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Justen Diablos

[COL] AoL High Volume Three

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Dramatis Personae


Lews Therin ~ The Dragon

Elan Morin ~ Ishamael

Ishar Morrad ~ Aginor

Tel Janin ~ Sammael

Ared Mosinel ~ Rahvin

Mierin Eronaile ~ Lanfear

Saine Terasind ~ Mesaana

Barid Bel ~ Demandred

Joar Addam Nessosin ~ Asmodeon

Kamarile Moradim ~ Graendal

Eval Ramman ~ Balthamel

Duram Laddel ~ Be'lal

Lillen Moiral ~ Moghedian

Nemene Damender ~ Semirhage


Also Starring


Latra Posae

Ilyena Moerelle




Saine Terasind rushed through her morning preperations.  This was to be her first day studying teaching.  She would be an assistant for one of the elementary school teachers located right off of the campus.  She felt lucky, as only three students at Paaran Dison High had been given the opportunity to intern.  Of course her dream was to someday be a researcher at the world renowned Collam Daan, but being a teacher was often considered the fast track into the guild there.  She needed to do a good job with this opportunity, though it wouldn't necessarily help if she did a good job it could be fatal for her career if she failed.


Fluffing her hair one last time she left the bathroom and entered into the main dorm room she shared with Nemene Damender.  Not unusually Nemene was already up, she was always awake before Saine.  I don't think that woman sleeps, it's creepy sometimes  Of course Saine never mentioned to her roomate that the woman unnerved her, most of the time the two got along well.  She noticed that her roomate had a new pet, a cat.  This was different, as just yesterday they had shared their room with Nemene's pet rabbit fluffykins.


Saine Terasind:      Where's fluffykins?


For this question Saine was given a peircing look from Nemene, the kind that usually made her shudder just a bit.  Today she was so excited about her day though she hardly registered the underlying fear she had of her friend. 


Nemene Damender: He... ran away.  I doubt we'll be seeing him again.


Saine Terasind:        Well maybe he'll come back.  We could put up posters or something.


Saine instantly regretted saying anything when she recieved a flat look from Nemene.  She wondered if she should just use the excues of her busy day to perhaps move quickly toward the door but instead she stayed.  A deer in the proverbial headlights.


Nemene Damender: No... I don't believe that would avail us any.  Fluffykins is gone, resign yourself to that.


The finality of that statement did make Saine shiver, just a bit.  It's probably just nerves for today  she calmed herself, there really was no need to fear her roomate.  Nemene was usually very kind, and always had a sweetspot for stray animals.  Not a hurtful bone in her body, if only she didn't sometimes get that look in her eyes.


Saine Terasind:      Well okay.  Anyway I'm off to my internship, but who's the new guy?


Nemene Damender: This? this is Mr. Whiskers. I just...found him yesterday walking through the quad. 


Saine Terasind:      He's quite the cutie in any case.  Barid better watch out I might have a new man in my life.


Saine takes a few moments to pet the cat, who seems to shy away from Nemene and find some comfort in Saine's touch.  She discounts this as her imagination.  Done petting the cat she prepares to leave.  Nemene surprises her by getting up off the floor with the cat and giving Saine a hug.


Nemene Damender: Good luck today sweetie.  I just know you'll do a great job.


Returning the hug Saine chastized herself for ever thinking anything bad about Nemene.  She had always been very supportive.  Leaving her room she began the short walk from her room to the elementary school campus.  She thought of her excitement when she first recieved the letter confirming her as one of the chosen applicants and once again made a note to not mess this up.  So engrossed in her own thoughts before she knew it she was outside the door to her assigned classroom.  Taking a deep breath she opened the door and entered...


Into Chaos.  There was probably a dozen children just running rampant through the room.  Another half dozen were off in the corner doing something that Saine couldn't quite make out.  It appeared one of them had a bottle, actually it looked like a liquor bottle, but of course that was impossible.  One was all by himself with what appeared to be a plate of sandwiches.  Before she could even take in this whole scene she was greeted by the teacher of the class.  This would be Kathana.  She had been told that Kathana was the finest instructer in the world, though if that was so Saine wondered why she would be riding herd upon the most unruly mob of children walking the earth. 


