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Fire in the Sky (Closed RP, DR PSW Anniversary Celebration)


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((OOC - This is the Dragon Reborn PSW's anniversary celebration.  The only people posting in this thread are representatives of the Divisions.  Please do not post here if you are not one of those people!  ~Raeyn))


Very little could be said about Caralain Grass. It was a grassland that spanned as far as the eye could see in all directions. There was very little to break the monotony except for a few short trees dotting the landscape. However, today the Caralain Grass was decorated by wagons so colorful that it hurt one’s eyes to look at. The people who occupied these wagons were as bright, dressed in brillant, vibrant hues in every shade that had a name and other still that no one knew. Children ran around freely, screaming with exuberance than only a child could possess. Adults rested near campfires, some sleeping, some singing, and many dancing. It was the picture of perfection to Araen, especially on a day like this.


The sweet clean smells of nature greeted Tari when she woke. For a time she lay in their bed just staring up at the bright blue painted ceiling, and smiling. She had Arean had gotten married 25 years ago today; on the day of ultimate celebration.


The Day of Life was a time of celebration. It was not a celebration of victory, or of the Light, or a celebration of the Shadow. It was merely a celebration of life- all life, from the meanest soldiers to the kindest Wisdoms, from the richest kings to the poorest beggars. This would be the fourth celebration that Araen had ever participated in, and the second he had led. The ceremony happened once every ten years, and he had just become Madhi before the previous one. Tonight, the sky would light aflame, just as it had since before the Breaking and just as it would until the Wheel stopped turning. And just as in the past, many strange and foreign people would travel from the far reaches of the world to join in the celebration. Always the Tuatha’an had welcomed them and tonight would be no different.


Dressed in her finest Tari descended the steps and was greeted by hundreds of smiling faces. Preparations had started days ago, as soon as the other caravans had begun to arrive. Daylight hours were spent planning and preparing food, but the nights were filled with feasting and music. The adults celebrating as exuberantly as the children, in some cases more so. The golden ball of light was just being to make its decent when Tari joined her husband on the edge of camp.


He could see them now, just starting to arrive. Araen had seen them from a long ways away, and moved forward to accept them. All activities in the camp ceased, and scores of ears listened to his words. “You are welcome to our fires. Do you know the song?” he asked hopefully. The question was not just a routine tradition to him, for he believed that someday the Travelling People would find the song, and make paradise return. As always, the visitors replied negative, and saddened, the Madhi went on with the welcoming ceremony. Tari’s heart went out to Arean every time someone’s lips utter a no. They would search on as they always had, but she knew that he took each no as a personal failure. Laying a hand on his arm she whispered the words along with her husband. “Then we seek still. As it was, so shall it be, if we but remember, seek, and find.” The slow beat of the drums and the tambour resumed filling the grass with a joyous sound, and Araen continued in a lighter tone. “Welcome, friends, to our fires. The meal is almost ready, please follow my son. I am sorry that I cannot lead you myself, but I must await the other guests,” he smiled.


Every woman who passed by them was greeted with a hug and a smile, and the men were wrapped up in Tari’s warm arms like long lost friends. She studied every face, some young and others old, wishing them all well of this day of celebrating life.


The next group came, and the welcome was repeated, over and over until all peoples of all races and factions were represented. Some greeted each other as allies, and some narrowed their eyes as enemies, however, they all were in a temporary ceasefire for the night. Every guest ate peacefully surrounded by Tuatha’an, who chattered joyously, but unfortunately they refused to sit together in one group. Araen sat with all of the groups, wandering from one to the next. He didn’t want to appear partial to any one. The Tuatha’an women saw to it that everyone was served with as much food as they could hold; while Arean and Tari stopped to speak a word with everyone. Her smile never slipped for those who still wore their weapons, but her eyes skimmed by the devices of destruction, choosing not to see. In the Way of the Leaf, all life was sacred, no matter what.


Arean and Tari learned many new things from the guests, and heard many stories. Some of them were sad and tragic, others joyous and happy, and a few were even funny, carrying laughter throughout the crowd, but all were meaningful to the person who spun the tale.


By sundown, they had learned much about their guests, and their lives, until finally it was time for the Celebration of Life to begin.


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OOC: I wonder... Do people realise it's in Rev One? <.<




To the average traveler, it was pretty clear who was coming down the northern path. A cloak white as fresh snow, and armor shining to the point of almost seeming to give off light on its own, none but a Child of the Light would travel in such a manner. Though not one for signs of grandeur, she had set apart this suit almost as soon as hearing she had been one of the few selected to represent the Children during this festival. She had spent most nights just trying to get the armor spotlessly clean, going so far as to wrap one of her cloaks around it to prevent dust settling on it, knowing that this would be one of the moments she would be able to show her beliefs to others.


Oh, and her Commander had insisted on a clean suit of armor as well. 'Month of latrine duty' insisted.


Regardless, she stopped a few paces away from camp, waiting for the camp leader -- Seeker, wasn't it? -- to come and greet her. She had memorised what to say, intent on not unnecessarily offend the Tinker even if such a ting would have been possible. There were enough people seeing the Children as a whole as arrogant as it was.


- "Greetings, Seeker. No, i fear i do not know the song."


With a nod, she accepted his offer to sit by their fires, and she dismounted before heading into camp as a young Tinker came to lead her horse to the others. There was a sense of peace over the aea that reminded her of home, and it alone seemed to lift her spirits. Turning down the offered meat in favor of a bowl of stew, she waited for more to arrive. She had been intending to learn more of the world she wanted to protect by talking to the representatives of other groups, so all she would need to do is wait. People would undoubtedly have questions for the Children, and she would have questions for them in turn. It was going to be a great night...




Child of the Light



As the group Jerinia was traveling with broke into a clearing, she uickly noticed the camp set up ahead of them. Thanks to the various colors the wagons were dyed in, it was hard to miss. Her face lit up in a smile, and she found herself quickening her pace, eager to see whether or not others would have arrived yet. She couldn't see any save for the Tuatha'an, but maybe, a bit further ahead...


"Accepted, try to remain with the group please."


She looked around at one of the Warders from the Yards that had accompanied them for the trip, looking a bit disappointed as she waited for the others in her group to reach her. Though she was eager, she had been told several times that there was a certain protocol to follow, with the Aes Sedai leading the party. Once at the campsite, they stopped, and were greeted by the Seeker person. The Aes Sedai answered hat they did not know the song, after which he turned to ask her the same question.


- "Umm... nope, sorry. I don't know that song."


Realising she just slipped up again, she mentally winced. But hey, at least she was free to do what she wanted and eat and talk to people and stuff. She scanned the few campfires that were already burning, noticing the white cloak and sunburst of a Whitecloak sitting at one of them. She had heard the Aes Sedai talk about them sometimes, and it had always been negative, so she couldn't help but wonder just exactly what was so bad about those people anyway. Sitting down next to a woman eating a bowl of stew, she looked at her armor, amazed at how shiny it was.


- "Wow, how long did shining it like that take you? I mean, we use a weave for that, but yeah..."




Maybe a little too curious



Melenis walked with a small group consisting of Warders and Aes Sedai over the path leading them to the Festival. Though technically she wasn't a Warder, not having been Bonded, the same could be said for the Accepted that had been brought along. The White Tower had opted for a more general spread, it seemed, rather than send the older Warders and Aes Sedai. Still, she took her task seriously in protecting the Accepted: While the campsite itself was considered a 'safe area' due to the Festival, the same could not be said for the road leading to it. Even though she had seen no signs of an impending threat, she preferred to be safe rather than sorry.


But Light, this one Accepted was troublesome. Or rather, her enthousiasm was. The first night on the road, she had almost lost her eyebrows because she tried to 'help' light the campfire. She wandered from one end to the other of their party so often she had to have traveled at least twice the distance by now. The tall girl felt like two pounds of sugar with an extra helping of happy, and as they steped into the clearing that marked their destination the redheaded girl threatened to wander off again.


