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Arath's Progress (WS 12-13 In Progress)

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You filled the reqs but a PC would have been nice to have been included.  Will discuss in staff you have completed it per the reqs tho. so WS granted.


Please from now on edit your top title to say (6-7 Done) or something similar so we know who is suppose to check it and it also tells me what reqs I'm looking at.




Continue on!



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Req 1: Training Trainees 1- (help two trainees advance one WS)


Arath helped Visar learn about basic movements. There was a small scuffle between two of the trainees but that was broken up quickly and the less went on well from there.

        http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,33826.0.html 14 posts


Arath sparred Sandre for the 'Survival' choice req. The two got into an argument about Aes Sedai (Arath worshiping them and Sandre quite the opposite) which ended up in a spar. They were eventually broken up by the bell (the Tower Bell) when they realized that they both had places to be.

        http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,37559.0.html 14 posts



Req Two: Create Your Own


Arath helped out Melianna by acting as lookout when she snuck into the Tower Basement to try out her talent of reading Ter Angreal. He helped her get to the taller boxes and was left in the dust when she ran off to go tell an Aes Sedai about her abilities.


http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,34503.0.html 7 posts


WS: 11

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