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Whodunnit! Game Thread!

Winter Mist

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The Manor House Murder


Conversation was a buzz; all around the flames flickering and casting light in the mirrored sconces, mingling and creating an atmosphere that spoke of the highest of social occasions.  Guests in fine costumes of various shades of silk were enough to make it seem a softly shimmering rainbow.  Every nationality was represented; the Lady Jayne Talman knew that her functions were of the highest importance.  The Queen of Andor herself was reputed to have sent a polite note stating her inability to attend.  It created a ripple of rumour that all wanted to discuss and yet they did not.


The evening began to draw to a close.  Those guests that lived too far out were beginning to make their graceful withdrawals and, wont to linger to ensure all of her guests had enjoyed themselves, the Lady Jayne stifled a yawn behind her hand.  Maids began to clean away the last vestiges of the night’s revelry and as the last guest faded from the grand ballroom, Lady Jayne moved to retire herself.  She gestured to one of her maids to prepare some scented water for her; rose, naturally, and bidding the room farewell until the morning, she made her way to her rooms.


The maids hung her dress on a hanger and placed it back in the wardrobe to allow the creases to fall out of it.  Outside her window, where a balcony overlooked the street below, sounds of those just making their way to work could be heard.  The party had lasted well into the early hours of the morning – no wonder the Lady was tired.  Maids pulled the coverlet up over her shoulders and with a soft sigh, the Lady settled down to sleep.


Daylight blazed through the windows, and the maids began the day’s bustle.  Here and there the odd servant crept to clean her rooms, hoping not to disturb their mistress, and the faint call of birds issued amid the industry.  When the lady had not risen by gone mid-day, the maids began to wonder if their mistress was somehow taken ill.  One braver soul, her chestnut hair in curls kept back with a single white ribbon, went towards the pale hand that extended from the duvet and patted it.


It was cold.


Reaching to tug the coverlet down and wake her mistress, the bold maid gave a startled gasp as she saw the Lady’s sightless blue eyes staring at nothing.  Her mouth was open, at that point mirroring the maid’s own shock.  And then the maid’s eyes fell to the dagger that still protruded from her Lady’s heart, blood staining the blankets around her with their crimson. 


It is a scream that wakes you, that reaches into your mind and makes you rise with a question on your lips and a self-appraisal to make sure that you yourself are not hurt.  You pat at your clothes and reach frantically for your belongings to make sure all is present, as a scream of such shock could only have come from something impossibly negative.  One by one, you make your way to the grand ballroom where just hours before you were enjoying an evening of gracious hospitality, and you seat yourself where you can.  Someone has thoughtfully laid on some wine to help ease the shock.  You look and you see me tapping my lip with a finger and writing little notes in a diary, and when I speak, all eyes turn to me. 


“My name is Wynne Termist.  Whether you heard the screams or not, you should be aware that the Lady Jayne Talman was found in her bed this morning, dead from a knife thrust to the heart.  The servants say that no one has left the manor house and none of the windows have been opened, which means that one or perhaps more of you is responsible.”  She looked at those assembled and tried to assess each of them before the truth was unveiled.  Impossible.  The murderer would have to be discovered in some other way. 


“None of you will leave until this mystery is solved, ladies and gentlemen.  As for my credentials, I am a thief taker by trade and it is my job to get to the bottom of this murder so we can send for the guard.  Please be so kind as to introduce yourself to all of us.”




Out of Character/Context – This game will take the form of a slightly modified classic mafia game.  There are the following roles:









One by one, role-play your arrival into the grand ballroom and introduce yourself, not giving any indication of your true role.  Only the murderers can communicate with each other outside of this thread, except for those with night actions for the moderator.


I am the moderator.  Wynne Termist, thief taker, is going to get to the bottom of this.


When day has lasted long enough or by a maximum of four days has passed, I will lynch the person with the most votes. 


If you have not received a PM, you are a roleless innocent.  Do not disclose the contents of PMs from the Mod (me) in your posts!  All roles have been randomly assigned.


It is now DAY!  RP talking with everyone and your thoughts and suspicions, voicing them if you want them to be heard.  When you want your vote to be heard BOLD it so I know how many votes have been cast for each person.




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The party had gone on a long time, and as part of the entertainment, that meant her shifts had continued until the last of the guests had gone to retire as well. Tired, both physically and mentally, Charlene retreated to the servants quarters she had been assigned to for the night, for no employer would kick their entertainment out in the streets at that late an hour. Not and be able to afford any at a decent price once word spread amongst the gleemen, anyway.