- "Accepted, try to remain with the group please."


Resisting the urge to forcibly drag her back -- she remembered what Kynwric had said about Aes Sedai! -- she nevertheless sighed in relief as the Accepted did in fact stop to wait. It's not that she didn't listen... it's that she tended to do something wrong every five minutes that bothered the Tower Guard. Still, she waited for Jerinia to speak, after which it would be her turn.


"Umm... nope, sorry. I don't know that song."


No. No, she most definitely didn't hear that. Not at all. Mentlly counting to ten, she looked at the Seeker as composed as ever without the help of the Void. Though it was a welcome alternative, she didn't want to end up sounding distant and impartial either. Giving her head a slight bow in respect to their host, she answered his question as per tradition.


- "No, i do not know the song."


A few others followed, and she was then led to the center of camp after the horses had been taken away. She spotted the armor of a Whitecloak sitting at one of the fires, and couldn't help but touch the weapon she kept slung across her back, confirming it was still there. She had had some nasty dealings with them in the past, and-- Wait, who was that sitting next to them?


"Wow, how long did shining it like that take you? I mean, we use a weave for that, but yeah..."


Oh Light, say it isn't so! As fast as she could without appearing to be in a rush, she sat down next to Jerinia, intent to protect her in case anything went wrong. Whitecloaks were known to not be too fond of Aes Sedai, which was exactly what the tall redhead was training to be.




Not in an envious position

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((OOC - Filling in one of the FL slots with my Wisdom... why not?! :D))


Saerythra surreptitiously rubbed her backside as she slid off the horse and handed it over to one of the young Tinkers filling the area.  She had never left Andor's borders before, and at current, she wasn't terribly sure why she had thought it would be a grand time to go for a wander.


<i>"Of course,"</i> she mused to herself as she gazed at the gathered people, <i>"You're probably feeling this way due to the relative discomfort of the trip here!"</i>  Chuckling softly, she promised to herself to use a little bit of the salve in her belt pouch before she set off again; that would set her back to rights.


Her reasons for coming all this way from home were actually two-fold, and as she attempted to work kinks from her muscles by walking around, she attempted to attend to the first - harvesting herbs.  While she hadn't stopped on her ride to the Caralain Grass, she had noted several likely spots for some things she normally had to get from peddlers, and was most pleased to have already spotted several things worth collecting (and not overly trampled) around the campsite.


And obviously, Sari had wanted to see the rare splendor of the night's event.  She'd lived to see it several times, but often only went as far as relatives' nearby farms.  But when the peddlers' gossip had brought word of this gathering, something had woken up in her, an urge to go somewhere new just this once.


Another Tinker came to her and bade her to help herself of the available food.  Nodding graciously, Sari all-but-hobbled over to where a sumptuous banquet was laid out.  Helping herself, she peered around and spotted a group of women surrounded by soldiers.  There were some amongst them she could not put an age to, and it occurred to her that they must be Aes Sedai.  Nodding to herself, she sat down and finished her food before wandering over to the group.


"Excuse me,"  she spoke clearly, dipping her head in a polite greeting, "But are you from the White Tower?  I was hoping to see my niece and nephew here, but..."  She trailed off with a small frown before continuing, "Selene and Jasine Al'Thorin.  I know that they decided to go off to the Tower, but I've not had a letter since they left."

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As soon as she spotted the vast gathering, Zoe hopped off her horse and made the rest of the way on foot. There was something odd about approaching other people on horse. It seemed disrespectful, in a way. Looking at people from above. Or rather, putting them in a position where they had to look up to meet your gaze. A silly notion, perhaps, but Zoe preferred to greet and be greeted with her feet on the ground, staring forward. On the same level, as it were. Besides, walking was a comfort in a way, after so much time on the saddle. It was a long journey. Zoe was weary, but too excited to think about sleep.


There were a few people stationed at the entrance area, no doubt a welcoming party. It was the cordial thing to do in such a monumental gathering. Zoe bowed her head at the welcomer. "You are welcome to our fires. Do you know the song?" Zoe glimpsed at his ensemble for a moment before answering. "I do not know the song, friend. My deepest apologies." Zoe felt comfortable calling him her friend, even though he was a complete stranger. She saw the disappointment in his eyes. But she could distinguish hope as well.


She was welcomed politely and led into the area of celebration with much care. Zoe was unsure which campfire to join, though. There were very few people that suffered the Children and she suddenly felt very exposed, even though she knew no blood would ever be drawn in such an occasion. Regardless, spotting Sharina next to one of the smaller campfires was a huge relief. Zoe sat down next to her and smiled at the familiar face. "Sharina! Beautiful night, isn't it? I have a feeling it's going to be a special one."





Disclaimer: posted at 2:05 AM

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Edalia walked up to the caravans and stood in line to be greeted. She had volunteered for this, being curious about the Tinkers and also longing to talk to people that had travelled as widely as she had, though she didn't know how receptive they'd be to the uniform she wore.


Eventually the line drew her to the 'Seeker' if she remembered the term aright. She replied to the question asked, that she sadly did not know the song, though she suddenly felt that she wished that she did when she saw the fleeting disappointment followed by a flash of hope cross the Seeker's face as he turned to the next person waiting in line.


Suddenly overcome with nerves, Edalia scanned the faces for anyone she knew and sighed in relief at spotting Zoe. Walking over to her sedately required effort as she felt the eyes of everyone upon her and wished she'd had the sense to leave her weapon behind. She'd forgotten until now that the Tinkers disliked weapons, though to have left it behind would have made her feel almost undressed, so used to it she had become. Greeting Zoe and Sharina pleasantly, though she didn't really know the latter all that well, Edalia sat with them, gratefully taking the proffered bowl of stew off a passing Tinker. Light, she was hungry!


Edalia C'anthau

Child of Light

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M'bela stood in the fortress infront of a mirror and sniffed her nose, for the evening she was shorter by illusion, and with golden hair, as well andoran countryside traits. Her clothes was nice but still simple, well the ones she apeared to wear. She would hide as a countryside wisdom in case of other channelers being in the plains. Sighing she walked down to the traveling room of the fortress, a Mae'shadar would open a gate for a few of tower inhabitants that was going, for all she knew she may end up with an aprentise to fullfill her cover up, it all dependend on which others was going and what stories would work best as covers.


Soon enough the embacy was gathered, and she had memorised the looks of the rest in case they needed to group togheter again during the evening. She steped through the gateway opened for them, in the shadows of a hill, and looking around she located the horses that was left there by arangement of fortress network. Walking over she picked out a dull brown mare, befiting of a countryside womans economy. And soon enough found herself on the way towards the plains, it didnt take too long before lights apeared infront of them, and soon enough through a heavy troth the distance was covered.


She fainted ignorance of the tinkers greetings, and denied knowing any song as was true, who knew what the song was, lost it was if it ever had exsisted, and for all she cared it could stay lost, sertainly these weak souls did not serve the great lord much usage. Yet outwardly she smiled, hopefully tonight would turn out usefull rumors of information, and if nothing else it would hopefully be a nice evening, she had attended these many times throughout the years, and almost always was it pleasant.


Erida Liev



M'bela wa Asakari

Greater Dreadlady in disquise

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Geirrin stepped through the gateway well to the west of the area where the others were gathered with his mount in tow.  "No mistakes" he was warned.  He had skimmed to the location days ago so he could pick out a suitable spot and memorize it so that he could make the gateway.  It would not due to open the gateway in the middle of a crowd.  A gateway would cut off a limb or split a body in half if it was opened where people stood.  This was not the place for such mistakes, it was said to be a festival of life.  Geirrin straightened his high-necked black coat adorned with the silver sword then adjusted his sword belt as the others stepped through the gateway.


