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Post your Pic!

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hehe I think Kati is the hottest


btw, the reason I don't post any pics is cuz I don't have a photobucket or anything, and the reason I don't have one of those is that its soo unimportant, its lower on the list than spamming, and alot of other stuff.

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I think Mosely found a picture of someone else and posted it as him self!


Heres my Evidence!







































^ ^

| |

| |

| Its up that way |

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the problem with me posting many pics is that my pc is stupid and is blocking my camera software so i have to rely on the few sports pics of me that are posted on the net so here are 2 of them.


me doing the sportyist of all sports just before i had an accident and broke the boat!





me and the K2 partner looking verry angry! im in the back!



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I couldn't figure out how to upload them before, but I found that the local Metal nightclub I go to every week has pictures on its website, I and various members of my band seem to be in lots of them.


Me looking like a pirate:



Me with my flatmate:



Me with some of the band:


I'm the blonde guy on the left, the guy next to me with curly black hair is Ben, the drummer. The girl in red on the right is Helena, the singer, and the blonde girl next to her is her friend Cathy.


I wonder if myspace pictures will work...


Photo from the Daily Telegraph of me on stage at the Concorde 2 in Brighton for the Air Guitar Championships.



Not sure if those links are going to work, but they can always be pasted into the address bar.


Must be said, most people don't look how I expected, but everyone's jolly good-looking.



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SinisterDeath, who was that pic of? my computer couldn't access it


Lol, if your referring to last page, *and I just now noticed yoru reply!* there was no picture, you missed the joke. :D



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Man, it's whiter than a blizzard in here! Heh, heh. :D

Now I feel really conscious about posting my pic...Or maybe me being different would make me appear sexier?

I'm not black though; and though I've never said this before, Kati does look hot...*sigh*

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I got some new ones, I actually got a photobucket account this time


here's me in my halloween costume, I am Vergil from Devil May cry 3


heres another one in my costume...


here's me just trying to look cool with a sword


yeah...I know, all you girls are fainting out there

well too bad! I'm not dating for another 7 months! so you'll just have to wait

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