Having said that, a blood-curdling scream isn't exactly the most favorable thing to wake up to, but a brief checkup told the silver haired girl that her belongings -- and, more importantly, herself -- remained untouched by whatever disaster had just occurred. Given that her own clothing was still being cleaned after some jackass of a servant had tripped over his own feet and spilled wine all over it, she put on the outfit she had danced in the night before. Obviously of domani make, it showed way more skin that she had intended to, but the Lady Talman had paid her well to distract her guests' minds off of everyday events, and security was unseen, yet secure.


Showing up in the grand ballroom, she frowned, wondering what the commotion had been about. Some of the servants looked absolutely shocked, and she herself winced as she heard the reason for their gathering. Crap, how am i supposed to get paid now... At the thief-taker's question, she introduced herself before sitting down, mentally cursing like a wagondriver about being accused of a crime.


- "I'm Charlene, the Lady Talman hired me as a dancer for tonight a week or so ago."

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Kairaen's eyes skimmed over the last set of figures notated in the small leather bound book before her as she mentally added them up. The total was very satisfying.


Business is good, a small smile curved the corners of her mouth upwards as she contemplated the deals made during the ball the previous night. A few more months like this and I can expand further and increase my stock.


Standing gracefully, Kair stretched to ease her back and flipped one length of glossy black hair over her shoulder. She had not slept. The ball had finished in the early hours of the morning and, knowing that she'd feel worse if she had but a few hours of rest, she'd elected to work instead. She did not drink much, so her head was free of those ill effects that others might be plagued by when they awoke today.


Sliding the precious book carefully into a concealed pocket under the pale lavender silk skirts of her dress, Kair smoothed the soft material a final time and prepared to go in search of breakfast. As her fingers curled around the ornate door handle, a blood curdling scream ripped through the building, bringing her head up and making her jump back as though scalded.


"Blood and bloody ashes!! What the..." her almond shaped eyes widened in shock and her ears strained to hear any further noise. She was hesitant to leave the room now, dreading what waited on the other side of the door. That had been no ordinary scream. It spoke of horror, terror, disbelief....


Long moments later a sharp rap fell on the outside of the door and Kair stared at its wooden panelling as though she might be able to see right through it before pulling herself together and reaching tentatively to open it. A maidservant stood there, her face pale as new fallen snow, stuttering briefly before issuing a summons to the ballroom and then rushing off to the next room.





She was one of the first to arrive downstairs, having an advantage in being already awake and dressed, and chose a seat to one side where she could watch the door. Gradually the other guests filed in, each face filled with curiousity or fear, some few completely blank and she nodded politely to those she'd encountered the previous night.


The thief taker took the floor once they had all gathered and the explanation behind the morning's commotion had Kair reaching for a glass of wine and burying her face in it until she could compose herself. By the time she looked up, her face was wiped clean of any emotion and her hard eyed gaze was avidly scanning the room to watch the reactions of its other occupants.


Lady Jayne had been a good customer, an intelligent and gentle woman and Kair was angered by this turn of events. Who could possibly have wanted her dead? I can't imagine her even having enemies. The thief taker's final words registered and she brought her attention back to the present as the dancer replied first.


"I am Kairaen Bayanar," she then stated succinctly and vouchsafed nothing further.


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The scream started Kory from the pleasure filled haze she had drifted off into sometime around sunrise. She blinked at the light until it stopped blinding her and began to extricate herself from the tangle of arms and legs that filled the bed she had chosen for the night. Though she was loathe to leave the pleasantly warm press of sweaty bodies she had slept in, the memory of that scream drew her into a washroom to cleanse herself.


She stood in front of a tall mirror and admired her figure before donning her discarded dress. She waggled her hips at herself and smiled. Last night had been extremely productive. She'd have to be sure to make a count of her conquests on her way back out.


She stepped back out into the room fully clothed and a grin spread widely over her face at the sight of six people slowly rising from the bed she just left. Four of them were men, all of them house staff -- she couldn't help but adore dabbling in common folk -- but the two ladies disentangling themselves from the heap looked more familiar. Could she have seen them at the party last night? She certainly remembered the touch of a woman's lips, but nothing of seducing one or inviting any to join in. Shrugging to herself she put it out of mind. They were either quests or servants and she didn't really care. Last night had been too fun for caring.


Smiling at everyone in the room, she attempted to straighten some of the wrinkles in her dress, smoothed her dangerously wild hair, and stepped out into the hall.






Entering the grand ballroom Kory let out a small sigh of relief. Wine! she thought happily. Just the thing to ease the beginning of this dreadful hangover. Making a bee-line for a glass, she eagerly downed half of it before noting the somber looks on the faces around her. Lowering her glass from her lips and swallowing slowly she said, "What? Did somebody die?"


The scream played back and she stopped talking suddenly. When asked to introduce herself, she said in a reserved tone, "Kory Ni, Lady of the Court of Arad Doman."