Geirrin let it wink out then stared into the distance.  While holding saidin he could clearly make out the jumble of colors that assaulted his vision.  Light those wagons are bright he thought...and those clothes.  The combination of colors along with the feeling of the taint made him want to double over.  Blood and bloody ashes why did they send him.  Sure he looked young and unassuming.  He was a Dedicated though he still had a boyish look about him.  Not like some of those at the Tower who were soldiers before coming to the farm to train.  He was passive as well which meant he was least likely to cause any trouble.  His habit of finding trouble had ended when he came to the Black Tower.


Once the last of their party was through he let go of saidin.  Everything seemed dull without saidin.  Even the presence of the taint could not offset the wonderful feeling of holding the one power.  Sure it was like trying to wrestle an avalanche while stepping in a midden heap but still it was worth the wondrous feeling he got when holding it.  Well it was gone now and there was nothing to do about it.  Unless things went really bad he would not hold saidin again 'til it was time to return.  He mounted then looked at the assembled crowd waiting patiently for the order to move.  They were several hundred paces away so it should look as if they had ridden the whole way here.  People got touchy when they knew that saidin had been channeled near them.  Male channelers were said to have been responsible for breaking the world.  Well that was what he had heard at least.  He couldn't read and had never heard any stories to the contrary.  Growing up in his little fishing community had left him uneducated and naive to anything save fishing and sailing. 


Geirrin Hale

Dedicated of the Black Tower




Valeran followed Geirrin through the gateway leading his mount.  As soon as he was on the other side he quickly got back in the saddle and began scanning the area.  He embraced saidin so that everything seemed muched clearer.  He spotted the gathering to the east.  With all those bloody colors you couldn't miss it.


Valeran turned his attention to Geirrin.  The boy was slightly taller and much thinner than Valeran.  Valeran was much stockier as if he had eaten like a noble and lazed about his entire life.  He had been a soldier for more than half his life and nothing he did could be considered lazing about.  The boy's gateway was much larger than he himself could have made and it wrinkled.  It always did when he learned someone was stronger than him with the power.  His strength in the power may be weaker than some but he was skilled at holding multiple weaves.


Valeran stroked his thick Saldaean mustaches with his pointer finger and thumb.  A sure sign that he was deep in thought.  He understood why they sent the boy but why him.  He had been a soldier for so long that there was no denying what he had been.  The boy was not the most skilled with a sword and even having it scabbarded at his hip did not make it seem as if it belonged to him.  He wondered if the boy would break the first time he saw action.


As soon as the others were through and mounted they made their way to the gathering at a walk.


Valeran Kertovni

Dedicated of the Black Tower

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Nights were always cold in the Threefold Land, but that was not why Covina sat awake shivering. The small fire had died down and the only sound was the steady snoring of her husband as he slept. As quietly as she could manage she crept out into the main room of the house and started tea. In a few hours her husband would wake and they would begin their journey into the wetlands, to the Caralain Grass. It had taken harsh words and even begging to make Ghaul see the reason they had to leave there Clan, if only for a time.


He could not be happy about facing the Lost Ones and in truth Covina did not feel much better, but all those months ago when she’d thought Ghaul dead a Tinker had wandered into the Waste carrying a message of invitation. So preoccupied with her husband death she’d sent a repose that she would attend. She’d known from the start that she would make the journey alone. No other could bring them selves to face what they had been. Now, with Ghaul safe she was beginning to have second thoughts, but a small part of her would not allow her to back away. Even thought years had passed since she’d run with the Spear Sisters Covina was still a Maiden at heart; stubborn and prideful to a fault.


Her husband’s argument against going had begun with her condition, only a few months away from delivering their child. That had been easy to stamp down, saying that the land across the Spine was easier and softer than how they lived here. A few times while they argued she’d almost given in, but at the end her stubborn pride had convinced them both.


The water for her tea began to boil and on flows of air Covina added the leaves. She was so caught up in thoughts of wetlanders and the lost ones she hardly noticed the sweetness of life as it came and went. The sun had not even begun to show within their hold when Ghaul emerged from the bedroom dressed and ready to journey. Blushing Covina hurried to ready herself, ignoring the jests her husband uttered. As Head Wise One few people spoke out of turn to her and even fewer dared to tease, it was almost refreshing to see that Ghaul would never change; no matter how much power and influence she accrued.


In short order the two were headed out of their home at a steady trot that they kept up every moment they were awake. Once they crossed into the Wetlands they hastened their past, whether it was an eagerness to arrive or simply a desire to be done so they could return home Covina didn’t even know in her own mind. At night while they camped they spoke of everything but where they were headed. Talking of what they’d done in their months apart and using the time to catch up and grow closer together once again.


When the flat lands revealed the brightly painted wagons and the crowds of people Covina and Ghaul both stopped staring off into the distance ahead. Now faced with the task of actually entering the wagons they both hesitated. Contempt and pain painted Covina’s face and she could see the same in Ghaul’s eyes. The Lost Ones….and they were willingly venturing into their midst.


Dropping off their supplies and leaving the pack mule tied to a small tree they slowly loped their way across the grass.


The smiling Mahdi greeted them and Covina managed to complete the ceremony without any outward signs of disgust, but when the Tinker woman wrapped her in a hug and ran her hands across Covina’s belly it was more than she could stand. Only Ghaul’s hand on her shoulder kept her from turning and running back the way they came. All of this because her “husbands death” had made her curious about a life of peace; not caring if it was a sign of weakness she took her husbands arm and stayed tight at his side as they wound their way through the crowds to find a seat.


Covina Arin Tarygaryen

Head Wise One

Married to Clan Chief Ghaul Tarygaryen




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~ No, Nightfall. And that's final! ~


The wolf growled. Lorelai knew that growl all too well. It was her stubborn one. Which meant there was more arguing to be had. But Lorelai had no time for it. The festivities had already started and she wasn't going to miss anything if she could help it.


Lorelai sighed.  ~ I promise I won't clean your fur for a week ~


Nightfall howled.


~ Fine, a month. But when you've got crawlers eating you alive, don't say I didn't warn you, you pig headed wolf ~


Nightfall ran off to the distance, seemingly quite pleased with herself. Lorelai shook her head. Sure, she was the one who'd have to deal with the tangles later. But she head plenty of time to worry about it AFTER the gathering. So she made her way to the entrance, relieved that she managed to convince Nigthfall to wonder off. Walking in with a wolf could have complicated things. Especially with Nightfall's specific nature.


Lorelai had previous encounters with Tinkers. Very fond ones. So the first words addressed at her were no surprise. "You are welcome to our fires. Do you know the song?". Lorelai bowed respectfully. "I know many songs, friend. But not the one you seek." Bowing again, Lorelai paid her respect to the welcoming party and scanned the area until she found a satisfying place to sit down and enjoy the warmth of the fire.





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Melianna could not count the years it had been since she had been off of Tar Valon. Not since before her Nocivehood, and that had been at least 15 years ago. This was a much welcomed outing, even if it involved riding the whole way with Jerenia. However, she has mastered the art of ignoring people. They assue she has gone off to lala land, which she often is, but sometimes it helps to get out of a few things. Like traveling games with the Accepted directly ahead of her. Had she been the type to do such things, she would have scowled. Her mind drifted to thought of ter'angreal as the fires of the Tinkers. She pondered the name a minute. Tuatha'an was very similar to the name of her people. Atha'an Miere. Traveling people and Sea Folk. Was there a connection? Do the Tinkers have ter'angreal?!?! A realization hit her then. She was inthe land of her ancestors. Was this where the capital was? What was right here a few hundred years ago? So many questions when you have three nationalities, one of which is elusive and the other is dead.


