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Approved CotL bio - CC'd by WK


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Character Name: Maec Valdar II


Age: 18


Email address: bcblackmon[at]hotmail[dot]com


Subdivision: Hand of the Light


Physical Description:  Maec is 6-3 with green eyes and, when choosing not to shave his head (which isn’t that often), brown hair.  Maec has a slender build for his height.  He has no other features that are out of the ordinary. 


Place of Birth/Raising: Bellon, AMADICIA


Character History:

Maec was born in Bellon, about 20 miles from the capitial city, to a farming family.  His father decided that he would bestow upon his son the honor of his name.  This was just the first of many of his father deeds that tried to keep him from his destiny.  Maec did not hate his father, but he just seemed a pitiful excuse of a man.  It was as if something in his life had taken away all his desire to do anything important in his life… well except farm his land and feed his family.  Maec decided early in his life that he would strive for something more.  It wasn’t until he first met his grandfather that he finally found his compass.  Maec’s father barely spoke of his father and any questions about him were quickly deflected or meant an additional chore.  It was to the whole family’s surprise that the man paid an unexpected visit the spring of Maec’s 13th name day.  There was a brief exchange of words between his father and the stranger, but as mentioned before, his father was a sad man and quickly backed down from the fight.  Maec quickly learned that his grandfather had one sole purpose for this visit, and that was to see his grandson.  Marcus Valdar was once a High Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light and loved to share his stories with anyone that would listen.  Maec became enamored with the great stories, especially the ones where his grandfather would square off with the Lord Captain.  It was really no surprise to anyone in his family that 5 years later Maec set off to join the Children.  His father forbade him to do it, his mother cried and with secret joy his grandfather knew he had found the boy that would restore honor to their name.   






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