(OOC: I decided to have some fun and leave the spots of the females open to pick up by any of you players interested. If no one picks them up they'll simply be nameless housing staff I guess. :p)

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(OOC :- Wishes he was female. That sounded like fun)


Dae heard the scream, and instantly reached for his dirk, left carefully within arms reach on the table. Eyes adjusting to the gloom he scanned his room from his bed, carefully checking the shadows for figures. Satisfied as to the emptiness of the room, Dae relaxed and swung his legs out of the bed. It never paid to bejavascript:void(0);

Angry to careful, regardless of how rich the bed you slept in.




Within a short time, Dae was fully clothed once more. His padded jacket was less protection than his regular battle armour, but it was at least something. If anything, Dae wished for his glaive, Triskelion, to hand. Dirks and daggers were all very well but there was something satisfying about such a big weapon. Still, something was better than nothing, and stalking down the corridors, long green coat fanning out behind him, Dae certainly struck an intimidating character.


Turning one last time, he entered the main ballroom. The excesses of last night had been cleared away, and a few seats placed carefully in the centre of the room. Some were already occupied. Daetirion noticed one of the entertainers from last night and a few others sat, and a rather dominant female stood within the centre. Waiting till all the other guests had filtered back into the room, Dae appeared relaxed, but his slumped position was due to his mind being deep in thought, working through the likely reason of the scream.


Following the more dominant female's short and succinct summary of events, Dae concluded it was best to cooperate with this theiftaker. The sooner he rejoined the Band, with payment the better. Those who arrived before him made their introductions, and soon it came to Dae...


"I am known as Daetirion, and i hold the rank of BannerCaptain within the Band of the Red Hand. I have no wish to murder an employer, particularly before payment has been exacted. I will have my money, and the murderer will be punished".


Sitting back, Dae studied the reactions and waitied for those who entered after to make their introductions

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Thea was hovering on the brink of sleep and wakefulness when the scream shattered the peace of a new dawn.  She sat upright in the bed, wondering what had happened to elicit such a scream.  This wasn't the cry of a new maid who had found a mouse in her room, nor was it the cry of someone caught in a dream; this was a cry of terror, and it chilled her, even despite the warmth of the far too soft bed.  She pushed aside the covers and got up, her mind racing.


She dressed quickly in the clothes she had set out the night before; a white cotton blouse with flowers embroidered around the collar and cuffs and a long, heavy green skirt.  Today she was supposed to have travelled to the next commission, but there was plenty of leeway in the travelling time she had planned.  Time enough to see what was going on, at any rate.  She twisted her hair up into a bun, absently secured it in place with one of her clean paintbrushes, and headed for the door, picking up her sketchbook and a pencil as she went.


As she stepped out of her room she nearly bumped into a maid, who delivered a note to her.  Her task done, the maid quickly scampered off in another direction, and Thea gasped as she first opened and then read the note.  How could something like this happen?  Trying to get her thoughts into order, she made her way to the grand ballroom, the very place where she had had such a pleasant evening the night before.  Obviously, this would be an ideal place for people to gather and give evidence where they could all be closely watched, but... that meant that they were all suspects, didn't it?


A few minutes later, Thea pushed open the doors to the ballroom and went inside, noticing that there were some people there already.  She decided against having a glass of wine and instead seated herself in a rather plain chair by the wall, taking the time to compose herself by looking around the room and noticing all of the details in the decoration and antiquities, followed by each of the people present so far.  Finally, at the end of her look around the room, she noticed the figure of the thief taker.  So this was the person who would unravel the mystery.


Standing still and upright, stern as stone, the thief taker glanced at her, and Thea met that gaze calmly.  Rising slowly, she turned to face the woman and nodded once, pleased that she didn't look as out of her depth as she felt.  These sorts of things just didn't happen to artists.  "My name is Thea Taisse, an artist from Jehannah.  I came here to paint two pictures of the gardens and grounds, and once they were complete, the Lady Talman suggested that I attend her party as a token of her gratitude."



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Myst stood in front of her window, looking out on to the street, going over the evening once more. She never did get used to these wetlanders' way of socialising. Becoming Aes Sedai had not stilled her Aiel heart one tiny bit and she clung to whatever part of her past life she could that would not compromise her life as a Sister. She had made her choice in the Arches, long ago, and she would not turn back on them now. Still, the Maiden in her had never died and probably never would. One of the things she clung to as a hawk grasping it's prey was that she would never drink anything other than water. So she did not experience the same effects that liquer tends to force on people. You did not survive the waste if you didn't have a clear head, after all. In fact, you were lucky to survive it with a clear head at that. She had been lucky, though it had taken a long time for her to consider it so.