Her bubble of thought burst as she was spoken to. "You are welcome to our fires. Do you know the song?" She stopped and blinked. "Pardon me, could you repeat that. I missed it." The Tinker man seem surprised, but repeated himself. "A song? Oh right, you're looking for a song! Sorry, I don't know it." She walked past in blissful ignorance that she had flubbed worse than Jerenia. She plopped down beside a girl with the most peculiar eyes. They were...gold? She smiled sweetly at the girl. "Hello, nice night, isn't it?"


Melianna Hollmen





The Twins arrived with the other Children. They knew them all sorta well. Sharina, Zoe, and Edalia had all congregated and it appeared like a girl with colored bands around her hem was with them. They double took the scene. An Accepted was sitting with the children? Yes, it was supposed to be peaceful for tonight, but that couldn't go over well. While thinking of it, Zari decided to give Zela a last minute refresher course on how she was to not behave. "Ok now Zela. You should no be drinking. You do do strange and violent things when you be drunk. Second, do no be ripping your clothes off and screaming "anarchy." Third, do no be punching or kicking or hitting anyone in any way." He blinked a moment. "Just do no be doing anything without first asking me." "Zari, stop being such a nag. I do be a grown woman and I can be handling myself just fine. I can keep the peace." He looked at her sceptically  then rolled his eyes. "Fine, whatever." They approached the camp and the Seeker greeted them They responded at the same time. "No, we do no be knowing the song." They were given some bowls of stew, then sat down beside the other Children. The stew was delicious!


Zari and Zela Chasei

Children of the Light




Late! Always late! Terra rushed over to the meeting pint to go to the Caralain Grass to see the Meteor Shower. Since she wore makeup everywhere nowadays, she never seemed to be on time. She even had a new cream that made her look pale like an Andoran. She even decided to go under a new alias. She was Maybella Marcon, the daughter of a farmer from just out of Four Kings. The Mae'shadar was holding open a Gateway and Terra ran through since everyone else was already through. The land was rather flat and bare, but they could see bright buildings in the distance. It was dark by the time they arrived in the colorful camp of the Tinkers and they were certainly not the first ones there. She could see young girls from the White Tower, a warder of two, Whitecloaks, and a few random others that appeared to be ordinary people. A nice mix. She was warmyl welcomed by the man she was told would the the Seeker. She replied as innocently as possible. "No, I do not know the song, but I hope you one day find it." She found a nice spot by the fire to sit, then gazed into it. One could become so engrossed in a simple thing like a flame and miss an entire event.


Maybelle Marcon



Terra Cyrene

Dreadlady Acolyte

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"Sharina! Beautiful night, isn't it? I have a feeling it's going to be a special one."


Sharina was about to answer Jerinia's question about her armor, when she heard a familiar voice next to her. Looking around, she noticed Zoe sitting down next to her as well as Edalia, her roommate in the Fortress, on her way over to her as well.


- "Oh, hi! Had i known we would be traveling this close to one another i'd have waited for you. It's a pretty night indeed, i was just talking to an... Accepted, right? Of the White Tower."


Gesturing to the other side of her, she indicated the tall form of Jerinia next to her, dressed in her Accepted garb. Personally, she didn't even mind channelers as much as some others in the Children seemed to, it was just some kind of disability they were born with. And as long as they didn't bother anyone with it, why should she take offense? As Melenis sat down next to the Accepted however, she smirked at the Tower Guard, leting her knew that she knew all too well choosing this campfire to sit by was far from coincidental.


- "...Speaking of which, i wouldn't know. I just spent polishing it an hour per night for a couple of weeks. Goes with being picked to represent the Children, i guess."


Sending the curious girl a genuine smile, she took another spoonful of stew before putting the bowl down. With all the people that had gathered, she figured she'd be spending some tie talking now. Later, when people would have gotten more used to one another, there would still be enough time to eat judging by the amounts of food the Tuatha'an were preparing.




Child of the Light



Jerinia nodded as the Child of the Light replied, looking at Melenis for a second as she heard the black haired woman talk about polishing her armor. Would it be the same for Warders, who relied on their weapons and armor in much the same way? Nevertheless, there seemed to be a couple of people in similar sunburst cloaks sitting down near the campfire, greeting Sharina. As she was -- more or less -- introduced, she figured she might as well say hi as well.


- "Yup, only recently got made Accepted too. I'm Jerinia. Jerinia Zaralyn, nice to meet you."


The enthousiasm was clear in her voice, and she was still feeling more than a little giddy about being recognised as an Accepted now. Quite a few of the Aes Sedai saw Accepted as an 'almost-but-not-quite' Aes Sedai in her opinion, which sometimes made her feel like they should rename the rank to Tolerated. Giggling at the mental image, she turned her attention back to Zoe and Edalia, awaiting their replies. Or greetings, whichever came first.




Hyper Accepted



Melenis couldn't help but blush a bit as the Whitecloak appeared to see right through her tactics. Though she was still a bit biased against them because what had happened in Andor -- and Amadicia -- back when she was still a Trainee, they didn't seem to be intending any hostile action. Though she had her weapon across her back whereas most people had simply left theirs home, it was 'peace-bound' in much the same way the bridge guards at Far Madding would have their weapons sealed before enering the island city.


Still, that in itself didn't bother her much. Though she still kept a close eye on the three Whitecloaks in front of her, she seemed to relax a bit, though she was still a bit tense. Someone tapped on her shoulder, a Tinker woman offering her some fruits. Trying to at least give off the impression that she wasn't, she took a bite out of an apple before realising that the Tuatha'an maybe saw more than they let on.




Defender of the Yards



OOC: And, because they've been out of the spotlight for far too long...




A Gateway opened a ways off, and Amyante stepped through, followed by a woman with half or her head shaven. Though most, if not all, people living on this continent would simply see it as an odd style they were unfamiliar with, she was more than aware of what it meant, and knelt even before she was spoken to, eyes fixed at the ground as they talked. After saying she had understood the instructions of when she was supposed to meet here again for the gateway to appear, the woman nodded before stepping back through the portal, which closed behind her.


Getting back up again, Amyante took a deep breath, fidgeting with her dress. Though it had been one of her favorite ones before joining the army, it had been a while since she had last worn it, and the cloth brouhgt back memories of the village dances she had been in with Kizuna. And though the nature of her mission -- catalog the event for the Empress -- had little to do with her actual task in the Seanchan army, she was nevertheless honored by the request from the Blood.


Approaching the camp, she was met by another person walking out, asking about a song of some kind. Great, five seconds in here and i'm already ruining my cover, wonderful job there girl. Placing her hand on her stomach to soothe her nerves, she hesitantly shook her head.


- "Ah, no. I'm not familiar with it, ah reckon."


The man shook his head, and invited her into camp nonetheless. The sul'dam let out a relieved sigh before following him in. Once there, she suddenly wished she didn't. All kinds of people were already gathered there, judging by the odd matching uniforms representatives of very nearly every major organisation on the continent, increasing her nervousness to near-nausea. Still, she stepped forward nonetheless, sitting at a relatively empty campfire to get herself to calm down before risking talking to one of the people present. She had been told not to mention the Corenne to anyone here, but there was still enough left to talk about. And, with a little luck, she could add that to her report as well for some additional honor to her name. Light, why are these things never easy...



Amyante Tojimaru

Seanchan sul'dam (no damane)



Mara looked around from her vantage point on the cart, missing the lurch of her ship's planks under her feet. Still, she trusted the lads enough to not run it on a mudflat while she was away. Though she'd have preferred to view it from the comfortable deck of the Crimson Dagger, she knew that as a trader, it would be necessary to keep in touch with current and future clients. Which included showing her face at events like this one.


