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For the world's future... & our family (attn. Muir)


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Telcia let Iussi's absence go on from the Tower for one full hour (having packed and made herself ready to go) all before making her move, hoping it would be long enough that anyone still staring would have come to her senses by now.


There was no question that Muirenn knew her great nephew-in-law had thumbed his nose at all sense and ettiquette and had returned for a brief visit to his wife. Someone would have run straight to her upon seeing him even before the Amyrlin herself if only because it involved her.


However, after recent revelations of the Messenger's Ter'Angreal (what they'd all been calling it lately) she hoped none among them could nay-say him that right. Like it or not, he was her husband and she had every right to lay beside him one night, taking comfort in his arms with Tarmon Gaidon so near them. The problem was, she had every reason now to believe there was at least one black among her sisters... someone who must have hated her to her very bones to have tormented her this way, because certainly she and her tiny children were not so very important to the Dark One as to single her out this way for him?


She hoped.


Down the long hallway she made her way before knocking on the oldest Sister's room... her Aunt Muirenn. She's going to be furious, but I won't be a coward. She deserves to know this crazy plan first hand and more importantly... I have to warn her of the danger. I won't leave her ignornant.


Knocking only a short bit, she turned the knob and entered swiftly similtanous to Muirenn's curt "Enter." Already in her mind she could see the woman trying to comfort her over having made the 'right' choice of telling the 'boy' to leave without her.


"Sister..." She says softly with a nod of respect, "I am afraid we need to discuss some weighty news with an eye to privacy. If you have the time to speak with me now..., may I weave us the circle of silence so we can begin?" Silent as the dead she waited for her Aunt's reaction and reply.


oc: Muir, we need to touch base oocly and discuss this. I think got good stuff for you & me. :)

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