Saine:    Kathana?  I'm Saine Terasind.  I've been assigned to you this semester.  I'll be with you firstday and seconday of each week.


Kathana: Yes honey I know, don't look so frightened this is easy work.  They're good Children.


Saine:    They seem a little, um, out of control.


Kathana:  Ah but control is often but an illusion.  While it may look like the inmates are running the asylum, and they may certainly think so, ultimately I'm in full control.  Teaching children, especially these Children, is often more of a mental game than anything else. Sometimes the Children need to be let off the leash, they can be reigned in when I have need.


Saine nods to herself, it seemed to make sense.  The problem was she knew so little.  Before she could ask her first question a small girl walked up to Kathana and started tugging on the hem of her skirt.  Saine looked twice, not a girl but a boy dressed as a girl.


little boy?:  Miss Kat?  I have to go to the potty and make peanut butter, the kind mama says I shouldn't eat. 


Kathana:    Okay Maec, remember to use the hall pass.  *turning to Saine*  Maec here wants to be an Essex Girl.


Saine only nods.


Kathana:    But in any case why don't we have you meet the Children shall we?  I know, we'll play the cookie jar game.  *raises voice* Come on everybody, gather round.  Lets play the cookie jar game.  This is Miss Saine, she's never played so we're going to have to teach her okay?


Lefty:      What's the cookie jar game?


Saine recognized the boy as one of the one's off to the side drinking.  Up close he absolutely reeked of alcohol.


Kathana:  Lefty, we go through this every day, now stop being difficult.


Lefty:      Okay Miss Kat, just one question...er. Who's Lefty?


Boyle:    It's you stupidface!  *turning to Saine*  Lefty's retarded, that's why he always forgets stuff. 


Kathana: Now Boyle, you know we don't use that word in my class.  He's just really dumb, not retarded, now quit.  Ashera, why don't you start off the cookie jar game.


Ashera:    Okay Miss Kat.  Um....  Leonora stole the cookie from the cookie jar. 


Leonora:  Who me?


Ashera:    Yes you.


Leonora:    Couldn't be.


Ashera:    Than Who?


Leonora:    Justen stole the cookie from the cookie jar.




Kathana:  Leo, sweetie, Justen isn't here again today.  His mother called and said he'd contracted west nile.  The third time this semester actually.  Poor boy.


Leonora:  But I always pick Justen, he's my favorite.


Kathana:  Well he's not here so pick someone else.


Leonora:  Okay, well Rico's almost like Justen, so Rico stole the cookie from the cookie jar.


Rico:      *looks around shiftily*  I did not... It was Myselle!!!


Myselle:  Rico! Stop. *starts to cry*  It's not my fault.  Tenan told me to. *she pouts*


Tenan:    That's a falsehood!  I merely mentioned in passing that cookies would go quite well with jack daniels.


It's at this moment Saine feels something wet splashing against all over her shoe.  She turns to see one of the boys peeing on her.  Already overwhelmed she just snaps.


Saine:      What the #*&$ you little #*$&$#  *she then begins choking him.*


Paityr:      ACK!


Kathana:  Now Saine let Paityr go, it's not his fault.  He's special.


Horrified by what she's done Saine lets go of Paityr.


Saine:      I'm soooo sorry.  I didn't mean to.  Please don't dismiss me as you're intern.


Kathana blinks.


Kathana:  Why child, I wouldn't think of it, as a matter of fact that's actually better than most handle it.  Why don't you just take the rest of the day off.  It's almost noon time anyway.  Come back bright and early tomorrow.


As Saine leaves she hears two boys off in the corner.


Jim Blonde:  What do you think Dave? . . . Dave?


Dave Brunette:  Hur hur hur. *poses*  What?


Jim Blonde:  About the new teach?  Definately an amatuer in my opinion.


Dave Brunette:  What do I know? I just laugh cheap and kick sides.  Hur hur hur.