Grimacing at the memory she turned from the window and sat down at her desk, preparing to write her report as a bone chilling scream errupted from somewhere outside her door. The Maiden in her would have been out the door in a flash, spears in hand, veil lifted, ready to face whatever was heading her way. But Myst was Aes Sedai now, and years of training and tutoring under Cadsuane had seen her perfecting the skill of serenity in all and every situation. Rising from her chair, Myst took up her cloak and fastened it in front of the standing mirror. Straightening her dress and putting some strayed hairs back in place, she opened the door to a horrified maidservant as the girl was about to knock on her door. Her face perfectly schooled, she looked at the girl in such a way that had her bobbing a curtsey on the spot and wringing her hands in nervous anxiety for having disturbed a Sister. Cadsuane would be pleased, Myst thought sourly. She herself never did see the use of scaring the wits out of people.


"What is it Child?" She asked the girl, who quickly informed her that there had been a murder and if the Aes Sedai would please join the thief taker in the ballroom, if it pleases her? Myst was already turning and heading towards the indicated room before the girl had finished, wondering what she had gotten herself in to this time. Taking measured steps, not hurrying but not hanging back either, Myst entered the room a picture image of Aes Sedai serenity. Her mind was racing, her heart was fueling, yet none of it showed on her face or in any of her actions or posture.


Listening intently to the Thief Taker's explanation and examining each of the persons that spoke before, Myst introduced herself short and to the point.


"My name is Myst Cari'Yena, Aes Sedai of the White Tower, a Sister of the Green Ajah."

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OOC: Well I AM female..and it sounds like fun! ;)



Kara was jerked awake from a very pleasant dream by the sound of a heart rending scream, she wasn't sure whether it was in her dream or outside of it. Kara listened but could hear nothing more. It didn't take long for her to remember where she was...it had been a very fun night! She heard someone walk across the room and she raised her head in time to see a shapely womanly figure exit. Kara smiled to herself and patted the cheek of the male servant lying half across her. "You'll have to move now, my precious."


Getting out of bed, Kara stretched languorously and chuckled softly at remembering the nights events, quickly she gathered up her clothes from where they'd been scattered around the room...for some reason one of her stockings was draped over a picture on one of the walls, she could not find the other...but not to worry, she had plenty.


Pausing only to pull her shift over her head she opened the door and walked with a satisfied air down the corridor to her room to get refreshed and changed.






At the maids insistent knocking and subsequent stammer, Kara consented to go to the Ballroom and sit with the others. She looked around the room at the other guests and took a glass of wine off the proffered tray. Kara reflected that it was a good thing she had a head for alcohol...quite a few people had attempted to drink her under the table only to find she could drink far far more than they. She was also one of those infuriating people that didn't get hangovers. She raised a shocked hand to her lips at the news of the hostess's demise and wondered who could have done such a thing and nodded at the thief takers assertion that they must find the Killer.


She sipped her wine and listened to the sometimes eloquent, sometimes curt introductions before standing up gracefully and making her own.


"My name is Kara Jay'Alon, I was invited here to look at the Lady's extensive book collection, and of course to socialise." She smiled around the room warmly.

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Omen scrubbed the silvers feverishly until they sparkled, swearing never to serve again in a ball in one of those fancy mansions. She let her friend fill her head with pleasantries, convincing her it was good to try something unfamiliar and that an experience in such an event would be glamorous. But as far as Omen was concerned, it was equal to serving in a bar, minus the fancy dress.


But it was long over and it was morning. All that was left was to help the maids to achieve a resemblance of a mansion, get paid, and leave. At least she knew for sure that she was good at getting paid and leaving. The first thing, however, remained to be seen. The only thing that carried her through the torturous service was the coin that was promised. She had to admit it was rather generous, probably the most coin she earned in one day's work. Maybe it was worth it after all.


Omen dropped a silver inlaid fork when she heard a sharp scream pierce the air. She picked it up hurriedly and rushed to the main kitchen, hoping someone would know what the commotion was about. A few moments later, Omen found herself seated with every living soul in the mension. The one who was running the show was an unfamiliar person.


"My name is Wynne Termist.  Whether you heard the screams or not, you should be aware that the Lady Jayne Talman was found in her bed this morning, dead from a knife thrust to the heart.  The servants say that no one has left the manor house and none of the windows have been opened, which means that one or perhaps more of you is responsible. None of you will leave until this mystery is solved, ladies and gentlemen.  As for my credentials, I am a thief taker by trade and it is my job to get to the bottom of this murder so we can send for the guard.  Please be so kind as to introduce yourself to all of us."


Omen trembled at the mention of death. She waited her turn silently and only spoke when Wynne set her eyes on her. "My name is Omen Tellon. I was hired to help the maids in last night's ball. A temporary employee, as it were."





