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The Ninja

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Hey, did you know that, for some reason, regular members can't post hear?  That dosn't make any sence.  Anyway, here's my bio.


Name: The Ninja

Handle: The Ninja

Division: Freelanders


The Ninja is just that: a ninja.  Dressing in the traditional black garb of the ninja, his face is almost completely obscured by a mask, revealing only dark brown eyes.  He moves silently as the wind, striking from the shadows to kill any and all who stand in his way.  He possesses a myriad of weapons with which to ruthlessly slaughter his enemies, including stars, gama, and  a sword.  He is also equipped to get around without being seen, in true ninja fashion.




The column of soldiers marched through the shadows, precision perfect.  Part of the shadow opened its eyes, watching the men moving on.  What was this bizarre place?  He had been sent here by the highest ranking members of his order, but where was "here"?  He moved silently in the shadows, past more columns of marching soldiers.  The trees did not look familiar.  Where were the pagodas?  Where was the mountain?  Where was everything?!  Calm.  It was important for the ninja to be calm.  His eternal enemies would not be this far inland; he could not smell the sea, wherever he was.


His masters had sent him, their best, to restore the balance of the world here.  A man had come to power, and he was supposed to save the entirety of creation, according to the prophecies of this time.  However, his actions were distorting space to the point where his home land was being dismantled by the unraveling of reality that this man caused with his presence.  It was his task to restore that balance by killing this man, this-


A branch snapped.  The Ninja's head whipped around to the sound.  There was nowhere to hide, and there were twenty of them.  The Ninja smiled.  Perfect odds.  As they saw him, the soldiers sped up.  The Ninja reacted immediately.  His hand flashed forward, and three silvery stars spun through the air, burying themselves in the eyes of the three men in front, brief screams of surprise being silenced suddenly.  As the soldiers closed in around him, the Ninja threw a capsule onto the ground.  The air was suddenly filled with acrid smoke, during which a quiet rasp was drowned out by the surprised shouts.  In that time, another six fell to the Ninja's flashing blade.  Eleven to go.


The soldiers had their swords out now, but the Ninja knew he was better.  He caught the first strike on the back of his blade, which snaked across the man's belly, splitting him open from side to side before rising to decapitate the next man.  Simple.  This was too easy.  With contemptuous slowness, the Ninja sheathed his sword and waited.  Again, they came at him.  The first went down to a stiff-fingered blow to the neck; the second lost his eyes to his other hand.  He ducked under a wide swing, his foot rising from the ground to crush the man's nose.  He twisted aside to allow the man behind him to run his friend through, ducking beneath another wide swing that decapitated another man.  Another smoke bomb hit the ground, and it was over.  Now, where is this man, this Dragon Reborn?

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Are you for real?


Do me a favor, hon, scroll up. Yes, see the title of these forums? Yep, it says Dragonmount. You know what that is?  Doubtful. Why is that? Because never in your life have you even heard the name of the book this whole site is based on.


Anyway, Dragonmount is this big mountain. A mountain i'm going to push you off from if you don't get your ass to the library and read the series. It's called The Wheel of Time. By Robert Jordan. That's Jordan. With a J.



pfft... Ninja... *shakes head*  Ridiculous...







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  • Moderator

As Nyna so eloquently put*eyes* you have not shot of getting this bio approved here.


Since you seem to at least know that the Wheel of Time exists, try taking a look at the rules and maybe rework the bio a bit....or a lot!

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Because it has no relevance to the Dragonmount RP. I don't even think there is ninjas in the Wheel of Time Books. We RP along the storyline of the books, to a point. You have to follow the rules of the books, or else it just won't work.

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1. Have you even read the books?


2. You did not go about this the right way. Your bio must be sent into the biochecker of the Div you are with, and he/she must approve it, then they put it on this board. You do not post your own.


3. A ninja will likely not be approved. An assasin, perhaps, but not a ninja.

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  • Moderator

I want to make it very clear that in no way will a Ninja bio ever be approved. Period. There were no ninja's in the world that Robert Jordan created and while we are a PSW there will be done here. It simply does not fit with the wheel of time.I do apologize if our rules were not clear. BUT There is NO wiggle room on this.


Tigara did offer you the option of creating an assasin, If you choose to move on from your invented, but poorly researched Ninja you would email your Assasin bio to the Freelander Div. They could get it approved and you could begin RPing. Thank you for understanding.

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Chipping in for a bit:


Because the Seanchan are similar to the Samurai in terms of what they were based on, not the ninja. Samurai held the ninja ways in contempt, and a samurai that was found to learn the art of ninjutsu would more often than not become a ronin... Which usually meant ritual suicide on their behalf.


Still, that was real life, and the Seanchan are just based on them. In the Wheel of Time series however, all are fiercely loyal to the Empress in hopes to be raised to the Blood: Daes Dae'mar does not exist there, as the Houses wouldn't move a muscle against another without proper authorisation, or they'd be overstepping themselves and fall out of favor.


The Empress takes care of promotions -- and demotions -- of the nobility, and all they need to do if they want to know something is send a Seeker of Truth to find out. Even with them being the property of the Blood, they still outrank everyone not of the Blood by far.


This (somewhat long) post explains why Ninja don't exist in the Wheel of Time. There is no infighting, no assassination amonngst nobles unless the Empress wishes it so. There is simply no reason for them to exist in the first place.

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Ninja, it's fairly obvious to me that you're a relatively intelligent, if somewhat deluded individual.  As such, I'm going to do you a favor and tell you that this is going nowhere, and you're pretty much out of luck here.  Do yourself a favor and try again with the bio.


Consider this thread dead and locked.

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