At the farmer's notice, she thanked him for the ride, then got off the wagon. The dark-skinned Tairen sighed, plucking at the cream-colored dress she was forced to wear. Though she had never made a point to hide her gender, the shirt and pants she wore on the ship were just so much easier to move around in that she had trouble to adjust. It had been almost humiliating to get it adjusted to her size though, she thought Timeon would choke himself laughing as hard as he was. Back then, she wasn't all too sure about whether or not she'd want him to drop dead on the spot, to be honest. It had taken all she could muster to not pull the hairpin out of her hair and stab him in the balls with it. And Timeon was a person she liked.


Still, she approached the campsite of the Tuatha'an, and mumbled something under her breath that could best be left unheard. Though she had nothing against Tinkers per se, she couldn't really get a handle on them. Whoever heard of not protecting themselves in case of an attack anyway, any person she knew had had some kind of defense to stave off thieves and wild animals, yet these people had none, making her believe there was something about them she just didn't see. And it was a feeling she hated.


Still, the camp seemed bustling with people, and she knew from experience that those that could afford to take a trip like this often enough had enough coin for a couple of good trade deals. She raided a Tairen ship last week, carrying supplies for some Lord Dragon idiot, and she needed to put them up for sale to clear her holds again. Pirate ships didn't run themselves, contrary to popular belief, and she needed cin to keep things running smoothly.


Turning the man approaching her down when he asked about some stupid song or another -- what did she look like, a Gleeman? -- she kept her face smooth, walking onto the grounds. There were quite a few people present, it seemed, and she closed her eyes for a second as she remembered the few lessons about eloquence Timeon had tried to drill into her skull. She might be looking the part of a noblewoman, but if she'd talk in her normal way it'd be more than likely to crush the delicate image like grain under a millstone.



Mara Novares

Trading pirate

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Rasheta was riding toward Caralian Grass, she wondered again what was wrong with her Ajah head to send her to this. She wasn't exactly the best to send to a company of Tinkers. Then again Rasheta was sure that Jaydena was doing this in the hope that Rasheta would receive a sense of peace and enjoy herself. She sighed inwardly and slowed her horse to a walk to rub her eyes and try and not think too much about Jaydena's ulterior motives.


Rasheta was a little surprised that Jaydena hadn’t spoken to her yet about the promise she made to the young tower guard. Rasheta still wondered if she had been doing the right thing there but she couldn’t take the promise back now. She realized she would have to visit the training yards when she got back and see about getting to know the young man better. She sighed again and nudged her horse faster and muttered about her lack of being able to use one of the gateways she had heard some about in her travels. She had been outside the tower though when Jaydena had told her to come here so she had had no chance to use one. She knew she wasn’t far from Caralian Grass however, so there was a possible bed and company soon.


After what must have been a few hours she heard the camp before seeing it. She took a moment when she came to the outskirts of the place to look around at it. There were people from all over the world here. There were White Cloaks at one side and she moved slightly away from them before seeing some of the members of the white Tower she made her way there noticing as much as she could all at once. She had learned to always be on the alert even if there was supposed to be peace for the duration of this celebration. She dismounted and walked her horse for a bit before tying it with the other horses. She pulled her shawl from the saddle bag and looped it over her arms remembering everything she had to do in order to wear it with the pride that she did. She smiled and spoke quickly with the Tinkers and then went to find a place to bed down she was tired. She passed two Accepted and gave them both a smile. “Hello Accepted you must be enjoying your time away from the Tower.”


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Rhya wasn't sure why she was there. It made perfect sense for both Owen and Lorelai to be asked to represent the 'Kin at an event like this but why her? She'd been chewing over the question for most of the journey, wary of what would await them at the other end. So many different people in one place seemed to her a recipe for trouble. Especially for anyone with golden eyes. She hoped fervently that the famed peace of the celebration would hold under the supervision of the Tuatha'an but as they arrived at the camp, still held herself alert and stayed close to Owen's side, half expecting cries of darkfriend to greet them any second. Shadow had slunk off into the woods some minutes before and she felt the lack of his company.


Nodding to Tari and Araen politely, Rhya was entranced, in spite of her fears, by the colourful clothes the couple wore and the air of warmth with which they welcomed all of their visitors. She'd read of the Tinkers but never actually met one let alone a whole caravan. Following Lorelai's lead, she admitted with regret that she did not know the Song for which they searched and then moved on towards the fires.


The site of whitecloaks in the nearest group had her halting in surprise. She'd had dealings with them only once before, back in Maradon, and the memories were not fond ones. Fanatical was the only word she could think of to associate with them. Looking frantically for Owen, she realised they'd been separated but just as she was starting to panic in such a crowd of strangers, her gaze lit on Lorelai seated alone at the next fire over.


Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Rhya almost ran over and plonked down beside the other woman gratefully.


"I can't find Owen," she burst out. "You aren't nervous here with all these.... people, Lorelai? I'd feel safer with Shadow by my side."





Rather tense Wanderer

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Perivar wondered why he had been selected.  First off he was anti-social except with those he knew well.  Secondly he had been informed that there would be Whitecloaks.  A peace had been announced, none would break it yet why bring fuel to the fire.  It came down to the fact that he was available.  He was promised to Kabria yet he was still a Tower Guard assigned to the Lion Company.  The Lion Company was the company that handled special assignments.  He was happy to see that Melenis had been chosen though after the first night he thought she wished to be elsewhere.  Melenis had her hands full with one of the Accepted who liked to wander about.  It was the redheaded one named Jerinia.  A few times he thought she was about to drag the girl back to camp or tie her in her saddle and lead the Accepted's horse for her.


When they finally arrived the Seeker met their group welcoming them and asking if they knew the song.  Luckily Perivar was at the rear of the group so those in front answered.  He looked around, Light what a collection of people.  Even though there was a peace there was a noticeable tension in the air.  He hoped the peace was upheld.


Light what was the girl doing!  The redheaded Accepted sat near a Whitecloak at one of the fires apparently engaged in conversation.  He sighed in relief as he saw Melenis sit next to the girl yet he kept his eye on them as he trailed the Aes Sedai.  He kept his distance scanning the assembled crowd while remaining within a few paces of the Aes Sedai and the other Accepted, Melianna.  There were knots of people conversing more diverse than anything he had ever seen before. 


Later Perivar noticed the arrival of another Aes Sedai though he had no idea of her name.  If the ageless face wasn't enough then the vine woven green shawl marked her out for what she was.  He bowed to her as she approached the Accepted then went back to scanning the crowd.  He did not anticipate any problems but it was habit to do so.  At least he was easy to identify if there was trouble.  With his bright crimson cloak of a Tower Guard in marked contrast with his dull blackened armor he would be easy to find.  If they had need of his services then he was ready. 


His hand nearly went to the hilt of his sword as he noticed the arrival of the black-coated men.  As if the Whitecloaks weren't bad enough.  He wondered if Trollocs and Myrddraal would be next.  He would not be surprised if the peace was suddenly abandoned. 


Perivar Tarigan

Tower Guard




Geirrin handed off the reins from his mount to a groom then walked with the rest of the group to the people assembled near the fire.  A man known as the Mahdi or the Seeker met them asking them if they knew the song.  He merely shrugged not knowing anything about a song but one of the older men spoke up that they did not.  They were made welcome by the Seeker who led them to the fires. 


With the looks they received you would have thought the Dark One had arrived.  He suddenly felt as if all eyes were on them.  Light they were male channelers not madmen.  Well the truth of it is that some of them had gone mad but those that did were put down.  They served the light yet you couldn't have convinced this group.  Geirrin stood on the outskirts of the gathering not wanting to get any closer.


Geirrin Hale

Dedicated of the Black Tower




Valeran tossed his reins then eyed the gathering warily as they approached.  He wondered if the others noticed the looks they were receiving.  Hopefully the fools did not decide to take offense and do something foolish.  They had explicit instructions to mind their manners.


