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Melenis Stormgate's Report (WS 12 atm)


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Figured i'd gather everything in the first post, for easier referrence. Yes Mat, i did read the rules, but i'm not actually requesting WS in this one. It just makes it easier to copy-paste the next req ;D


WS 1 --> 2


- Evaluation: Physical Training (Complete)


WS 2 --> 3


- Basic Forms: Training With a Warder!


WS 3 --> 4


- City Survival: Life in the Big City


WS 4 --> 5


- Wilderness Survival: Out into the World


WS 5 --> 6


Final Steps: Sent to email.


WS 6 --> 7


Tower Guard Ceremony: Triple Raising


WS 7 --> 8


- Advanced Survival: Loraine Sedai, Kynwric, Thera and the Merry Band of Trainees Finish a Trip


WS 8 --> 9


- In The Town: And...the Fantastic Four are Raised(Raising Party)


WS 9 --> 10


- Advanced Forms: One more step on the path - Advanced Forms (Attn: Kynwric and Tower Guards)


WS 10 --> 11 (2 reqs needed)


- Social Call: Of Stables, Horses and surprises (attn. Selene and Co)

- Bruising Time: For the last time Mr. Reeves, you do NOT know kung fu


WS 11 --> 12 (2 reqs needed)


- Wake Up Call (Pt 1): Bringing the Darkness Home?

- Wake Up Call (Pt 2): A dreary little trip... (Bringing the Darkness Home cont.)

- Training Trainees: Channelers to Fighters (ATTN: Zeveria) (One student, one WS)

- Training Trainees: Learning how to dance... like an Aiel? (Attn:Veria) (One student, one WS)



Pending approval:


Trees don't bite...or do they? (Attn: Melenis)


Don't think you're done yet (Melenis) (Cunning)


Open RP ((Open to all, Come spar for the fun of it))


Murder: Victim #4 (Punishment)


Fire in the Sky (Longest Yard)

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Yup, like i said, noticed i was misreading it according to the old req.


On a sidenote, what's the deal with Final Steps? I sent it in a while ago, but i'm not sure how it'll be handled from here. Do i just send it in and BAM, done, or do i need to do something else as well?

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warders[dot]mot[at]gmail[dot]com, the same email that's listed on the digitalglitch site.


Subject name: Final Steps (Melenis)


Sent: 8/15/2008


It's in my Sent items folder so that means it was submitted okay, so yeah... Odd that it doesn't show up for you then :S

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