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Any one here play on a Xbox 360?

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I have a 360, but I don't play much. The last game I played was GTA 4. You should head over to the Seanchan Org. There are a lot of Xbox 360 players, who also play online.

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My partner and I are both 360 players at home.  Especially when the prime time season of television is off.  We've played Bioshock and LOVED it.  Interesting little tidbit...There is a Bioshock movie being made and there is a link to the trailer on youtube here: 

it actually looks pretty good...although I think there are a couple of scenes in the trailer that are still animated at this point.


Other games we have fallen completely in love with:  Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion, Ninja Gaiden II, and we're both DYING to see Fable 2 when it comes out this Fall.  It will be one of those rare games that we will buy the day it comes out, and then spend the following week wringing as much content out of it as possible.  You can see clips of some of the game play here:  http://www.gamespot.com/search.html?type=11&stype=all&tag=search%3Bbutton&qs=fable+2 if you click on movies you can view some of them.  As a matter of fact, Gamespot in general is a really good site to look up just about any game that's been made and get a feel for whether you would be interested in it or not before you run out and spend money on it.


Hope that's what you were looking for.

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