Jim Blonde:    And a right fine job you do of it my compatriot.  The least she could have done was worn her finest hat for the occasion.  Me mums always says wear your best hat.


Saine exited quickly.  She couldn't believe how little control she had kept of herself.  Fortunately Kathana had been understanding.  You almost messed that up for yourself.  You need to do a much better job tomorrow.


Intermission One/ AoL High Cameo's


Generally speaking I have a lot of DM cameo's in my various stories, the AoL High stories have next to none.  This episode has the only ones for the whole season.  And that is because as long as there is a Justen Diabols the CoL of '01 will live in infamy.  So... Much love to Leonora, Myselle, Ashera, Jim and Dave(Lilli), Lefty, Boyle, Tenan, Karana (the Great), Serafelle, Bertha(Yvevy), BenT, Kat, Seggie, Maec (I believe he's actually become famous as the Emperor of Seanchan or some such), Paityr, and my right hand man Rico.  And of course anyone else I failed to mention.


End Intermission


So lost in her own thoughts Saine doesn't even notice the jo-car slow down besied her until a loud honk breaks into her thoughts.  She almost turned and yelled at the inconsiderate driver before she realized it was Barid Bel.  She'd been dating Barid now through the summer.  He had shown interest in her back during their freshman year but for most of that year she'd been very interested in Lews, even to the point of going out with him for a time.  She had planned on attending the Freshman Prom with Lews but at the last moment Mierin had threatened Saine's life.  Rather than make an enemy of Mierin, Saine had relented and let Lews out of the date, he had gone to the prom with Mierin and Saine was left going with her second choice.  Barid Bel wasn't Lews, but over the summer she had grown to love him none the less. The car was new however, and almost enough to bring Saine out of her bad mood.


Saine Terasind:  Barid! You didn't buy this thing?! I know you were talking about it but did you really?


Barid Bel:          Yup, I sure did.  It's the new edition Jo-car mustang.  They only made five hundred of them this year.  I wanted a convertable but they only made three and I couldn't get my hands on one.  This is nice huh?


Saine Terasind:  It's beautiful!  *she gets in*  I can't believe you got it.


Barid Bel:          Thanks, I love it. *he starts to drive*  We'll just see if Lews can top this.


Saine Terasind:  Honestly Barid, why don't you just let this whole thing with Lews go?  It's simply not healthy.


Barid Bel:          I don't have anything with Lews.  It's just that he's constantly trying to one-up me while at the same time patronizing me.  It's insulting.  But now I've got something on him.  What you say you and I hit the town up tonight?


Despite her intention to get an early nights sleep that offer does sound tempting.  The two pull up to a stop light and Saine enjoys the quiet the two share.  It's peaceful after a tough day with the kids.  After a moment she hears the approach of a loud engine.  Looking to the left she stops completely in her tracks.  No  Lews Therin pulls up in a jo-car very similar to that Barid is driving.  The only thing is...


Lews Therin:      What's up Barid?  That's a nice car man,  we're like brothers of the Mustang now buddy.  Except of course mine is a convertable.  Frankly I envy you though,  I really wanted a coupe myself but you know, there's only three of these in existance and the folks at the committee for contemporaneous speach gave me this for my outstanding speaking over the summer at the various events.  If I didn't drive it they'd consider it an insult.  You remember those right?  Shame you didn't win those.  If I was a judge I certainly would've voted for you over me.


Barid Bel is eerily quiet.  Saine gauges him for a moment and softly elbows him.  Stone stiff he remains silent.


Saine Terasind:    It's very nice Lews.  Isn't it Barid?


Barid remains silent, but he does rev his car.  oh no. Saine can already tell where this is going.


Saine Terasind:    Barid don't.  This isn't necessary.  Let's just go. 


Continuing to ignore her Barid revs his engine louder still.


Lews Therin:        A Race huh?  You'll probably beat me Barid because you're an amazing driver but let's do this.


Saine hears a snicker from the other car and for the first time notices that Ared Mosinel is in the passenger seat of Lews' car.  As soon as he notices her looking at him he winks in her direction.  Rather disgusted with men in general at this moment Saine rolls her eyes.  The light turns green.


