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With great pride I am pleased to announce the re-opening of the Sung Wood.  My intent is for it to be an old English style pub, where Ogiers can come and relax, have a stein of ale and talk about whatever is on their minds.  With that intent, I asked Amethea to translate Kelly's original description into English English (please note the funny spelling of "center").  So without further ado I am please to present the new:



Ye Olde Sung Wood Pub


In the centre of the Ogier stedding lies a venerable old tree.  This grand bastion of the forest is taller than its fellows and wide in girth, standing out as a landmark in the forest.  Some of the ancient roots have found their way to the surface, although this by no means undermines the stability of the tree - in fact, there is an opening within those roots.  Made larger for Ogiers, this opening leads to a great staircase, which winds around the inside of the tree in an impressive spiral.


When the staircase ends, some fifty feet above the ground, it emerges onto an impressive platform, built both on and with the branches of the tree.  This goes all the way around the tree, and is covered from the elements by a roof made of the upper branches, woven and sung together.  The furniture here is all made of sung wood, carefully crafted into the most comfortable forms, and even the wide bar, where the ales are served, is made of sung wood.  Great ale barrels are built into the bar, and a clever mechanism made by the ingenious Ogier Builders allows these barrels to be filled through pipes, running down the centre of the tree, from the ground so that they never seem to run dry.  Alongside these pipes runs a dumbwaiter, in which snacks and food can be brought up to the pub.


This is the Sung Wood Pub,  a beacon to many a thirsty Ogier, and a place to relax and enjoy a stein of ale and some good conversation.

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*comes in and hangs dartboard on a low, sturdy branch, then goes to sit down*


*takes out stein, gives it a little polish, and sets it down on the table*


It's good to be back indeed.  *ignores the bit about spelling centre wrong* ;D ::)

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I've been very good, if somewhat busy.


Will probably be getting busier than ever soon, but I'm planning on sticking around without too many prolonged absences.  After all, Ogier ale is good for the soul.


Speaking of which...


*trundles off to re-fill his stein*

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Guest Lord Jameson

* Sits down and checks pockets for his stein, knowing it will need polishing.* ....hmm...can't seem to find... Ah hah!


*pulls out a teacup*.Oh..not quite what I had in mind. 


*plops it down on the table* 


One teacup of today's finest please! ;D

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