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Time to meet the destiny


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ooc Tig said you needed testing, and if i could fix that so here it is.


M'bela looked in the mirror making sure her weaves was set rigth, she looked as short as a Cairhien should, though it was disturbing. Mayhaps she would later visit the thrones when she had times to dream, she smirked then let her smile setle away on the pale face meeting her, yes it would have to do.

She reached out grabed a shawl and draped it wround her shoulders, then walked out into the streets, she would make sure to be early.


There was nothing she disliked at serving on these runs around to secret places, the ones where the circles would bring young men and women to be tested, from what she knew someone else had visited some months back, but no male intiates had come from it. She pondered a name to use if needed, though it didnt mather, as long as all safety steps was taken. Not for that when she first was here it would just be her luck if no one showed up and she spent the time looking in the wall, no better then if someone did show, best yet if someone could learn. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear as she nonsholant turned a corner out of sigth, she followed smaller still roads and alleys, making sure she was not followed.


Sometimes still her lessons on the street was still of use, and she sliped in a ruined window instead of using the door, holding the power she had an easy time seeing what was inside. She soon had her alarm weaves up, small amounts that was not easily detected from a distance, or by non channelers, yet enough to alarm her of anyone coming. She steped into a dark corner where she could observe without being instantly seen herself.

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