Omen Tellon

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Ratoc huddled in the scraps of his clothes, shivering in the dank sewers. He had been hiding there for the past day, having been kicked out of his previous hidey-hole by a bigger and slightly better fed bum. He tried not to think of food but couldn't stop the images of rinds of breads, rock hard cheeses and pieces of meat starting to go bad. To others those may seem like unwanted garbage, but for Ratoc it was a feast. His mouth started to water and his stomach grumbled in protest of being completely empty for the past 2 days. He tried to think of something else. Not the food, not the cold, something nice and pleasant. He couldn't think of a thing.


His head jerked up quickly, or as quickly as it could go, and he sniffed the air. He could smell food, he didn't know what food but it smelled delicious. Ratoc knew it must be close, or there was much of it for the smell to pierce the stench of the sewer. Personally, he didn't even notice the smell anymore, possibly because he smelled as bad as the sewer.


Slowly, Ratoc climbed out of his hole in the wall and followed his nose. Moving carefully because the floors were slippery, he came to a grate right above him. It was easily within reach since the sewer ceiling was barely higher than his head. Pushing against the grate, he was surprised to find it unlatched. Sliding it to the side, he used up most of his strength climbing up out of the hole then collapsed in exhaustion to the side.


When he finally had the strength to look to either side he was amazed to find shelves and shelves of food! It was mostly preserved foods such as cheeses, salted meats and jars of preserve and it looked beautiful. Ratoc could tell the smell didn't come from these items, it was probably from something up the wooden stairs at the other end of the cellar. He didn't care though, why go chase some smell when there was food right here?! Grabbing the nearest food he could reach, he tore into it.




He woke to a sudden jab to his side and looked around hastily, trying to figure out what was going on through the haze of sleep. It was only after a few moments he noticed the sword pointing directly at him, the tip only a couple inches away. He immediately tried to scramble back but hit the wall. He tried to find a way out but the two guards had him pinned. "I didn't do anything!" He tried to ignore the empty jars and broken wrappers around him.


The guards just glared at him, and tried not to breath in too deeply. Ordering him to stand up, they led him upstairs, one in front of him and another behind, the sword pressing against his back the entire time. He was finally led into a large room with many people. He barely noticed the people wrinkling their noses and moving away from him, he was used to it. He wasn't completely stupid and a glance around the room told him something important and serious was going on. Immediately he blurted out, "I didn't do it!"

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Muttering under his breath, Burgandy climbed out of bed and squinted at the mirror. He looked a mess and smelled worse, and the light was just way too bright. No, Burgandy mused, drinking so much as he did the previous night was not a good idea, and something that he should not try again, although he knew he would.


At the sound of a scream his eyes widen, and he clutches his head in sudden agony and drops to the ground whimpering. Hangover's, he thought, suck. After laying on the ground suffering for a while, he drags himself up to his washstand and washed his face, then tried to finger comb his hair. Giving up on that he starts making his way down to the hall, hoping to find some water there. Passing by the ballroom Burgandy bar Burgundy di Tigana looks in to see a crowd of people gathering there, curiosity getting the better of him he creeps in to see whats going on. The lady at the far end of the room, he can't remember her name, starts to speak...

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Her keen eyes took in the rest of the room, taking in every little detail.  So far there was nothing overly suspicious about any of them.  Uncrossing her slightly muscular legs, Wynne pushed herself to her feet and crossed to the sideboard, taking the stopper from a decanter of wine and pouring herself a small restorative measure.  She had been to see the body of the former Lady before coming to this room and, although she had seen some gruesome sights in her time, she had not been prepared for the amount of blood the woman had lost. 


Some of the people gathered had not yet identified themselves.  They would, in time.  They would have to really, if they wanted to either defend themselves or accuse anyone.  For now, she would have to progress matters along so that the killer could be brought to swift justice.


“I have already mentioned that at least one of you is a killer.  Now, talk amongst yourselves and see if you can pick up anything that might be of use.”  Wynne cleared her throat and looked sideways at someone, sharpening her gaze before turning it on each and every one of them to stress the importance of their gathering.  “We will take one person into custody when a consensus has been reached, and believe me, they will talk.  If they are a killer or have any other ulterior motive for being here, they will say it.”  Wynne cleared her throat.  “They will not return here though.  I doubt they will be in any condition to face company.”  A sardonic laugh escaped her lips.  She knew they would not be in any condition for company ever again.


“When you have reached your decision, embolden it on a piece of paper and pass it to me.  I shall count the votes and let you know who we will be, ah, removing.”  Wynne wet her lips with the wine and allowed a trickle to course down into her stomach.  “Rest assured that justice will be done, the Light willing.  Think carefully on whom you accuse.  Pass your accusations to me like this.”  She took a piece of paper from the sideboard and carefully wrote her own name on it.