The Seeker welcomed them and asked if they knew the song as they always did when meeting someone.  The Tuatha’an or Tinkers were a strange lot though there was no reason to be rude.  Valeran politely responded that he did not know the song.  The strangest thing about them is that they would not fight back.  If someone attacked a Tinker they would simply run.  They travelled the world as if they were oblivious to bandits and other people with cruel intentions.  He did not understand how someone could be attacked an not fight back.


He noticed Geirrin standing on the edge of the gathering as if refusing to go any closer.  Valeran shook his head then made for the closest fire.  He'd be damned if he was going to stand there like a fool.


Valeran Kertovni

Dedicated of the Black Tower



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  ooc: Ok, let's see if I can still write Ghaul. Wetlanders beware !!! ;)


  With the reins of the pack mule in hand, Ghaul once again question what got into him for him to agree to have Covina travel half the world on foot in her condition, or to agree to leave the Clan at all. And all because of an invitation to attend a festival. Covina told him, well hald told half shouted, that while he was missing she has recieved an invitation from one of the Lost Ones to attend a huge festifal, ment to be celebration of life, that is to take place in the middle of Caralains Grass, which was about as far as you can get from the Three Fold Land save for the coast of the Aryth Ocean. The discussion, which at moments was more like a battle given certain traits of both Covina's and Ghaul's characters, last for days. At first Ghaul refused to have Covina travel at all. He agreed with her that they are honourbond to attend once she has accepted the invitation, but saying that given her condition he should travel to the meeting alone was not exactly the best idea he ever had. Even though his motivations for that were most noble - he did not want to expose his pregnant wife to risk, Covina did not quite took it that way. After a prolonged period of persuasion in which Covina had used every "weapon" in her arsenal ranging from shouts to tears, she finally got hers, though that did not seem to calm her down. On the day of their jorney, Ghaul emerged prepared he was to see his wife still in her night dress.


  "Well now,I must be still dreaming since you look like something from a dream of mine, Shade of my Heart." - there was no need for him to specify which dream, Covina knew exactly what he ment - "Our child is not yet born and you're alredy working on plans of seducing me in order for the child to have a sibling? That's a bit sneaky, Covina."


  She blushed, something Ghaul adored, and hurried to prepare. In the meantime, Ghaul helped himself to some of the tea Covina has prepared before packing the mule. Once Covina was ready they set off on their way to Carlain's Grass.


  The trip was uneventful, save for the night when they told each other what has happened while they were appart. The place of gathering they could see from afar for all the smoke from the fires. Once the wagons were in sight thought, both Ghaul and Covina hesitated. Both have been in Rhuidean, both have seen the history of the Aiel, they knew who the Lost Ones were. With firm expression on his face, armed but not veiled, Ghaul made his way towards the camp, Covina walking by his side. Upon entrance, they were met by a couple from the Lost Ones. The male, they called him Mahdi, asked Ghaul if they knew the song. From all the people here, Ghaul and Covina were the only ones who knew what song the man talked about. The song, sang by Aiel and Ogier, the one Nyms danced to, that made everything grow, and made everyone peaceful. However, that secret was just for those who have survived Rhuidean.


  "My name is Ghaul, Clan Chief of the Dragonmount Aiel. As for the song - the songs of the Aiel .., Mahdi," - Ghaul almost called the man Lost One - "Are of battle and death. I do not think you will be interested in them"


  If the Mahdi was somehow affected by his answer he did not show it. He finished the welcome ceremony and moved on to greet the next newcomers. Covina however, found herself in the embrace of the woman. Sensing her uneasy, Ghaul was quick to calm his wife. Covina quickly took his arm and stood as close to him as possibly. Putting his free hand on top of Covina's he took a moment to just stand and look in her eyes. His messaged did not need words - he will be right next to Covina for as long as she needs him. Having ventured in the Wetlands before, Ghaul was less affected by all the ... foreign things, for the lack of a better word. However it went both ways. Just as the Aiel were uneasy among so many Wetlanders, the Wetlanders were uneasy at the sight of the Aiel. It did not matter that the Aiel in question were a lone unveiled warrior and a pregnant unarmed woman. As they looked for a place to sit, Ghaul noticed some men in black coats. Those men also sevred the Car'a'carn, and were more used to seeing Aiel among them than the other wetlanders. And while Ghaul did not recognize any of the men, they towards their fire.


  "I see you, Asha'man"


  Ghaul greeted them all. He had heard enough from the Car'a'carn for the men in black to know their ranks and the mark of the ranks. He also has heard the Car'a'carn address large groups of these men. He called them all Asha'man, and Ghaul followed his example.



  "Would you allow my wife and me to join you by your fire?"



  Ghaul Targaryen


Clan Chief

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  • Fire 1: North
    • Sharina Val'Danath (CotL, Jehaine)
    • Edalia C'anthau (CotL, Kara J)
    • Zoe (CotL, Nynaeve)
    • Zari and Zela Chasei (CotL, Tigara)
    • Jerinia Zaralyn (WT Accepted, Jehaine)
    • Melenis Stormgate (Tower Guard, Jehaine)


    - I mentioned Sharina to head in from the North. Zari, Zela and Zoe (i notice a pattern emerging btw ;D) posted that they sat down near Sharina, and Jehaine and Melenis were sitting there as well.


    [*]Fire 2: East

    • Lorelai (Wolfkin, Nynaeve)
    • Meliana Hollmen (WT Accepted, Tigara)
    • Rasheta Ardashir (WT Aes Sedai, Rasheta Ardashir)
    • Saerythra Al'Thorin (FL Wisdom, Raeyn)
    • Rhyanon (Wolfkin, Taymist)


    - Lorelai didn't mention from where she was coming from, so i placed her East. Melianna posted sitting down next to Lorelei, Rasheta ended her post greeting an Accepted and avoiding the Whitecloaks (leaving only Melianna as an option) and Saerythra posted talking to an Aes Sedai. Rhyanon sat down talking to Lorelei as well... Sorry hun, no privacy there ^^;


    [*]Fire 3: West

    • Geirrin Hale (BT, Sieve)
    • Covina Arin Tarygaryen (FL Aiel Wise One, Eqwina)
    • Mara Novares (FL Freebooter, Jehaine)
    • Ghaul Targaryen (FL Aiel Chief, Ghaul)
    • Valeran Kertovni (BT, Sieve)


    - Geirrin entered from the west, and Covina and Ghaul both posted sitting down near the Asha'men (which could only be Geirrin). Mara technically didn't sit down yet, though she will in my next post.


    [*]Fire 4: South

    • Maybelle Marcon (Terra Cyrene) (CoS Dreadlady, Tigara)
    • Amyante Tojimaru (FL Seanchan, Jehaine)
    • Arcon Dadread (CotS Dreadlord, Kura)
    • Erida Liev (M'bela wa Asakari) (CoS Dreadlady, Liitha)
    • --


    - With the only two remaining fires being Center and South, this is where i placed Terra and Amyante. Terra would likely have headed to an 'empty' fire to gaze at the flames, and Amy would keep a low profile so i couldn't see them sitting down in the middle of camp.


    [*]Fire 5: Center

    • --
    • --
    • --
    • --
    • --


    - Added an empty one here in case people didn't feel like squeezing in somewhere ^^;


    [*]Others: Not sat down yet

    • --
    • --
    • Perivar Tarigan (Tower Guard, Perivar)
    • --
    • --


    - And the people that still need to pick a seat.

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probability is the fortress people would come from same gate and such same general direction so you can mark up the rest of the cots in the south as well, kura should be there with his Arcon, i am here with m'bela and Ayrik will apear as well, they probably would spread out some though the dreads would somewhat keep some oversigth of intiates present to make sure they dont go blow up their covers or do something else stupid to get themself killed :P or do a runner the great lord forbid ;)

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((OOC: You can add Valeran to the West fire))


Geirrin sat at the same fire as Valeran though not necessarily near the man.  The stocky Saldaean was not what you would consider welcoming.  He seemed to dislike anyone who was not a professional soldier before coming to the Black Tower.  They had never taken classes together though he saw the way he trained Soldiers at the Black Tower and was happy that he was never trained by the man.


