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***TRAITORS IN THE BLACK TOWER*** Mafia game thread.

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Can I just say thanks to everyone for playing, I really enjoyed watching this. I really couldn't believe Loki nearly getting lynched day 1 and having to reveal his finder role. You had kinda lost from then on. And Loki did play it well. In fact he complained that this game was not being played on the Organised games board, if so he would have got some good points for his play...lol


I have to apologise about having the two night kills if no lunch. That was due to getting fed up with games where the mod has just taken the person with the most votes. Which can make for a really lazy game, this at least pushed people to vote... :D

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Well, it also hurt us that there was a fair amount of new players who didn't retract their votes for Loki on the first day. We knew some of them had to be Mafia, and I was right about Tay and LotD, but having to lynch TMD and Clim threw us off the track enough to let Loki and Tay sow the seeds of destruction for us all. 


We were real close several times to atleast prolonging this a little while longer.  Loki saved both Tay and Jelly's butts by convincing me not to NK either of them, even though they were on my list.  Both of them had DeathNote PM's drafted in my head with their names on them and Loki was the reason I didn't send them, lol.


I feel like such a chump and I'll never trust anyone again, especially Tay :(












J/K  You can always trust a drunken Irishman once his guard has been let down by a bottle of Tully ;)

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Thank you Loki... I wouldn't have caught on to you either had you not said I was one of the evils. :P

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Points for the Mafia Game, as awarded by Talya:


Loki 20pts

Tayol 19 pts

Jelly 18pts


Eclipse 17pts

DPR 15 pts


LotD 14 pts

Naeann 14 pts


Clim 12 pts

TMD 12pts

Blig blog 12pts

Daetirion 12pts

Vemy 12 pts

Korin 12pts

Demi 12pts


Talya 25 pts

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