My vote is:


Wynne Termist


“Commence your discussions and start accusing!  If I find your talks are getting too long winded without any accusations being made, I will take someone away at random and hand them over to a Questioner I know in the Children of the Light.”  Wynne made a face.  “You wouldn’t like their methods.  Were I you, I’d begin, and hurry about it!”


OOC – as there are people on LOA, it comes down to a simple majority.  The person with the highest votes will be ‘questioned’ ;)  Figs and mice, anyone?  Accuse, reason and vote!

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Charlene rolled her eyes at the way Wynne announced she would be running her investigation. The way she saw it, this whole thing was a complete scam, and the dancer's very stance almost broadcasted her annoyance to everyone in the room.


- "So, do that be how thief-takers work in Andor? 'Hi, someone got killed. Now do my job for me and hand me a culprit'? Fortune prick me, how do you even know the killer's here?"


As she talked, her voice oozing sarcasm and contempt out of every pore, it was clear that Charlene was getting agitated. This, in her eyes, was a complete mockery of justice, of the kind lords used to blame things they did on the common folk. She started waving her arms, angry now, as more and more slang started to creep in her voice. Take someone away at random... Who does that Darkfriend think she is?!? Despite being almost humanly impossible, the sarcasm rose even more to the point of open mockery, infuriated by this kind of power abuse.


- "As fer me? Yeah, ah killed her. I always carry a three-foot club up me arse to kill my employers. Light forbid i'd actually get paid. And before ye ask, NO, you can no check!"


Muttering some things that would best be unheard to the faint of heart, she almost tore a piece of paper from the sideboard, rapidly jotting down a name before tossing the crumpled piece of paper at Wynne's chest. A vein was throbbing in her temple as she glared at the woman before stomping back to lean against the wall.


My vote is:


Wynne Termist

For having the most doubtable sense of justice amongst us.

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Thea looked up at the thief taker, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the woman's words.  Questioned?  Deciding something like this was not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially since one of them was likely a murderer.  She wondered at what would be the best way to choose when not everyone was yet present, taking out her sketchbook and pencil and drawing something absently in the corner of one page.


Ordinarily, I wouldn't want to choose until everyone has had a chance to speak, she thought, but under the circumstances, I'll let fortune decide.  That seems fair.


Turning to a fresh page (as the little sketch she had done seemed like one she would keep and turn into a painting later on - if there was a later on) she wrote the names of the people around her in the room and then tore out the page.  She set her pencil behind her ear and folded the sheet of paper neatly, before tearing into strips the sections where she had written names.  With that done, she folded up the pieces of paper so that the names were obscured and put them into an empty bowl on the sideboard. 


Holding her breath, she reached her hand into the bowl and stirred the paper pieces around, until she drew one out entirely at random.  She kept her expression neutral as she read the name written there, hoping that fortune had given her the right answer.  She liked to think that luck had favoured her so far, providing her with many a beautiful sight to paint whilst she was on her travels, although the Creator probably had something to do with that.  She exhaled gustily and reached for the paper that Wynne had suggested they use, to write down the name she had drawn.


My vote is:


Kara Jay'Alon


Thea then folded the piece of paper and rose from her seat, crossing the floor slowly to hand her vote to the thief taker.  "If there are any revelations, I may need to change my vote, but for now, it stands."  When she returned to her seat, she couldn't believe how quickly the pleasantries of the night before had faded with that scream at dawn.


OOC:  I really did draw the name at random.  I have a little pile of pieces of paper with names on them right next to me. :)

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Dae carefully studied those in the room. Something struck him about one man, who seemed too perfect to be true. Cradling his head in his hands, either the man had the mother of all hangovers or it was an act designed to allay suspicion from him. This was no place for sentimentality, and therefore going by gut instinct, Daetirion wrote on his paper:

Burgandy bar Burgundy di Tigana


Ensuring his vote could be seen he held it nonchalently to one side. He'd maintain an eye on the others in case he was required to change it, but for now this was where his vote lay.

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Grumbling as he gets back from the kitchen with a freshly refilled pitcher of water in one hand, and a large glass in the other, he had already drank one pitcher while in the kitchen, he sits down at a table on the side of the room, and puts his drink down. Noticing the one named Daetirion trying to be seen without being too obvious, yet being somewhat obvious in doing so, he sees a card in the man's hand with his name on it. Frowning, Burgandy sucks back his glass of water and pours himself a new glass, not really sure what to do, and still not thinking clearly. Then he notices a glint of gold, head spinning to where it came from, he sees the all too familiar ageless face of an Aes Sedai.