Geirrin eyed the Aiel man and woman warily as they approached their fire.  He knew some Aiel served the Dragon Reborn, he knew some had even fought alongside the Asha'man though he had never met one before.  Before coming to the Black Tower he would not have believed that Aiel actually existed.  He would not have believed in Shadowspawn either.  For a moment he thought that he should have remained in his small fishing village on the coast of the Sea of Storms.  There he could have remained blistfully ignorant of a world outside of Tear.


What was this about him seeing them he thought.  Of course he saw them they were right in front of him.  Geirrin stared into his mug hoping one of the others would answer the Aiel man.  He was happy to see that Valeran took the opportunity to speak up.  The man seemed to take charge quite often which suited Geirrin just fine.  The last thing he wanted was command of anything but himself.


Geirrin Hale

Dedicated of the Black Tower




Valeran was taking a deep pull from his mug when he saw the Aiel man approach.  He smiled into his mug at Geirrin's reaction.  Clearly the boy had never seen Aiel before.  Truth to be told the last time Valeran saw one was when they came over the Dragonwall after Laman.  He knew full well though that some served the Dragon Reborn and had fought alongside the Asha'man at Dumai's Wells.  He knew there worth in battle and was happy that some of the Aiel were on their side. 


Valeran put his mug down and stood nodding to the Aiel man.  "We see you as well."  He did not know the Aiel customs but it seemed an appropriate response.  "You and your wife are most welcome at our fire.  I am Valeran Kertovni, Dedicated of the Black Tower." He spoke in his deep voice then introduced the others.  He immediately respected the man.  There was no doubt that this man knew how to handle his weapons.  All the Aiel he had ever met had been fierce combatants.


Valeran Kertovni

Dedicated of the Black Tower

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OOC: Updated. Can't believe i forgot Edalia though *facepalms*




Mara stood watching the gathering site for the event, trying to decide which fire to sit by. The one with all the Whitecloaks was a bit too risky, not many people were known to like them, nor their threats whenever they didn't like a trader's prices. She glanced over the remaining options until she noticed a rather odd combination of black cloaks with Aiel sitting at the western fire. From rumors, she figured those must have been the Asha'men she had heard about, and if they were raking in as much as their counterparts at Tar Valon she could potentially make some sweet deals here tonight. Especially with the Aiel added into the mix as well.


As she walked over to them, she glanced over her dress, satisfied that it was still in top condition. It left her shouldrs bare, allowing the dark Tairen skin to contrast well with the light cream of te dress, and she kept a shawl of matching color draped over her neck and the part of her back that would normally show to hide the multitude of scars she had had ever since the day she had met the pirate crew she had eventaully become the captain of. With those carefully hidden, there was little appearance-wise that could break the image of a lady.


- "Excuse me, mind if i sit with you for a while?"


Her voice would sound a bit strained, as if she were violently trying to push down an accent. In reality, it would have been multiple accents, a myriad representing the different ones spoken by her crew on the 'Crimson Dagger'. Being such, the little of her accent that managed to slip through would only confirm her being a trader, and potentially break the ice. The only reason she didn't want to give it free reign was because there was nothing respectable about her choice of words under more natural circumstances.



Mara Novares

I'm civilised, damn you!



Amyante, sitting by one of the fires, noticed others arriving as well, and felt a bit uncomfortable around them for a reason she couldn't fathom. Perhaps it was the sixth sense that was said to come with being a sul'dam, in tracking down potential damane? The thought made her feel uneasy all of a sudden, and she looked about counting the amount of women present before shivering, and dropping that train of thought before she'd become paranoid. The woman next to her seemed to study the fire intently, and she gave a soft cough before trying to strike up a conversation.


- "Hey... Nice evening, isn't it?"


Her slurring accent would be hard to place, though the way she talked would make it clear she was a village girl. There was a hint of nervousness in her voice, though she herself hoped it would be taken as her just being a bit shy around new people. Pushing down her feelings of unease as just being silly, she smiled at the Dreadlady in an attempt to break the ice.




Not a very lucky Seanchan...

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  • Moderator

Tari watched with a broad smile as people from all walks of life mingled around the fires. She saw Asha’man with the Aiel and Aes Sedai near Whitecloaks. Seeing everyone at peace, if not precisely comfortable made her heart sing and only furthered her belief in the Way of the Leaf.

Araen smiled as he noticed their guests beginning to mix. There was still tension among the groups, but it was not as bad as he had expected. There was nothing he enjoyed more than these festivals, for he was privileged enough to meet many people all from different backgrounds. Soon, however, he noticed that the light was fading, and it would soon be time to start the ceremony. He motioned to the People, setting the campsites abuzz. The children were excited, for this would be the first ceremony for many of them, or the first they could remember clearly. The Tuatha’an as well as their guests all gathered around him and his wife in a large circle, making sure to put out their campfires on the way. Stepping close to her husbands side her smile took in all the people gathered from young to old, this would be a night they would never forget. Never before had there been a gathering as large as this, for the celebration of life. 

The Madhi stood tall and proud as hundreds of eyes stared at him. He did not speak. Hushed whispers began to spread throughout the crowd; people wondering what would happen. He did not silence them. Finally, darkness settled upon the group, and those who had not participated in the ceremony before wondered when it would start. The soft rumble of countless people talking was broken immediately by the sky being illuminated by a giant streak of fire. Children gasped along with adults; it was an impressive sight even for those who had seen it many times. As the first comet began fading from sight, more and more appeared, lighting the sky in an ethereal glow. It was time to begin.

“Fire,” Araen started, “Is the essence of life. Without fire we would not be able to cook our food, we would not be able to make our tools,” he was displeased by many of the guests touching their weapons at that, but did not let it show on his face, “or keep warm in the cold. Fire enables us to live, but also, fire is alive! It breaths. It eats. It grows. It dies. Fire is the very essence of life: passion and vitality. That is why on this day, every ten years, we celebrate being alive. Once every ten years the sky its self lights up with fires so bright that it seems like day. Once every ten years we gather here as friends simply to enjoy life. We do not fight or argue, we do not insult of debate; we merely celebrate together as one community.” 

“It is our hope that when our guests leave they keep this peace. It is our hope that this one community remains one community. It is our hope that our lives can be as vivacious as the sky is today! Today is a day of peace, where we can unite as one people. Today is a day of hope, for if we can all unite as one, all days will be like today: eternal. We are not in night, for the sky is burning just as brightly as the sun. If we can remain one community, than there will not be war, or famine, or strife. There will only be peace, and there will never be the darkness of war or hate. I ask you all to celebrate under this light of peace. I ask you to celebrate not only with your friends, but those that in the past you would call your enemies. Even if it is only for this one night-that-is-not-night, I ask you to appreciate all life in all forms.” Tears threatened to flow from Tari’s eyes and she could see many of the Tuath’uan weeping openly at the idea at a world of peace. It was almost too much joy to contain. Even many of their guests seemed caught in the beauty of his words and of the display before their eyes. The children began to capper and yell wordless screams of joy before her husband could finish is words. It had begun.

“When the true sun rises again, we will have a feast for you all, and then we will bid you farewell, but until then, let the celebrations begin!” Araen stepped out into the crowd accompanied by their cheers. Slowly the one big group defused and spanned the entire campground, but the celebration was uniform among everyone. The Seeker smiled to his wife before visiting many groups as they celebrated under the light of the burning sky. 


