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Approved Band Bio: Heather al'Morris - CC by WK


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Name: Heather al’Morris

Age: 20

Place of Origin: A small farm east of Baerlon



Physical description: Heather is fairly tall for a woman, standing at 5’11”. She has a firm upper build, from using her bow a lot. Her hair is a brownish blonde, braided and hanging down to her navel. She has hazel eyes and pale skin.


Rank: Private

Weapon of choice: Longbow

Secondary weapon: Quarterstaff

Division you wish to join: Archer




Personality: Heather is a strong woman. She is as stubborn as any Two Rivers woman, especially when it came to her rights. She enjoys reading and dancing, but they all fall short of her love of archery.




History: Heather loved stories. Gleeman would come by to Baerlon every so often, and she was one of the first ones there. And she always wanted to hear about Birgitte Silverbow. She was mystified by her adventures with Gaidal Cain. It was Silverbow that inspired her to take up archery. There were very few women around the Baerlon area who used the bow, and Heather was the best. She was also a good deal better than the younger men. No where near the veteran bowmen, but still she was good. She was even given a longbow made to her size, bigger than a child’s bow but not as big as a regular longbow, when she won the Junior competition during Sunday.




Heather grew bored of her life. All she did all day was work the fields, and practice her archery when she had nothing to do. She wanted to have adventures like Silverbow. So she packed up and left her family farm. She went to Baerlon, and found not much more excitement there, but she heard rumors of the Band of the Red Hand. The rumors said that they admitted women, which intrigued her. She followed the rumors, heading west, deep into the Two Rivers. She finally did find them, stationed in a fortress in the middle of nowhere. They said it was in old Manetherin. She enlisted with them, and this is how the rest of her story unfolds.

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The bio was originally set in the Two Rivers, but that was corrected to Baerlon; as far as I know, that's still within allowable territory.  The Two Rivers reference is probably a missed edit.

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