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Welcome to DM!!!


There is just so much to do here, and there will be something for all!!! This includes:


- Book Discussions. Talk about the books, and i expect Eggy will be around shortly to push towards voting on her Asmodean thread

- Join the ORGs to meet new people. ORGs are communities within communities. Most ORGs have a purpose, like the Band of the Red Hand is the Music & Travel ORG of DM. ORGs are about fun as well as work, and a great way of meeting new friends

- Join the RP side. Create a character and live their life!

- Spam in Fiddlesticks, the sole purpose of that board

- Join in some serious chit-chat within the Debates & Discussion Board, as well as the General Board


Whatever takes your fancy, there is something for everybody!!!


I hope you enjoy your time here...and become addicted like most of us!!!!

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Welcome! I hope that you have a great time here at DM. Jump right into book discussion (the thread on Asmo is interesting);) Don't forget that you can join an org. (The WT is good, there's a lot of people!) Hope to see you post on the boards! And again, welcome to DM!

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Guest Egwene

Hello Daroth


welcome... hope you will enjoy joining in the fun. Only problem with this place is - it is so addictive. I always spend longer on here than I should :wink:


Any questions, just ask...


Have a great time (and yeah... if you leave your vote on the Asmo thread... thanks from me!)

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Welcome to DM

Its nice to meet you.


Agree with Egwene. This place is really addictive. I get introuble for being on here so much. But so what its worth it. Its a great site. Talk about the book and act as if you are in the world of WOT.



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