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What books are you guys reading to fill the void until AMoL? Just trying to get a feel for what books you guys are reading and enjoy.




Acacia, David Anthony Durham- great series, though thus far only the first book has been completed, stylistically  similar to A Song of Ice and Fire.


A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin- I'd say this series is just as good as WoT


Elantris/Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson- just started reading his stuff and I am very impressed by it. Elantris was very good for a stand-alone epic fantasy, and though I am not done Mistborn it looks to be just as good or better.


The Wolves of Time, William Horwood- these books are very hard to find, I'm not finished the series. Still looking for the final books. Very different from your usual fantasy books, I thoroughly enjoy it.


Isaac Asimov- I like anything this guy writes, just picked up Prelude to Foundation.


I also picked up some David Drake, Lord of the Isles, and some Terry Brooks, Sword of Shannara. I'll get to them once I've finished Mistborn and A Feast for Crows.


Also looking at picking up The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss.



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I just got finished rereading a few good series:


Otherland- Tad Williams.  This is a four book series.  Have read the series twice.  It's good but definately strange. 


Shadowmarch/ Shadowplay- also Tad Williams.  Read these less recently but their good although it's a little dark I think, less hope for the main characters maybe...


Melanie Rawn Dragon Prince Triology and Dragon Star Triology.  Good concepts in it but I wish she had done less politics and more follow through on the magic concepts. 


I checked out Elantris and Mistborn too.  They're good and will go into my rereadable section on the book shelf.


Now I'm back to rereading WOT for the upteenth time.  Can't help it with every reread I notice more stuff.  Have yet to find a series with the depth of WOT...

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at the moment the silmarillion, just finished crow lake by mary llawson and on the road by kerouac. i reccomend them all.

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A Song of Ice and Fire George R.R. Martin Definitely an interesting series, though it tends to be a bit more..... rough and tumble than the WOT.


The Magic of Recluce series, L.E. Modesitt, Jr.  Very cool world in this series, and more interestingly there are about two books in any given time period and then the next two will jump several hundred years to a completely different character set.  It's confusing at first but then becomes even more interesting as the story goes full on into something that was only hinted at in an earlier novel.  I think there are about 14 out at this point if you're looking for an extensive series.


The Corean Cronicles, again, L.E. Modesitt, Jr.  Also a fun series.  It's always interesting to see how much an author can differentiate one book's world from another's.  There are certain similarities between this and the Recluce series, but enough differences to keep it interesting.


The Spellsong Cycle, L.E. Modesitt, Jr.  Again a different world entirely.  I'm not entirely sure why I got on to his different series, but they're pretty entertaining.


The Foundation series, Isaac Asimov Just finished my second read through of those... I really need to pick up the robot books.

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I second The Recluce Series by L.E. Modesitt, Jr, as well as the Spellsong Cycle.   Wonderfull series ... I think I've actually re-read his books more often than any other.   The main criticism people have of his books is that the plot is similar between books, but I tend to disagree -- there might be some similarities, but the characters, plot, and situations have been different enough that I've enjoyed all of the books immensely.  Loved them so much I actually have a web site about them, albiet one I haven't updated in YEARS (http://www.geocities.com/area51/rampart/9679/).


I've also enjoyed the Shannara series by Terry Brooks ... first Fantasy series I've ever read.


Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince books (6 of them I think) are good, read them a couple of times.


I haven't read Tad Williams latest works, but Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn are a good read.


Another long-running series I've enjoyed are the Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore ... awesome.


The Ender saga by Orson Scott Card is another big winner; more SF than Fantasy, but you won't regret it.

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I'm just finishing a WoT reread.  halfway through KoD.


After that, I'm going to read Elantris and the first two mistborn books.


After that, I have the first two aSoIaF books and want to tackle those over the summer.  Living in Colorado, I camp in the mountains nearly every weekend between May and September and it's great to have new stuff to read at night in the tent.


I also have a complete reread of the entire Discworld series.  Terry Pratchett is the funniest human being alive.


I'm going to try the The Wolves of Time series.  the synopsis sounds good.

