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DreamWalker Score Table

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(The old BB code doesn't work on DM8 so you're getting a screen print from proboards instead. This is up to date at 8th May 2013.)





Note: The following is only a general explanation to what a Dreamwalker should be able to do at each DS (Dream Score). Both Wolfkin and Shayol Ghul have a different system. If there are any questions they can be directed to your respective RP Group Leader or Staff.


Talents within the PSW are assigned to each RP Group in set amounts. For Dreamwalking the figures are as follows:


Aiel (FL) - 5

BT - 2

CotS - 2

Seanchan (FL) - 1
WT - 2

WK - Special, all Wolfkin have this ability.


Untrained (0-5)

A new Dreamwalker who has just discovered their potential can do things only intuitively, in a way that is comparable to a Wilder channeling. At first, entering and leaving the Dreamworld is haphazard and usually you fade out when you get too exhausted. In the beginning the Dreamwalker has almost no control of their own appearance and surroundings but gradually very strong random thoughts start to effect their surroundings. With time, more conscious control of their own appearance (e.g. dresses don't flicker any more) will bring the ability to alter their surroundings in small ways such as changing a chair into a sofa or a birch tree to a juniper.

Entering and leaving T'A'R also becomes more effortless and staying requires no concentration. The highest accomplishment for a Wolf Cub or a Wise One apprentice is summoning simple objects to use in the Dream (like weapons, clothes and basic furniture) and having good enough control of their own appearance that they can wear whatever they want.


Dreamer (6-10)

As the Dreamwalker advances in their skill, their mastery of their own appearance and surroundings gets better so that they can, for example, look like someone else. They can summon more complex objects to use in the Dream (e.g. a horse to ride, an a'dam, a 3D map, herbs that actually have an effect) and have a heightened control of surroundings in a limited area (e.g. change one room to look like something else).

More expert Dreamwalkers can initially Step from one location to another where they have been before and, with practice, they can Step to any location. By the time they are  skilled enough with Dreamwalking to teach others the basics of it, they can use Need to locate objects and people who are in T'A'R. They also have an excellent control of surroundings in a limited area so that they can do slightly miraculous things like flying or hurling objects.

All Wolfsisters/brothers and Dreamwalking Wise Ones are at least in a Professional category.


Dreamwalker (11-15)

Elite Dreamwalkers learn the neat trick of entering Tel'Aran'Rhiod when they are half awake in the real world and still partially aware of their surroundings there. They can also enter the black space between the Dreams and locate people who are not in T'A'R and speak into their dream. They are able to alter the appearance of other people in the Dreamworld and peek into the dreams of specific sleepers.

By the time Dreamwalkers have great enough control of their surroundings to create whole sceneries including buildings and can hold still flickering images of real life items like changing messages in a box, they possess the highest rank possible for those who do not consciously train Dreamwalking frequently. Truly Elite Dreamwalkers can follow other people Stepping in the Dreamworld and they are even able to lock other people to prevent them leaving T'A'R. Last but not least they can forcibly pull others into their own Dream where they are in full control.

Not many Wolfkin ever reach this level and go beyond it but it is possible for the Sages and Watchers who utilize the Dreamworld often in their trade. Wise Ones with many decades under their belt might also become part of the elite or unsurpassed.


**To achieve any higher DS than 12 (DS 14 for Wolfkin) you will need Admin Permission**

Da'es Asa'Aran (16-20)

At this level the character is recognized as a Master Dreamwalker by all who see their skill and know anything about T'A'R. They can penetrate Dream wards and enter protected dreams of channelers and Warders.

With even more practice they can become the best and most skilled in the world, the highest level of ability that can be reached in a normal lifetime or even current Age channeler lifetime.


* The only non Wolfkin to hold this level of skill is Covina of the Aiel with a DS of 16. It is an extremely rare achievment.

** The only PC Wolfkin to hold this level of skill are Owen (Head Ranger) and Miryana (Head Sage) with a DS of 18 and 20 respectively.


Additions & Changes

Details correct at time of posting. Please notify Taymist via PM of any updates or corrections required.

Credit to: Arie Ronshor (Andrea Collet) for the original compilation of this table.

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