OOC: Post your reactions to the ceremony, as well as whatever partying your character does =)


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Erida picked up a little boy trying to run to the front to see better, and rose him on her shoulders, some place over she could see a tinker woman smile warmly, the mother she asumed. She smiled back, thinking if the woman knew who she really was she wouldnt smile, not knowing that she herself was a mother, and while coldhearted also able to feel love, it was just a shame that what seemed so far a promising boy would be turned into a whimp by growing up by a mother like the tinker girl.


She allowed the smile to stick to her face, keep up the facade, though by the end of it she wished she could strangle the speaker, too much honey, she saw people crying, mostly tinkers, but many you could see was affected, she wondered how many was sincere and how many was faking it like her. It was an amasing display the sky was puting on tonite though, she wouldnt deny that, though she had seen better, on the other hand worse as well. One never knew, no two times was completly the same. She put the boy down and watched him regretfully run to his mother, her thougths going out to her own lost son, one day she would find him again if he was still out there, and raise him to what he was ment to be. She was proud of her daugther, she lived up to her potential, not like a channeler, nor an active soldier, but in her own way as an informant, mother of a new generation, and hideing those on the run. Yes she had done good in life, and she was safely hidden.

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Covina eyed the Asha’man up and down, taking in every aspect of his dress. Strange as those men were they were a sense of normalcy in a foreign place. Without waiting for the Black Coated man to nod his assent Covina started to take a seat next to him and fixed him with a level stare. Focusing on his dark coat and grim features she could almost block out the colorful wagons of the Lost Ones….almost. Due to her large belly it was awkward getting Covina lowered to the logs that were used as bench and not for the first time, since getting with child, did she curse her husbands name. Her once trim body, still very much like a Maiden’s even though that life was now behind her was distorted and bloated beyond even her own believing and she had birthed many children.


Glancing over at her husband and his spears she wondered if he was feeling the same disgust and shame that she herself felt. Only a slight tightness around his eyes was her only clue. Reaching over to touch his hand she smiled at him before turning her attention back to the Asha’man.


“I am Covina Targaryen , Wise One of the Dragonmount Aiel” Like she had seen so many wetlanders do she bowed slightly from where she sat and extended her hand. If she was going to be among wetlanders and the Lost Ones she may a well learn as much about them as she could. “You are one of those that follow the Dragon?”


Their conversation or any answer was cut short, but one of the Lost Ones motioning everyone to gather around. Using her husbands arms to pull herself to her feet she went and stood at the back of the milling group. She could see faces staring on wonder at the words of peace, but Ghaul’s eyes mirrored her own. Her mask was stony calm by the time the lights in the sky began to make the camp glow like noon day, but she did resolve to learn more about the people she was surrounded by. Dragging her husband along she corner the Asha’man so that he had to speak with her or run her down. “Your name wet…Asha’man? I would know it.”


Covina Targaryen


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Rasheta watched more then she spoke during the time leading up to the ceremony. She kept one eye on the Accepted she had seen before, as they were not Aes Sedai yet and she would not have them disgrace the tower. She kept the Green Shawl pulled tight to her back and wondered again why Jaydena had sent her here.


Sometime later she came with some others to the ceremony, she waited as the silance seemed to drag out longer and longer, the children started talking and playing again till suddanly a comet passed over the night sky. Rasheta watched in surprise and awe. She had never seen anything like this before and she had to admit it was lovely. She pulled her attention to the man conducting the ceremony and tried to listen so she would have something to report back to Jaydena but she was distracted by the fire in the sky. She heard the last part of the man's speech and smiled when he said that the celebrations should begin.


Rasheta went to the fires of those around her talking more then she had in many days and actually smiling. She even allowed herself to dance with a few of the tinker men. When she retired late that night she was still smiling and she thought maybe she knew why Jade had sent her here, healing came in many forms. The peace of the camp and the awe of the sky seemed to have lifted her spirits. She slept smiling.

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Sharina had spent most of the night answering the Accepted's questions. Though it felt somewhat odd for her to talk to a woman she knew could channel, she was aware that Jerinia wasn't actually doing something illegal, like channeling. And even if she were, they weren't in Amadicia at the moment, and this country didn't have a law against it. Still, she talked about why she had wanted to join the Children, about the herbs she enjoyed working with, helping out in her parents' infirmary... She hadn't intended to say as much as she did, but the memories it brought up kept her talking. It was that kind of evening, apparently.


When the event started, streaks of fire appeared in the sky to herald the arrival of the meteors, and she suppressed the urge to look next to her to check if the Accepted wasn't doing it before mentally slapping herself for the thought. She decided to lean back a bit and allow thoughts to flow out of her brain and simply... enjoy the view, letting the Tinker's speech flow over her.



Sharina Val'Danath

Enjoying the view



Jerinia had ended up asking questions for most of the night, and it seemed that for every question she asked, two others popped into her head. This Sharina person seemed like a normal person, so she didn't exactly understand why the Aes Sedai seemd to dislike them a much as they did. I mean, they even went and sat by a different fire and everything! Oh well, she'd have to ask them later.


When the event started, she noticed Sharina look up, and followed her gaze skyward. As sh watched the streaks of fire, she couldn't help but wonder if she would be able to reproduce the effects. Everyone in the Tower kept saying she was unusually strong in Fire after all, so maybe she could give it a try as soon as she managed to get that shawl and get herself some time to research it. It was basically a big fireball in the sky, falling down. What's the worst that could go wrong anyway?



Jerinia Zaralyn

...Yup ::)



Melenis seemed to relax somewhat after a while, when she had made certain that not even a hint of intent to fight was coming off of the three Whitecloaks in front of her. She had remained quiet during most of the meeting, keeping herself occupied with stew or more fruit as an excuse. The feel of the ashandarei against her back felt reassuring, and helped to keep her calm: The last time she had been without it was during her Tower Guard Ceremony and she had been as emotional and tense as a coiled spring.


When the event started, it seemed to take up the attention of the group sitting at the fire, and she leaned back for a better view as well. She listened to the Tuatha'an's speech, smirking at the irony of his words compared to what she trained for. In a world of peace, she would not have been necessary. And yet, it was a goal she worked towards, giving her a somewhat double feeling about the matter. She didn't doubt she had chosen the correct path for herself, it was just that she was having trouble to fathom a world at peace, never having been a dreamer herself.



Melenis Stormgate




Mara looked at the Aiel and the Asha'men, sitting back for a bit and relaxing from the effort of keeping her accent at controllable levels. Light, me's gonna swear 'n curse fer a week ta get this outta me flamin' system!. Still, she was doing a decent job as far as she could tell, and was about to get up to socialise a bit with the other groups present when she heard that the event was starting.


Looking up, she noticed the meteors starting to appear, and had she had any feeling in the skin on her back she would have felt a shiver run down her spine. She was aware that it was making her nervous however, any decent sailor didn't think all too happily about a fire bigger than a light source. Still, they seemed to be burning up befre reaching the ground however, which managed to at least make her less wary. Feeling the grass below her palms, she was starting to miss being on her ship.



Mara Novares

Ship Captain on land



With the people sitting with her at the fire not being particularly talkative, the sul'dam simply took out a small notebook, and preparing the ink and quill she would be describing the event with. To be honest, she felt nervous, actually having to write a report for the Blood itself. What if she didn't do well? What if she wouldn't make it back in time for the return portal? Stmping down on her doubts, she decidedly started to make her report by writing down an overview of the people present. Female channelers, representatives of several what appeared to be free armies, there was even a rumor of male channelers being present -- Light forbid! -- though she added a personal comment that that might just be rumors.


The event started, and she looked up, taking care in not geting caught in the awe of it in favor of writing her report. The speech the Tuatha'an was giving was interesting too, and she scribbled notes in a rapid pace, intending to work them out as a full report when she got back home. Even in her notes, she was careful to omit any details that pointed back to Seandar or the Blood, in case anyone from this continent would come across her notes. Just a scholar reporting the event, that was all.



Amyante Tojimaru


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