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omd you can get william horwood book :o *cries*  i only found one once at a car boot sale (well i fould like 3 or 4 but only bought 1 ..doh!) , ducton tales(with the moles), it wasnt bad but i wish i could read some of the earlyer books :(

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A Song of Ice and Fire George R. R. Martin- Reread it for the fifth time and dying for ADwD to come out this fall. It's incredible. If you haven't read it yet, you must.


Mistborn Brandon Sanderson- I LOVED this series. It's a little on the juvinile side, up until you get to the ending of either book. The end of Well of Ascention blew my mind!


The Malazan Book of the Fallen Steven Erikson- Just started Gardens of the Moon and about 75 pages in, so far I love it.


The Book of the New Sun Gene Wolfe- A genuine masterpiece by Gene Wolfe. Really hard to picture and follow unless you do your research, but worth the effort.


Shadowmarch Tad Williams- Dark, which I LOVE! Uses TONS of fantasy cliches, but still a fun read and I'm looking forward to Shadowrise.


The Dark Tower Stephen King- I really liked these books. I thought the end of the series was brilliant and I had a lot of fun along the way with the characters and the way he mixes in popular fiction from other sources.


Otherland Tad Williams- I'll be rereading this again once my girlfriend gets to it. I LOVE this series. This was my hands down favorite before reading WoT and ASoIaF. Very clever, original, and dramatic. The character of Paul is one of my all time favorites in any series.


Dreamsongs George R. R. Martin- Both volumes are packed with incredible short stories and screenplays that really show you the development of Martin's style. Stories like Sandkings, A Song for Lya, The Pear-Shaped Man, The Skin Trade, and The Hedge Knight make this collection a MUST HAVE for any Martin fan.


Rite Tad Williams- Like Dreamsongs this is a collection of Tad Williams short stories. Will soon be released in trade paperback. I recommend it to all Williams fans.

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    Most of the books on this thread I have read and enjoyed. But, I picked up a book at random and have really enjoyed it. I haven't seen this author, so if you have read some of his books tell me what you think. This is my first book that I have read.


    "The Demon Awakens" R.A. Salvatore


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I've been reading the Old Man's War trilogy (though I think there will be a fourth book coming out this year?) by John Scalzi... I LOVED the story, definitely recommended.


I've also started reading the Firekeeper series my Jane Lindskold... kinda juvenile but still fairly enjoyable.

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Anything by David B. Coe

- Karen Hancock

- Lots of books on ancient and middle ages history

- Robin Hobb

- And of course my own book...now available on amazon.com

;D (shameless plug)



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Empire by Orson Scott Card - A very scary concept that is very real.


Kushiel's books - there's 5 out there now, Dart, Chosen, Avatar, Scion and another one I haven't read yet (2 trilogies, next book is coming out later this summer)


Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb - Very cool series, love the character development in it.


Any book by Guy Gavriel Kay - Love all his works, my favourite book ever is Tigana, and he's got some set in our own world too, the Fionavar Tapestry (trilogy) and Ysabelle. (certain I spelled Fionavar and Ysabelle wrong)

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There's never a shortage of things to read :)


Just started Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb, after finishing Brother Odd by Dean Koontz.


Have a pile of Raymond Feist to get through, Empire series and Serpentwar saga.


I'm sure there will be a read through of some sort, maybe LOTR or Dark Tower. Closer to release of AMOL, WOT of course.


Now if your wanting a reading recommendation you must read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. This guy is seriously talented and I'm not joking but its one of the best books I've ever read. His blog is a hoot too  8)

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    I know this book is not fantasy, so a little off the beaten path, but I'm reading One flew over the Cukoo's Nest right now and it is an amazing book. I saw the movie once when I was little and can't remember very much of it, but the book is very good. Something you might want to try if you want a break from fantasy.


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I'm currently reading:


Xanth series by Piers Anthony--About 30 books (I've read the first 16).  Light fantasy, but witty and uber-zany.


Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxyseries by Douglas Adams--Extremely random science fiction. Somewhat creepy and philosophical if you think about it too deeply, but thoroughly hilarious.


Other suggested fantasy:


Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce.  Strange but beautiful.


Pern and Acorna serieses by Anne McCaffery.  Pretty good stories, nice blend of fantasy and science fiction in my opinion (though some of you probably disagree).


Anything by Tamora Pierce, who just writes terrific fantasy.




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