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Tea for the Head Smirk (ATTN Kara)


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The Mess Hall was rather empty this early in the morning. It was just after dawn, and the others would just be getting up. Zari would have, as well, except that he was abruptly woken up. He yawned as he recalled the incident.



Zari was fast asleep, and Zela might have been. If she was, she wasn’t for long. She abruptly stood up in bed and screamed “Anarchy” at the top of her lungs. That scream was followed by more screams of the same kind followed by frantic laughter that would have frightened anyone but Semirhage. Zela jumped out of bed, still laughing in a most possessed fashion, and ran. Unfortunately for her, she ran head-first into the wall and dropped to the floor like a head off the gallows. The ruckus woke Zari up and had him scrambling for his dagger. He had no idea what was happening, but he wanted to be prepared. The fist light of dawn was creeping in, not much, but enough to see that it was just Zela on the floor. He quickly lit the candle by his bed and stared at her. Zela had her head in her hands and was moaning something dreadful. “What in the Light do ye be doin’?” he said in a loud whisper. “I no be knowin’, but I did be havin’ this wonderful dream. There did be no rules, and I did be ridin’ a wild leopard. Then I woke up in aheap on the floor with this dreadful headache.” Zari gave her a blank stare. “How much wine DID you be drinkin’ last night?”


Zari smiled at his sister, and she smiled back. She knew all too well what he was thinking about. She bit into her crusty bread and Zari took a bite of his. Synchronization freaked people out, sometimes. They both looked behind their backs and saw a girl with her breakfast just heading to ward a table. Earlier last night, they had both decided to try to branch out and get to know the others. They knew few, and none very well. They had met her temporarily before. Edalia or something like that. Zela sprung up from the bench and waved her arms frantically. The girl looked over and the twins motioned her to come join them. She started towards them.


Zari and Zela Chasei


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Edalia yawned and blinked blearily at the tray she was holding..she hated early mornings and the fact she was meant to be up early for something she had volunteered for didn't help matters. Walking forward half asleep, she looked around for somewhere to sit..though she could have easily sat anywhere, so empty was the Mess Hall. 


Movement out of the corner of her eye made her turn around to look and as a result she nearly tripped over a chair right in front of her. Catching herself before she made a complete idiot out of herself and thankfully not spilling too much of her drink, Edalia blinked hard just in case she was seeing double, then sheepishly realised that there were twins beckoning to her, not a hallucination brought on by lack of sleep.


Smiling a greeting and hoping she wasn't blushing too hard, she moved over to them and gratefully sat down when invited, surreptitiously rubbing her knee where she'd cracked it on the chair. Taking a sip of her scalding drink, she grinned at the twins and studied them over her porridge. She'd seen them around the place, if she recalled right they'd not long arrived.


"So, what brings both of you to be up at this light forsaken hour?"




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The girl made her way over, with a slight ackward stumble.


"So, what brings both of you to be up at this light forsaken hour?"


"Well, normally, we would no be but..."


"Someone did be wakin' up in the night and runnin' into the wall."


"I did be dreaming."


"You still did ran into the wall."


"Whatever. So, Edalia. How do you be likin' this place? Do you be likin' that one guy there?"


"The Head Smirk? Roudal?"


"Yes, him! What do you be thinkin' of him."


Zela stared at her uncomfortably, while Zari ate his porridge and drank his tea. They didn't like Roudal much, and vice-versa. Zela had been plotting to do something to him, but they would have needed help. Don't tell me that Zela plans to get this girl to help. Zari thought to himself.


Zela and Zari


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Trying to follow the twins speech was difficult at the best of times without being half asleep to hinder the process. Eventually Edalia got the gist and replied warily.


"No, I can't say that I do. He certainly doesn't appear likeable does he? When I enrolled he said that he was looking forward to giving me penance or chores or some such. I've managed to avoid that so far."


She looked at the two in front of her.


"Why? Planning something?" She grinned, "Things have been too quiet here of late and rumours about his temper are becoming more prolific."


She caught the girls eye and winked, before taking another bite of the slop the Cooks seemed to think was porridge.


Edalia didn't know if it was the lack of sleep or whether it was the training that had been getting too her, but she really felt in need of a bit of fun....

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Zela grinned like a cat with a mouse, and Zari stared in disbelief. She actually got someone to help? This would certainly be interesting. “Actually, yes. We do be plannin’ a little somethin’ somethin’.” Zela dug into her uniform and pulled out a small burlap sack. “This do be itchweed. Do you be knowin’ what I be plannin’ to do with this?


“She plans to put it in Roudal’s tea to make him itch inside.”


“Yes! That be exactly it! But we do be needin’ help.


“Someone will be havin’ to distract him, while the other slips the itchweed in his tea.”


“We can no be distractin’ him with just one of us. We do be needin’ to work together. But you could slip the stuff in his tea.”


“What do you be sayin’? You in?”


Zari and Zela

Evil Genious’s


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"Itchweed in his Tea??" Edalia almost spat out her tea when she heard that. "That's inspired!"


What in the Light had got into her? She'd never contemplated anything like this before, normally it would be totally out of her character, but she had felt stifled this last few weeks. The endless round of classes and chores with barely a moment to herself had ground down upon her usually cheerful disposition and now she felt bogged down and suppressed and in need of something to cheer herself up.


"Yes count me in! I'd love to help you." She lowered her voice to a whisper "Any idea of when?"

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"Any idea of when?"


"Yes, tonight after training."


"We will be meetin' you in the courtyard then."


The Twins ran off to get ready for the morning training.




The sun had just started to hide behind the trees, and the Twins waited in the courtyard. Zari leaned against the wall of a stable while Zela paced impatiently.


"Zela, we have only been waitin' for two minutes. Do no be gettin' your skin in a knot."


"But she do no be here yet. Maybe she abondonin' us?"


Just as she said that, they saw her walking towards them.


"Let's go." Zari told her.


"Yes, follow us."


The trio took off into the Fortress and down the halls to find Roudal's office.

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