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Re: Rule One: Avoid the Pointy End (Swordswinging for Dummies)

The Ninja

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The Ninja had been watching the training for quite some time, and it was amusing.  The three who were obviously the trainees were terrible.  The Ninja did not understand why the trainer allowed them to even practice.  It was apparent that he wanted to kill them.  Maybe he should do the man a favor.  Why not?


Drawing his sword, the Ninja leapt in among the three trainees, easily beheading the first one he faced, a silver-haired young woman, before turning to face the young man with the thin sword.  It was too easy.  The boy made a clumsy thrust with his sword, which the Ninja deflected, then he split the young man from groin to neck.  His spin swept his sword up, knocking aside the last trainee’s sword before burying the blade in her skull.


Then the trainer was upon him.


He’d discarded his training steel for real steel, and the Ninja knew better than to try blocking a swing from the thing.  It’d just damage his own sword.  Sheathing it, he sidestepped a downward chop before striking the man’s elbow, breaking it with a loud pop.  He danced around behind him, seizing his head in both hands, and gave it a sharp twist.


In the rising light, the Ninja bowed to the downed man, then fled across the grounds and over the wall.  None of the guards noticed him.

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