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Andrew Joseph Denzel

Born 6/28/2008

7 lbs, 15 oz

19 inches long



And no, this isn't Jason's big WoT news announcement. It's just lucky timing. =)

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Woooooooo! Congrats, Jase and Mrs.!


Sounds like a healthy baby boy with a great name!


And if you rearrange the first four letters of it, you get... ;D

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Good point, Shendare!  That's officially his new nickname.  To hell with A.J. - henceforth, Andrew Joseph shall be known as Nard!




Mazal tov, Jason (and wife).  Fatherhood is a blast.

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Congrats J-Denz. 


Now, remember that one time, back in 99 when I kept quiet that incident involving you, Darksmoon, and a particularly large jar of mayonaise? 


Well I'm calling in that favor because I think I should be named the Godfather.






No I'm pretty sure you can't call the police on me for trespassing in this thread. 




Because we're on a website and stuff I'm pretty sure you can't.








*looks around for the police*




Okay this one time *edges away*  I'll go away. But I'll be back in greater numbers.




Ya know, once I work out this whole cloning thing.



Serious like

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