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Rarg bio (double CC)


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Name: Rarg

Race: Yeti

Hair color: White

Eyes: Black

Teeth: Sharp

Height 15 ft

Weight: 500 lbs


History: Born in the mountains of mist Rarg was orphaned at an early age. Being a young Yeti on his own was hard but Rarg learned quickly and soon realized he was more powerful than the other beasts in the mountains. Killing and random Rarg soon became quite adapt at the art.


Rarg grew quickly and by age 10 he was already 10ft tall and a terror to his victims. When Rarg reached maturity a strange thing happened, he became angry one day and the mountains began to shake. Rarg realized he could channel and decided to head to the White Tower to train. Much to his surprise when he arrived he was shunned by the citizens because he ate a few. When he finally received and audience with the Mistress of Novices he was dejected to find that he channeled the male half of the one power and they could not help him.


Instead of despairing over this fact Rarg instead used the one power to seduce several Aes Sedai’s and take them as lover. This was frowned upon by some in the White Tower but Rarg just ate them if any objected.


Now almost 20 Rarg has decided to leave Tar Valon and travel the world killing at random and using the one power for destruction. A group of teary eyed Aes Sedai saw him off and he ate two of them as he bid the White Tower farewell. His quest for power now began and the light only knew where it would lead him.

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