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Too old to hunt a Novice down... (Attn: Sarena)


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Loraine hummed under her breath as she made her way through the corridors. Any chance she got to venture into her garden was a pleasant one, so when presented with a mentee who needed guidance... well, it was too much for her to pass up. She'd sent Sarena a message, asking her to meet her here. The Novice who'd delivered it had reported back with a nod, so now all she had to do was wait.


She stepped into the gardens, her skirts nearly matching the grass under her feet. The sight of it brought a smile to her lips. Deep emerald vines adorned the hem and the cuffs in the crisp white shirt tucked into the skirt. True to Cairhienin fashion, the collar was high and the sleeves brushed the backs of her hands, so that the only skin visible was on her face and hands. Her golden tresses were tightly coiled into an elaborate knot on the back of her head, but she'd avoided the gaudy trinkets that usually hung around a noble's neck or dripped from their ears. A simple pair of emerald studs graced her earlobes, perfectly matching the ball caught in a filigree encasement that hung between her eyebrows. Her only other jewelry was the twisted coils of her Great Serpent ring, weighing heavily on a finger only now growing used to holding it again.


She sighed, settling onto the bench across the garden with a book, waiting patiently on her mentee to arrive.

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