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Re-Hi from an Oldie who found his login ...

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'allo ... anyone still here from the olden days?


I saw that Empy is still making trouble ... who else is here? Can I get a oldtimer role call?


Kat? MyrKitty? Seri? BenT? Soria?


-The Original Mazrim Taim of DM aka Mazzy aka Rob aka "The mean one"

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No Myrkitties around in ages; she's stalkable on MySpace, though.


Benty is lurktastic.. and married.


We can't get rid of Kath no matter what we do.


Etc, etc, etc.



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Hey, Rob!


Jon'atha / Da Masta here. Though, not so much "still here" as "here again", like a number of others. *laugh*


I glanced at your MySpace. You still look like you, just a bit older than the ancient old pic of you I remember. *laugh* [NB: Yes, Raeyn, I know "ancient old" was a redundancy, but it seemed somehow literally appropriate... and, yes, I used "literally" in reference to literature, as opposed to the more common use referring to nonfigurativity, which has a 47% chance of being a real word.]

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Maz by joining the SC you basically joined where most of the oldies are.  We jost got JD back a few months ago.  Hmmm who else.  Yveva is still around sometimes.  Yeah.... Ben T married Emmie (Emilith).... crazy yo. 



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Don't listen to Barm. He's a liar. *nod*


Judging by the folks who've showed up to say hey to you, I assume you're pretty cool. So I'll say hey, too.




Glad you joined the 'Chan. But you really do need to answer my question, even if Empy already let you in. If only because I'm deathly curious and may bite my nails off in suspense while awaiting your response. You don't want me to bite my nails off, because then no one will be able to remove the fleas from Paityr before we let him in at night, and that's bad for everyone.





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Welcome back to DM!


The 'Chan is slowly turning into the OAP home of DM...so how the hell I got invited in there I don't know!

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