Ared Mosinel:      Dueces Ya'll!


The two cars are off, with Lews pulling ahead and taking a very sizeable lead.  Lews eventually blows through the next light, leaving Barid Bel trapped at the red.  Stopped in the car with her boyfriend Saine is at a loss for words.  Finally Barid speaks.


Barid Bel:            I don't see how this day could get any worse.


With that he turns up the radio on full blast. 


Announcer:        Just when you thought things couldn't get any better we bring to you Asmo-Town's new joint!  What a great life huh!?


oooooooh yeaaaaah


oooooooooh yeah.


The heart is always searching

Can you ever find a home

I've been looking for that someone...


Barid is once again silent.  For the first time Saine thinks he may be close to finally losing it.


Saine Terasind:      So, maybe just take me home then okay.


Barid nods and begins driving, almost in a stunned daze.  When they arrive back at her dorm she gives him a quick kiss and leaves him with his own thoughts.  He'll be alright. Probably. Well, maybe  But she couldn't worry about Barid just then, she needed to get some rest for her class tomorrow.


She entered her room and nearly tripped over Mr. Whiskers.  The cat had it's leg wrapped up in a cast and was limping around the front door.


Saine Terasind:      What happened to you pal?


Nemene Damender:    He...fell.  Terrible that.


Saine Terasind:        Oh, poor kitty.  *stops to pet it*  It'll be alright pal.


Nemene Damender:  Yes, I'll take very good care of Mr. Whiskers. 


Saine nods and goes back to her room.  She had an early day tomorrow.  She needed to study and catch an early bed time.


Intermission 2/ Get to Know Your Forsaken


Mesaana, born Saine Terasind, is hardheaded, practical, and intelligent. Interested in real power, not the appearance of it.  She always wanted to be a researcher.  She spent her youth working towards that goal, wanting to work at the infamous Colaam Daan.  They labeled her unsuitable for research, but allowed her to teach.  It was ultimately this slight that led her to the Shadow.


End Intermission


Repeating the process from the morning before Saine rushes through another morning.  If anything she's even more nervous than the day before.  The prior day's mishaps did not help her mood at all.  Leaving her room she nearly trips on Mr. Whiskers.  Just as she's about to leave she notices something.


Saine Terasind:        Um, Nemene?  Didn't Mr. Whiskers have the cast on his other leg last night?


Nemene Damender:  Yeah.... he...um.... ran into a door. poor wittle kitty.  Have a good day today.


Saine Terasind:        ah, yeah. you too.


On her walk to the classroom a random thought about Barid went through her head.  She hoped he was okay, she made a note to check on him after school.  Before she knew it she was again entering the classroom.  This time she was early, and was met by a lone boy.  She vaguely remembered his name.


Saine:    You're little BenT aren't you?


BenT:    Yes.


Saine:    Were you here yesterday?


BenT:      No


Saine:      I'm Saine, did your teacher tell you about me?


BenT:      Yes.


Saine:      How are you doing today?


Faced with a question that has no yes or no answer BenT lets out a warbling scream, runs and jumps through the window and out into the front yard.  He keeps running until he is out of sight.  Astonished Saine doesn't notice the small girl at her elbow.


Karana:    Were you mean to BenT?


Saine:      No honey I have no idea what happened.


Karana:    Okay, but if you're lying I'll punch you in the face.


Saine:      Huh?


Kathana:  Saine.  Glad you made it.  Most people don't come back.  You're the best intern I've had in two years.


Saine:      Really? 


Kathana:  Yeah, all the kids asked about you after you left.  They really liked you.


Saine:      Aww, that's sweet.


Bertha:      Miss Saine.... I baked you some cookies last night.


The girl hands over some cookies.  maybe this isn't so bad after all.  Just that moment a small child comes crashing through the doorway and jumps up on the nearest table.


Odilon:      I'm the King of the World!! All Hail the KING!


oh bugger it.


Putting her face in her hands in resignation this story is at an end, but it just another turning in an endless wheel of time, and there are more to come.


Written by,

Justen Diablos


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