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***TRAITORS IN THE BLACK TOWER*** Mafia game thread.

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It had come to the attention of Taim, that there was a group of Asha'men were planning on over throwing his power and taking control of the Tower for themselves. At first he suspected Logain, but soon found that he was also to be a victim of this coo.


His source had unfortunately died before revealing the main players in this plot. But He had found out that they had met the night before. After an extensive check it was found that 14 people were not where they were supposed to be.  He believed that not all of them were involved but he couldn’t be sure who it was. Wanting to kill all 13, Taim’s hand was stayed by Logain who came up with the suggestion that they should work out amongst themselves who they were.


All 13 were placed within a chamber sealed off from the one power and entombed in there until they had routed out the traitors and lynched them all.



You are in the chamber, unable to channel. Between you must find and lynch the traitors amongst you. During the day phase you will vote for the person you would like to see lynched. Only the person that has a majority of the votes will be lynched. If a majority is not reached, then one of two things will happen. There will be a no lynch and night will carry on as usual or there will be a no lynch and the traitors will given an extra night kill. This will be chosen by the toss of a coin.

During the night phase All those with roles that require it will PM me their night actions.


The Roles Mafia, Finder and Healer are definitely there. Also there will be other roles, which will be revealed on the death.




1. There will be no editing of posts

2. No quoting MOD PMS on the game thread.

3. No talking to anyone outside this thread about the game unless it is stated in your role.

4. Any LOA’s are to be report to the MOD or placed on the game thread. Failure to post in a certain amount of time will incur the wrath of the MOD and you will die a horrible painful death!

5. The MOD can add to the rules as she see fit!

6. All votes to be glowed.




1. Eclipse0

2. Climhazzard Lynched Day 2

3. Tayol

4. Lord of the Dawn (LotD) Killed Night 2

5. Jelly

6. ThemasterDude (TMD) Lynched Day 3

7. Blig Blog Killed night 3

9. Reddfern (Loki)

10. Daetirion (Dae) Lynched Day 4

11. DreadPirateRoberts (DPR, Wes)

12. Naeann

13. Vemy Killed night 4

14. KorinKilled night 4

15. Dunbar (Demi)


You will notice there is no number 8. It’s not my counting skills, but for those that don’t play on the Organised games board, the number 8 always seemed to be picked on for the first vote *looks at Loki *


If you have any questions then PM me. There will be time limits set if I feel the game is not moving on quick enough.


Please Respond to PM's before you post here.



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Your all suspicious! even I'm suspicious! we all deserve to die!


I vote [glow=red,2,300]everyone[/glow]!


*goes insane*

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A salmon nasal enema? Really? On day one?


*Put's on SK boots* This could get natsy.

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Oh....and ignores whatever foolishness Vemy has leg Blig into. Let's try to keep sane, at least until day three or four or something....

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There are locks?! Where? *looks around* I don't see any locks *tries to open a door and it is locked* NOOOOO!!!!!!!!


*visualizes scenes from saw 2*

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