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Approved WT Bio for Cleansing RP- Zedanya Mioro- Please CC


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Character Information

Name: Zedanya Mioro

Age: 93

Nationality: Tairen

Rank: Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah



Hair: Black hair flowing down to shoulders, usually kept in a tight bun.

Eyes: Dark brown, nearly black.

Skin: Brown

Height: 5'5"

Voice: Cold and emotionless, average tone.




Special Skills: Pure logic

Knowledge Weakness: Lacks knowledge that she deems unnecessary, which is anything not useful to her at that time.

Physical Weakness: Abnormally skinny

Personality weakness: Lives for the here and now. No sense of planning ahead.




Zedanya is cold. The White Tower made her cold as any White. She has no sense of fun, enjoyment, glee, or anything. She hates men with a passion and is extremely loyal to her Ajah, more so than the Tower itself. Other than that, she doesn't have much of a personality at all.




Fenella Miora was a newlywed girl of 17. Just before her first anniversary, she gave girth to her first child whom she named Zedanya. Zedanya was four months old when an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah came to her small village in northeastern Tear. Her mother was found to be able to channel and was taken to Tar Valon. Zedanya was left with her Father who cared very little for his daughter. A midwife took care of her until she was old enough to begin working. If she made any mistakes, she would be beaten and starved. But as a four year old, she was prone to mistakes, so beatings were frequent.


The worst day of her life came when she was ten. Her father had been in a bad mood and she had done something to displease him. He was tired of putting up with his "incompetent daughter" so he gave her the worst punishment he could think of. Zedanya was sold to a brothel But not just any brothel, an Illianer brothel. Being a Tairen, the Illianer men treated her very violently when they "used her", and their beatings were worse than her father's. The brothel master treated her badly as well, but she was kept around because it ended up she was barren.


Her life maintained this horrible state until she was 18. A kind Yellow came to the brothel to test the girls and only Zedanya could learn. Even though she had given up on emotions long ago, she was excited. Largely it was because she would be almost entirely away from the men that had hurt her for so long, partly because she found something special about herself, and there was a little part of her that was looking forward to meeting her mother.


Upon her arrival, the Mistress of Novices took her name and slowly paused. "Are you related to Fenella Miora, by chance?" "Yes, she was my mother. She came to Tar Valon when I was a baby." The Mistress nodded slowly before replying "Child, a few weeks ago, your mother died capturing a false Dragon. A thrown spear through the back…" Her words trailed off and Zedanya just stiffened. It was just like the rest of her life. Everything good disappeared and everyone was against her.


Needless to say, she was a very quiet and obedience. She only went to the Mistress of Novices twice, both were for being blatantly disrespectful to a Gaidin. Her Novice and Accepted years passed by as a blur to her. She had not shed a tear during her trip to the Arches and had kept her face as emotionless as usual, maybe even more so. She never made friends and never socialized. She was a quick learner and passed the test for the shawl. Few were surprised at her choice of Ajah. It was speculated that she would be a Red or White, but Red had two things over White. Reds shared her hate of men, and her mother had been a Red. 

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girth i am asuming is ment to be birth


i am not sure i belive the brothel to be in mainland in a way of unwilling workers, discussing it with people hail different opinions of what things in books indicate on this


one thing that is sure is that not every mainland girl is tested, mostly the tested girls are coming to the wt, or the AS pick one up along the road...hence the likelyhood of AS activly seeking out such a place for testing girls, none the less being invited or welcomes is highly unlikely


a slavery brothel keep their girls hidden and under locks so they cant run off or be discovered/found, they wouldnt be interested in having their investments riped out from under them, invite for it or in any way cooperate, they would try to prevent them being taken away


hence that plot wheter unwilling work in a brothel happens or not in wot world, is unlikely just because the AS wouldnt be invited to come and test the girls, because they dont test all girls, nor would it be likely to be the first place an AS sougth for girls, as they dont generaly seek at all, but when they do they spread the word in general and the girls would come to them, or they would test noble house girls, aspirants to wisdoms etc




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