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Approved WT Bio - Satin sur Amoura - CC'd by Warders


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Basic Information


Handle : Cleopatra

Character Count : 1

Contact : artistjoni1@hotmail.com


Character Information


Name: Satin sur Amoura

Age: 17

Nationality: Mayener


Appearance:  Long legged, and long neck and a complimenting figure. But not overly busty. She has a beautifully shaped face and eyes that are large and lips that are a bit larger and fuller. She walks with such grace, she seems to float.

Hair: Black as void, with a bluish sheen, naturally wavy near the shoulders to tip.

Eyes: Dark Hazel

Skin: Medium tone and very soft. She pampers her skin.

Height: She is 5'8

Voice: Creamy and fluid, using high to low pitches in her speech. She speaks with purpose and clear thought. It fits her name "satin"

Other: She has a tattoo in a scrolling nature on her upper right back. She loves singing birds and usually has them in her room but, not when she went to the tower. She now has to rely on nature to hear their songs.




Special Skills: Adept at reading people and their motives. Noticing physical nuances overlooked by most. She is a very good judge of character when she needs to notice.

Knowledge Weakness: Not knowledgeable in arts or visually attuned to real beauty.

Physical Weakness: Has some fainting spells.

Personality weakness:  Satin is nearly blind to the basic of needs to humanity. She can walk down a street of starving people and never see one of them. But she has argued for their causes when brought to her on paper.





Satin is outgoing and self sufficient. She likes being asked question so she can prove her intelligence. She is not snobby but reserved, removed and unattached. She likes pleasantries and and chit chat but doesn't like long, emotional conversations. She can never really help in that area or give sympathies. She knows is a short-coming of hers. She is very smart, very observant and hides her intrusions very well. She can be a great conversationalist and welcoming otherwise.

She loves song birds and admires anyone with a lovely voice.





Satin was born in Mayene to a father, Nattan sur Amoura, who studied law. He was a very

good man to help to defend your woes to any accuser and never failed his "clients".

He loved his daughter and spent many hours on her education, nudging her towards the

ways of logic and finding the truth. She was groomed very well.




Her grooming and education began very young, at 6 years old. Some days lasting until late

hours, with her father explaining law or examples until she could barely keep her eyes open.

Her father was a great entertainer though. He expressed himself with zeal and she would

watch him as well as listen.



Satin's mother, Heldina sur Amoura, seemed to be aloof to her daughter to all other prying

eyes, easily giving over to her husband to take command of her education. She did though

want to show her off, so made sure she was dressed well and every hair in place, to

present her to public.


Her mother was a companion to her father, but the word "love" didn't seem to fit their

lifestyle.  Heldina seemed to be drawn to the night life. She was always attending

"functions" that included secrecy and though she would put her husbands questions to rest,

never revealing her actual whereabouts.




But in secret, she schooled Satin in her own kind of education. She bestowed upon her

daughter was that of a darker nature. How to be secretive, selective, and to never tattle on

any of her girl friends. Men were subspecies, in most aspects except to care for "us" and to

give us the life and wealth we deserved... etc.  Though Satin listened... she always

listened... she would always try to analyze what her mother was up to.  It was difficult but she

began to see things from her mother that to others, would never notice.




When Satin reached the age of 8 she was devoid of all basic social pleasures. She had no

friends to speak of, except for the usual "necessary functions" they had to attend for father

or with Mother, at night. She has a displaced feeling when she would go to Market or with

father, to the libraries where there would be other children running about. She would find it

only as soothing noises and soon began to realize that soothing noises were attractive to





She began to listen to the music of singing birds and captured a few. Putting them in wired

cages and keeping them fed and safe. It was happiness that she could glean out of such a

repressed social life. Mother didn't like the birds and would get rid of them after a few

weeks. She had her suspicions about they escaped, loosing so many feathers... she hoped

that they were not harmed.




When she was entering a time in her life now when she began to experience meeting strange women from her mother's secret friendships. Though they treated her with interest and a few huddling together seeming to discuss her, she felt they people without quality standards, as father had taught her.  She was completely conflicted within, meeting women her mother seemed to hold in the highest regard, some people her father would wholly disapprove of. She kept silent with only the minimum of curtsies and nods, and the slightest of smiles. She seemed cool and attentive however and she was. She watched everything.




The day of her 17th birthday, she was roused by her mother in hushed tones, in the early dawn. Oddly, this was father's time of day... mother preferred evenings.

She was made to dress plainly, hurriedly and without questions. She began to veer towards father's room to tell him that she would see him for dinner but, mother quickly grabbed her arm and guided her away. Unknowingly... this was the last time she would see the inside of her father's house. The last time she would speak to her mother. The last time she would call anything, "hers".




She was greeted by two Aes Sedai in the Parlor. Two women she had never met before. She was suddenly and inexplicitly aware of what was to become of her. She glanced at her mother's hem, not meeting her eyes. She turned on her heels and immediately went to the Pony in the center. The two Aes Sedai, one a Blue and the other a Gray, had very few words with her mother and quickly mounted their horses. They turned to leave and Satin glanced at her mother eye to eye and felt a flooding of hatred for this cold and calculating woman. She hated her for not letting her say goodbye to her beloved father. Knowing, there was no turning back once the tower got a hold of you.

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