Suddenly grinning, Burgandy sucks back his latest glass of water and walks over to Daetirion. He swipes the piece of paper from him, walks over to the table and writes a name on the back of the sheet. He knew this particular Aes Sedai. And he didn't like her, not one bit. Walking over to her he hands her the piece of paper, grins, and walks back to his water. Frowning at him, she looks at it, and immediately glares at him, seeing her name. Flipping it over she sees his name on it, and pales.


Burgandy turns back to his water and frowns, he was going to have to go back to the kitchen again, this pitcher was almost empty already.


Vote: Myst Cari'Yena

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Myst stood silently throghout the speech from the thief catcher, wondering how these tactics would reveal the true criminals. It seemed to her a very strange way of going about things, with an unlikely disregard for the innocent. Quite disturbed at the casual way these people seemed to be willing to sacrifice anyone, shooting around blindly, Myst was left with no choice as to abide by the thief catcher's ruling. She had given her word to Cadsuane that she would, and more than just the 3 Oaths kept her to her word. Ji'e'toh never forsaken, the former Maiden didn't need any binding oaths to keep her word.


Suddenly a man walked up to her, a haughty smirk on his face as he handed her a note. Seeing her name writen on it clearly, Myst cast him a look promising a talking to later on. Flipping the note over her breath caught and she slightly paled looking at the name written on the backside of the note. Immediately things made sence now and she wondered how in the name of the Creator luck could have been so bad for this one, of all those that had come to the Waste, would survive the encounter.


Schooling her face back to Aes Sedai serenity in the blink of an eye, Myst glided over to the table and picked up a blank note on which she wrote a single name. Now fully certain that this one deserved the pangs of justice, if not for this crime than many others before it, she handed the note to the thief catcher. The woman took the note with a nod of her head, acknowledging the sister's station and looked at the name.



Burgandy bar Burgundy di Tigana
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Kairaen kept her face as still as possible while they all listened to the thief taker's words. Her methods were unorthodox but made some sense. With no real clues this way was more likely to set the guests against each other and shake some information loose.


Still, it's a dangerous game to play. Too easy for some innocent to get caught up wrongly, Kairaen thought, keeping her lashes lowered to hide where her gaze settled, considering each of the guests in turn. She quickly dismissed the poor bedraggled creature that had been hauled in unceremoniously at the end. Most likely only looking for food and warmth and too easily spotted if he'd been anywhere near the bedrooms.


The Aes Sedai seemed an equally unlikely candidate bound by the three oaths to harm no-one. Kairaen was glad suddenly of all the bits of knowledge she'd gathered till now. They may seem useless but more than once it had stood her in good stead. Taking a long drink of her wine, her musings moved along to the next suspects. She couldn't recall who the man was but he was clearly suffering from a hangover. What were the chances he'd be in any fit state to commit murder last night? Unless it was a show of some kind.... a false facade... but she did not think so. In her experience, it was often the least obvious person who was capable of the greatest crimes.


It was a matter of a few minutes to work round the remaining guests, considering, discarding, pondering. By the time she had completed her mental circuit of the room, she was no nearer to being certain of a choice but stood gracefully and collected a piece of paper, writing clearly in an elegant flowing script.



Vote: Thea Taisse



She had not failed to miss the by play in the room, fascinated by the intrigue of the situation and the games already afoot as the guests jostled for advantage. Re-taking her seat and maintaining her silent vigil, Kairaen's fingers toyed absently with the end of the hair hanging over shoulder as she debated her next move.



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OOC - I've had a very trying week and am sorry for not replying sooner.  I shall post something in character during the next day or so.  No voting for the Mod, either ;)  I am above suspicion and cannot be voted for as I assigned the roles in the first place ;)


Also, can I please reiterate that no communication should take place between members except communicating with myself for a night action or for the killers.




Wynne looked around at the assembled people and smiled.  "So far we have the following votes:"  She looked at her list and began to read them out.


"Thea Taisse, one vote. 

Burgundy, two votes.

Myst, one vote and

Kara Jay'Alon, one vote."


Wynne looked at those that had not yet spoken.  "Do not be afraid to come forward and voice your suspicions.  Also, in this matter I am above suspicion, so do not seek to cast your votes at me.  You shall have a little while longer to put forward your arguments, but then one person must be eliminated."  She steepled her fingers.  "It is up to you."


OOC (again) - You'll have until Wednesday night at 5pm GMT for anyone else that wants to put their vote forward to do so, then the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

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OOC: I was sure I had posted. :-\


IC: Tye flew down the stairs, braids and bells flailing. He had been very rudely awakened by guards. Appearantly there was a murder he had slept through. So I'm a heavy sleeper. It's not my fault. Wynne had just rambled off the vote count when he got there, so he took a paper, scribled a name down, and handed it in. He had no idea what was going on.


The paper reads


Burgandy bar Burgandy di Tigana
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Kara looked around the room once more and chuckled to herself. This was rather fun, she could almost imagine she was in one of the murder mysteries she'd read so often.


