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Home sweet home (attn Tig and Sage)


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~ Granted, you only have two legs, but that doesn't mean you can't use them, black cub ~


Lorelai grumbled. Seth and herself were close to the stedding and it was a half day's walk away. But sadly Lorelai woke up with a cramp in her left leg which seemed to have made it a whole day's walk. It seemed the cold night did not agree with her. Seth was very polite and proper, walking in her pace. Yet Nightfall was less understanding. Unsurprisingly, at that.


~ What's the hurry? You got someone waiting for you, Nightfall? You naughty beast, you ~


Nightfall growled and gave Lorelai a long sharp glare. Lorelai avoided her eyes. Holding her stare would have required concentration she lacked at the moment, since it was being used for her merits to avoid the throbbing pain. It seemed like she'd be joining Seth in the visit at the Sage. A muscle relaxing ointment would definitely help. Lorelai just hoped it wouldn't smell too horrible.


"Finally!". Lorelai gave Nightfall a look and turned to Seth. "Come Seth, follow me. We're home!". Lorelai led Seth into the Stedding. Nightfall parted ways, as she decided to go hunt on her own. "The first thing on the agenda is to get you to a Sage. Don't worry, it's routine. Just to make sure you're healthy and well. And I'll be right there with you as I need some treatment myself." Locating the infirmary, Lorelai led Seth in.






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Ache. That is all that Seth felt. He was really un-used to mountains. He prefered hills or plains. Mountains just didn't agree with his calves. They ached like they were on fire, but it appeared that Lorelai was also having troubles. His spirit was lifted as his guide suddenly declared. "We're home". he had never had a home, so to speak. His home travelled with him, but it had never been a specific place before. It would be an interesting experience, but he felt as if he would enjoy it. He saw a few buildings from afar, but was shortly overcome with a strange feeling of...peace. Never before in his eighteen years of following the Way of the Leaf had he felt such a feeling of ease and contentment.  Maybe 'home' would be better than he expected.


"The first thing on the agenda is to get you to a Sage. Don't worry, it's routine. Just to make sure you're healthy and well. And I'll be right there with you as I need some treatment myself."


The shaggy-haired boy nodded and went ahead of her into the building. It smelled like herbs and was a mixture of overpowering with relaxing. It was nice. He went furhter in the door to meet this Sage.


Seth Roses


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OOC: Sorry about the wait, Tiglet, *prostrates and grovels*




Aislyn looked up at the sound of someone coming through the door. Setting aside the sock she was darning and shaking her head at the pile she still had left to do, she stood up and went into the hall to greet the visitors.


"Lorelai! How nice to see you." Aislyn smiled warmly and waited for Lorelai to introduce her to the newcomer. Once the introductions had taken place, Aislyn sized up the new lad. "I'm pleased to meet you, Seth. You must be cold and hungry, lets go into the warm and sit down." So saying, she ushered them both into the warmth of the room she'd been sitting in and directed a passing trainee to fetch a tray with Tea and a light supper.


Whilst they were awaiting the trainee to return, Aislyn studied the young boy in front of her. He seemed quite happy and content, though he seemed weary and footsore, most wanderers were, and her sharp eyes couldn't help but notice that Lorelai was also trying hard not to limp and had sat down gingerly, favouring her left leg.


"Whilst we're waiting for supper, how about I fix you both a salve for those aches and pains?" Aislyn asked, moving to do so as she spoke. In short order she'd mixed two lots of salve and returned, giving one to Lorelai with a smile and some instructions of how to apply and placing the other next to Seth.


"We'll apply this after you've eaten and had a bath." As Aislyn spoke the trainee came in with a tray laden with tea things and hot nourishing soup.


Deftly Aislyn dismissed the trainee with thanks and had shared out the food and poured hot tea for Seth and Lorelai. Once the meal was finished and Seth seemed replete, Aislyn asked him if he had any questions.



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