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Help Sought in the Past


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Jack tilted his head looking at the overgrown fox, "So what we up too today, cutie?" He took a swig of his last bottle of brandy. "Need to find some humans, no?" his voice was growing a slur as he looked at the bottle. He needed more. But he was also hungry. "Food firrrst dont youh thrink?" he stumbled to his feet and took two steps against the treeline, then fell on his ass in the middle of the small opening they had rested in.


She got onto her feet walking over and jumped on his chest, sending the image of him sleeping, followed by her hunting. That odd rumbling sound came out of his throat again, and she jumped back from the smell of the shiny brown but nasty smelling stuff as he opened it and took another sip, then she turned and was off.


He hicked and sipped the bottle. The fox would bring food. It was cold but he didn't feel like restarting the fire. Besides, the brandy would warm him. He didn't know where the images came from, but he had started understanding them somewhat, the voices in his head he called it. As of late it had been of a place where his kind and wolves walked side by side. He would look into the fox's eyes and daydream like that. Maybe she understood some of it, he wasn't sure. At any rate, it was amusing and he found himself giggling in between the hiccups.

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Winifred looked down at the unmoving body. She kicked him with her foot but the young man simply grunted and went on sleeping. She'd been watching him all day, waiting for the opportune moment to introduce herself. Sadly, her wait was in vain after the boy drank himself to sleep. It was peculiar. She'd seen a lot of wolfkin going through the howling, but many were too preoccupied with keeping to sanity, that drinking never came to mind. However, she could see the advantages that came with liquor when dealing with such a change.


Winifred went off and came back shortly with some wood for a fire. She started it and sat next to it, warming her hands and watching the young man. He would have quite a bit to take on the next day, aside from the gigantic hangover he was going to experience. She felt a trickle of compassion, since it was never easy to admit you were different, especially to yourself. But with time they all came to realize how lucky they were. The transition was the most difficult part and Winifred's job revolved around that moment of truth.


Using a twig, Winifred poked the fire with it, rearranging the wood in the fire so it would consume equally from both sides. It was a rather pleasent night. Cool, but not cold. A good night to stay watch. Come morning, though, someone was going to be quite surprised.





Head Tracker


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He woke to the smell of food. Had he started food earlier? Maybe the fox had brought some and then he fell asleep again, it would burn.


"Ai ai fox little where are you, not keeping Jack awake," he turned around looking for his bottle. He needed a drink. The light was too bright. That's when he sensed he was not alone, not as he was used too. Turning his head his eyes locked on a girl. "Now that's a pretty lass".


He looked around but the fox was not there. "Now where is that wee little fox? Hiding when we have visitors is she?"


He sniffed in the air and looked at the fire. "Getting burned much?" he preferred his meat rare. Snapping after the meat with his fingers he managed to get hold of a piece and juggled it between his hands, blowing at it franticly. When it was cool enough, he chowed down on it and licked the meat juices off his fingers to the last bit. "That's all good, you want some?" he looked at the meat ready to toss himself at the rest if his guest wasn't eating.

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OOC: So let's see if I can manage to move this along. Probably will be a work in progress some days before put it at border of Stedding and open it up.



Jack was trudging along, or more stumbling along. He wanted to sleep, but he had complained about walking in the sun so now they walked at night.


He leaned on a bush and looked up at the stars, wondering if he could manage to get into that bag later and find his bottle. He could use a swig. He scratched his chin, the beard was itching, maybe the soap had gone bad. Fox, where was fox?  He looked around for the wee one. The woman had said it was a wolf, but he knew a fox when he saw one. His companion. Well she got that right, the lil furry, leggy fox did keep him company. 


He heard steps. The woman was back. He'd apparently stood there longer then he thought. Oh well walk yes this Stedding place they needed to get to, but he really could do with a lay down first.




Jack gnawed on the bone, he looked to the stick beside the fire, the woman had gone to get water. He grabbed the stick, the meat might be gone but maybe there was some juices left. The fox looked at him in disgust, he reached the stick out to see if she wanted any, she just rolled over the other way. "Suit yerself, lassie." The woman said it was a girl, Firedaughter. Well, she had explained a picture he knew well, crazy as he was talking to wolves in pictures. 


She had the right idea though he figured and sucked the stick one last time before laying down looking at the stars. By tomorrow they should reach the Steping. He knew not what it was, she kept calling it different things. She said when he complained she did not and it was him not listening. Jack was sure though she was just messing with him, at least it was a good view walking behind her. He grabbed a splinter and tried to work some meat out of his teeth.




Jack was chewing on a grass straw humming to himself as they walked, he was in a good mood, he managed to sneak the bottle out of her sack this morning and fill it onto his water bottle. The lass had not discovered it yet, he felt better than in days now he had his rum back, and she did make a lovely view up there. Suddenly he stumbled at the strange sensation passing through him. He stopped in his tracks. The air smelled crisper, the little, leggy fox looked up at him amused. "What'ya smirking about?" Jack took three steps back and it felt like the world was rushing back on him, he shook his head and squinted his eyes at the fox. He saw the woman up ahead had stopped. What trickery was this? He slowly took one step forward, then another inching his toe further and further ahead, nothing yet. He made a jump and rolled over as time seemed to slow down. He got up on one knee and looked back suspiciously. "That's tricky," he pointed at the air behind him. 


He heard steps behind him and only half listened still mulling the invisible border over, but managed to catch as much as this being the so called Steaving. Didn't sound right. Blasted women and word plays, Stepping, no...not right either he thought. It was the so called new home, yes, he nodded to himself content, new home that would do.


He got up and started following the woman, but every few steps he still turned his head looking around as if there should suddenly be something there. It felt too tranquil here. After a while, not catching anything when he looked back, and as they were heading for a bend he kept his eyes glued forward a few steps then jumped around, "hah!" he pouted, still nothing there, nature was playing a game with him he was sure.


Eventually he gave up. If it wanted to be tricky so be it. He sipped his bottle and followed the woman. He could hear sounds up ahead. The wolves had scattered, both the black one and his wee foxie. He then could see houses, and more people. This should be fun. Maybe he could play someone for some rum, he was almost out after all.




OOC: Okay, got him there, so anyone want to pick up the thread and meet him, just jump right in.

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