Tapping her chin with a thoughtful expression, she regarded all in the room, dismissing the horrid creature the guards had dragged up from Light knows where.


The Aes Sedai...she mused, she'd heard that they were oath sworn not to harm anyone, but anyone who knows anything about Aes Sedai knows that they can twist things to their own uses.


Hmmm. Now what would My favourite Thief Taker do here? Kara mused and frowned in contemplation but eventually she shrugged.


Oh to hell with it!


Picking a name at random she wrote it down in an elegant hand then carefully blotted the paper before folding it and carrying it over the the Thieftaker.


Thea Taisse


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Kory looked around the room as she finished her wine. Setting the glass down she thought carefully over the wild accusations before setting the now empty glass down and speaking.


"We're all being a bit rash now, aren't we?" Looking around she saw that most were waiting to hear what she had to say. "This is a murder investigation, not the town mob. Let us at least try rationality before we begin throwing about wild accusations."


Taking a step forward she looked around. "First I'd ask for alibis, but who remembers what they did the night after a fabulous party like that one?" She mimed clutching at her head for emphasis. That merited a few chuckles.


"So barring that, why would anyone kill our dear hostess? Would an Aes Sedai stoop to murder? As I understand it their oaths stop them from harming people with the One Power, however there is nothing in their oaths that stop them from using a weapon." Watching the reactions carefully, she continued.


"Of course, that doesn't mean that she did it, but it does mean that she could. Something we would all be wise to bear in mind. Now as for the votes piling up against poor hung-over Burgundy, what has he done to be suspicious other than having a headache? Can any of you say in earnest that you are not feeling the effects of last night as well?" The looks on the faces around her confirmed her words.


"So who among us has acted suspiciously? The man who accuses blindly and waves his vote about for all to see?" She eyed the man known as Daetirion carefully.


"But no, I think I prefer the woman who picks completely at random. Why should the killer bother seeking the killer through logic? Random deaths only aid the murderer."


Turning to the table she lifted a sheet of paper from it and scrawled the name quickly before turning back to face the room. "As uncertain as I am at this point of sending anyone off to a questioner, there is one among us who, logically, is more suspicious than any other, isn't that right Thea?"


Thea Taisse

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Thea sighed.  She was beginning to think it had been a bad idea to come all this way after all.


She turned and looked at the woman who had just suggested her for questioning, citing her reason of choosing at random as plain evidence of guilt.  "By all means, place your vote on me, as it will reduce the amount of suspects in this, but I don't see how there is any information at all to go on. We have only just got here, after all, and have not even heard from all those present.  Besides, it appears that someone else has chosen at random," she said, gesturing to Kara,  "and yet this is less suspicious than my vote?"


She opened her sketchbook and started to draw.  She had often heard that artists grew more famous after their death, but she doubted anything good could come from this situation.  She was tempted to just get up and go to the thief taker herself.


"Logic will help us, indeed, but we have precious few facts to use this logic on," she went on, sketching the gathering with a quick hand.  The darkness of the pencil she had chosen somehow made everyone look guilty.  "I could suggest that everyone is simply seizing on someone's name and the most flimsy of reasons just to give someone to that vulpine-looking thief taker over there.  If it is to be me, fair enough."

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He stumbled back into the room, almost falling to his knees as a guard prodded him in the back. They had taken him out for a quick, COLD bath that seemed to get most of the stench and grime off of him. Considering his full stomach, this was probably the highest point of his life so far. Other than being a room with at least one murderer. The guards had also given him some very old clothes, things the servants were going to toss out, yet they were still better than the rags he wore earlier.


He had spent quite some time during the bath thinking about the hunt of the murderer and despaired that he would be picked since he was most definitely the lowest class in the ballroom. Nobles and such always looked down on the poor. Still, he supposed he had to pick somebody, though he didn't know anything about anybody in the room. Walking over to the thief catcher, he gave his guess. "That one," he said, randomly flinging out his arm to point at somebody. It landed on some woman. "I think I overheard somebody call her Thea."


Vote: Thea Taisse

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"Do not be afraid to come forward and voice your suspicions.  Also, in this matter I am above suspicion, so do not seek to cast your votes at me."


- "I do be sure y'are, hun. Think you could share some of the evidence you've seen? 'Blame anyone but me' do no be cutting it looking fer a murderer, do you no agree?"


Having calmed down a bit -- though not by much -- Charlene's voice wasn't as loud as it had been earlier when the thief-taker told them what she'd like them to do. The sarcastic undertone was still undeniably there though, the tone giving the impression she was talking to an eight year old. Despite the situation she was in, it still felt... satisfying given the amount of anger that was still lingering inside of her.

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