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Approved CotL Bio - CC'd by CotS


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character name: Kollan Gaireth






Subdivision: undecided


Physical description: Kollan is 6'3'' and 185lbs. He has hazel eyes, brown hair, and pale skin. He has a scar across his right cheek, and a raven shaped scar on the back of his neck that is covered by his hair. Both scars were given to him by his father.


Place of birth/raising: Andor


Character History:

Kollan has lived in the city of Caemlyn all off his life, and is Andoran by birth. Until he was 10 years old, he lived a good and peaceful life with his parents Lothar and Mayera, and his sister Yelwin who was two years his elder. But the last 8 years leading up to his 18th naming day traveled across the spectrum of mysterious to tragic.


The first event that launched Kollan into this spiral was when his Father came home late one night. Kollan would have guessed that his Father had come from the tavern, for he may have been drinking away the stress of the work of a second-rate Fletcher. Yet his father did not seem as if he had drank in the slightest. Though Kollan could not help but se a vacant look in his fathers eyes, one that he could not remember ever seeing. Within a few moments of this happening, Kollan drifted back to sleep. The next day his father seemed to be fine, laughing and enjoying the pleasure of being with his family before he left for the days work. But Kollan just could not write this of, and decided to watch his father come in at night. This occured for about two months, and his father would occasionaly come in with the smell of ale about him, or sober but with that gleam he always had in his eye. But most of the time, it was that same vacant look that Kollan observed. He tried to tell his mother about it, but she told him he was being paranoid, and to not worry about his father for such a trivial thing. He then told his sister about it, and she was turned off about the idea at first. But she began observing their father as well, and also became concerned. They decided to confront thier father one night when he had the vacant look, and something Kollan never thought possible occured. He started mumbling to him self about them, whether or not they should be questioning him about his "buisness". He then giggled to him self as he pulled out his belt knife, fingering it pensively. Their mother was visiting her sister, who lived on a farm that was about five leagues out of Caemlyn, and was there to help them. Yelwin was alarmed by her fathers action, and immediatly question his motives, which he reacted to by escelating his giggles to laughter. He pushed her to the floor and began walking to his bedroom, but not before Kollan was on him. He quickly threw him of his back, and sliced Kollan's cheek with the belt knife he still had in hand. He told them if they ever breathed a word of this to their mother or anyone else, he would make them regret their birthing day.


Life proceeded five more years, Kollan and Yelwin in the fear that their father would not keep his word and dispose of them at any time. One night their nightmare came true, when they came home to their mothers dead body lying in front of the hearth. Their father sat in his chair laughing with the belt knife in hand, but it looked different. Its hilt was black instead of brown, and a raven had been etched on the base of the blade. Their father was a Dark friend. Yelwin, who was now 17, launched herself at their father with a scream to wake the dead surging from her lungs. The scream quickly turned into a morbid groan, as Yelwin found the knife burried into the middle of her cheast. Kollan saw it, but could not believe it. How could the creator let this happen? His father had been such a happy and peaceful man. How did this happen to him? How did the Dark One reach him? This questions were halted by the resonant laughter of his father. No, not his father. The monster that had formerly been his father, who had slain the two women he had loved the most. He could not help it, but the urge to run for the door surged through him, and that is what he did. But not before his father caught him by his shirt and dragged him to the hearth. His father grabbed the hot poker that was lying in the hearth, and pressed it to the raven etching on the belt knife. Then, with an evil grin, his father pressed the seering raven to the back of Kollan's neck. Kollan let out a yell, eyes closed, praying that the creator would save him from being killed. He noticed after a few minutes that his father was gone.


Kollan hated the shadow. It had warped his father, and had cause him to kill his wife and daughter. Kollan had gone to some people whose mission was to destroy the shadow, but they would not let him join their cause. Now on his 18th nameing day he again made his way to those people. These people were the Children of the Light.







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