

3. Pajamas!

4. To know that people will catch a break from all the rubbish that gets forced on them during the year.

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1) Everyone to have a fantastic Christmas  :-*

2) Everyone to have a great New Year  :-*

3) Anything Discworld related from this site http://www.paulkidby.com/badges/index-1.html (there's a long list on the left hand side that includes everything from badges to Framed Prints and the like.) Have just bought myself the Pale Rider Mouse mat but was good and resisted and didn't buy anything else, though I'd dearly love to buy the whole lot!  :D *shifty* yep I am a teensy bit of a Discworld fan!  :D

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Oh, I love this time of year!  ;D


1. a baby!! :look

2. to get engaged!! :look

3. postcards!

4. one week extra off work so I can go to d*con next year

5. AMoL

6. *Steals from May* a cool design for a tattoo!


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1. To talk to my bondeds and other friends (skype/msn)

2. To have them visit!

3. To win the lotto so I can visit them.

4. A Great Serpent ring  :D

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1) A green Ajah pendant

2) Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on DVD

3) Money and time to visit Tig

4) To survive living with my sister this Christmas  :P

5) And since it would be totally unrealistic to ask for my student loans to be paid off...I'll just ask for a lower interest rate  ;)

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1.  That I somehow get over my desire to fix things that aren't mine to fix?

2.  Failing that, that people get some self-actualization on.

3.  Failing that, I'll settle for more nice, normal-colored, non-fluffy yarn.

4.  But seriously, I won't get what I want until next year, since that'll be a hopeful return to health.

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Ohh, wishlist! ;D


1. More to smile about next year than I had this year.

2. My wedding to go off without a hitch in May.

3. *steals from Dnaya* AMoL!

4. A Dance with Dragons (get on with it George! :D)

5. Time to go visit with Nia and Raeyn.

6. Money for a house of my own. :P

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1. A laptop to replace my sad, lagging computer (already getting it! yay!)

2. The new Animal Crossing and Tales of Symphonia games for Wii. :look

3. A decent job while I save up for college

4. Money to visit bondeds.

5. Money for D*Con

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well, plenty of people may be about.. 30-40?

Blacksmith, Cooper, Couple of Farmers, Doctor, Pilots for the Glitterboys we use for our defense.. all that fun stuff.





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Let's see... my list:


1. postcards from people ( any mail is happy mail, as long as no one's asking for money, right?)


2. little charms for a charm bracelet. I'm actually playing with writing stories about each charm, so I'll make you a deal. You send me a charm, I'll write you a story to go with it. I'm just not mailing the charm back. ;)


3. People to come to JordanCon, so we can make it happen this year. I'm really looking forward to it and I'd hate to have to do something silly like... bully people.


4. Pen pals. I promise to write back. I don't care where you live.


5. Seeds/bulbs/plants for my garden. :D Peanut is officially old enough (or will be this summer) for me to have time to make it beautiful again. At least, that which I haven't killed with two years of neglect...



6. World peace. (You should always throw something WAY out on your list to make the other things look easier to attain. ;) It worked for Santa...)

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*arches eyebrow and grins*


I fully expect 25 stories please!!  LOL!  and maybe I'll send another charm...



Ok my list..


1.  I would also like charms for my bracelt..smallish and goldish.  Specifically a dragon, a Linnea flower, a princess crown and a labrador.

2.  Some of those bamboo crochet hooks..size g, h and d. 

3.  Happy mail of any kind!

4.  SOCKS!

5.  I would love to go to Jordon con..and to DCON  and to get to visit Lor and baby this coming year!



WOrld Peace?! *grins*  thats my sistertwin!  actually, I'd really like to see folks be more trusting and giving to each other, compassionate and accepting of our differences!

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Does anyone happen to need/want a slightly used Vera Bradley purse? I got a new one as a Christmas gift from a student last week, and I really don't see a need to have two Vera Bradley purses lying around when I only use one.  I'm a non-smoker and I don't have any pets. I will, of course, clean it before shipping, but the only thing I've spilled in it is water, so it should be pretty good.


The pattern on the one I'm giving away is Mod Floral Blue if that makes a difference.

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So, did anyone else get stuff off their wishlist for the holidays?  I got tons of cards from around the world from several of you, and I got my annual Christmas cookies from Benty!  He doth spoil me so.    :D  *Hugs everyone*   


I also got some stuff from my family that I didn't put on this wishlist because I already knew I was going to get it, such as some books, CD's, and DVD's.


I sort of fulfilled one of the things on my wishlist because I'm taking one of my best friends with me to see Wicked (well, she's technically taking me because she's driving, but I paid for the tickets) on January 10th.  It turns out seeing a musical or play was on her wishlist as well, so it's a treat for both of us!


Now all I need is to get a bunch of you to America, and I'm set.  ;)

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